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  5. "un șnițel, două șnițele"

"un șnițel, două șnițele"

Translation:a schnitzel, two schnitzels

May 12, 2017



un șnițel - a schnitzel ( n sg indef)

șnițelul - the schnitzel ( n sg def)

șnițele - schnitzels ( n pl indef)

șnițelele- the schnitzels ( n pl def)


I'm not sure if the plural really needs an 's'!


In South America we have never even heard about schnitzels, I have to check the grammar every time. Is it a commom food in Romania?


Do you really don't know what it is or do you just don't know the term Schnitzel ? Maybe escalope tells you more? Just in case - it gets mostly cut from the topside/gammon slipper but you can use other parts and chicken- or turkeybreasts as well. It's cut really thin and gets tenderized with a meat hammer. Afterwards it's often breaded (first flour, than egg, than breadcrumbs) and fried.
It's not only common in Romania but I would say all over Europe. Austria is famous for its Wiener Schnitzel.


I really don't know what is, I had to google it. It is not a thing on South America.


Schnitzels are thin steaks, breaded and fried. They are common in Central Europe. British butchers know what they are.


it really sounds like she says doi, not doua

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