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How to get New Translations

Hi, So I've gotten past the first section of Italian and in the beginning it was giving me some translations to do after I learned the vocab, but now for the last several lessons it has just given me review and not translations anymore. When I go there there's no way to start a new translation or begin one on my own. Under what circumstances will it give me translations to do? Did I not do well enough on the vocab that it would rather have me review the words than translate something? I'm just missing out on a huge part of the fun of the site.

March 2, 2013



We are working on getting translations to fit more naturally into the skill tree/learning experience.

Right now, you are given translations after you finish all the lessons in a skill, but only if we can find documents that match the vocabulary you learned in that skill. If we are giving you reviews/refreshes, it's because we couldn't find a fitting document for you to translate and we didn't want to just give you some random one.

For now, you can access more translations by clicking the Translations tab at the top of Duolingo. If you want to begin one on your own, try going to the New section there instead of doing the ones in Popular.


@tylrmurphy: at the moment, there aren't any Italian translations available at all.


Ah right, we'll hopefully get more up next week. We've been occupied working on exciting new translations stuff this past week :).


For Italian there are no translations, tylrmurphy. We spoke about the issue here as well.


Mukkapazza told us to find some good sources. I rather think that Creative Commons license doesn't grant the right to translate something, because it doesn't grant the right to create something different from the original, as far as I understood. At least for Italian CC license.

I think many Italian users would help writing something, included me.

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