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  5. I finished my tree!


I finished my tree!

I have finally finished my Spanish tree! Now I'm going to work on mainly my Dutch and German.

Hope you all can get to the bottom too!

P.S. I am stopping my Spanish Word of the Week for now, until July. If you want to know why please ask me on my profile.

P.P.S. Thankyou everyone for your support at helping me finish my tree!

May 12, 2017



Congrats! "joellf" hope you liked it!


Congratulations! There aren't so many people it seems who finish at so high an XP level. Could you maybe talk about that a little bit? Did you sort of go through sequentially doing a lot of XP per skill, go back and review prior things a lot, etc?


I did a lot of translating when it was still available.


Congratulations! Good luck on your other trees!


GOOD JOB!!! It is always an accomplishment to finish something!!!! I hope you find Dutch and German fun to learn!!!


Wow! Buen trabajo! And pretty soon, it looks like you should hit nivel 25!

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