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German Books

Hey can any one suggest any books in German that will help me. I can memorize words well enough but knowing where to put them in a sentence and which words are difficult for me. Any Good books, kid books or chapter books I need something!!! A lingot for whoever has the best suggestion.

May 12, 2017



It sooo depends on what your interests are!! Books you already read may be helpful as you already know the story (Harry Potter comes to mind which is being read by many people while learning a foreign language, I just completed the Norwegian series myself and enjoyed them a lot =))

As to German, personally I read two (children) books by Jackie French with an historical background: Hekja, Tochter der Weltenfahrer (Vikings) and Narmer, Eroberer des Nils (Egypt), and an omnibus with three books by Isabel Allende: Die Abenteuer von Aguila und Jaguar. While they were great fun to read they're all translations from English/Spanish, so if you want books by German writers (some people prefer that... "lost in translation") these are not for you =)

On a sidenote, in my experience it is useful to read ebooks as many ebook-reader have built-in dictionaries for easy word-look-up, marking and export of marked words (for use in flashcard apps for example)... happy reading!


I'll try that . I know lots of books I enjoy, I just hope they come in German


Look at the list of popular German there are some great suggestions. No lingots required


I still think you deserve a lingot. I'll look into your suggestion. Thanks


If you get Netflix check their original programming some is dubbed in German I am watching the ranch one episode in English then watching again in German


I would definitely recommend Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth by Hermann Hesse, or Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend (its original title). It may be a harder read, but I think the themes and subjects within it will be interesting to dive into!


Look for some free ebooks. There is one in Amazon, it has old German and some words are written with ß instead of ss, but they are nice. Also Amazon sells some very nice books and ebooks called Learn German With Stories the first is Café in Berlin.


Neat. I might buy some. Thanks.


Good tip! There's also Project Gutenberg which has free books (and a German section), although I have the impression they tend to be a bit old hehe =)


Duo requires ß instead of ss most of the time


Duo uses the modern version. In the 80s German changed and a lot of ß were changed to ss. In Duo if you use ss instead the answer is correct.


Andre Klein has beginner books that are simple to read and have comprehensive vocabulary guides at the end of each chapter. https://www.amazon.com/Learn-German-Stories-Collectors-Beginners/dp/1511565276/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1494629304&sr=1-4&keywords=andre+klein+german+books


Programm is a very good book for learning deutsch here I leave you the links for both books the text one and the exercises one.




The first link only works if somebody is using your laptop :)

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