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Demonstrative Pronouns and Pronominal Adjectives (DPPA)

Is there any chance of getting this section expanded and breaking it down into two lessons maybe?

May 12, 2017



Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd post here.

I think some work needs to be done for DPPA. I feel as though the tips section doesn't help with the lessons. It mentions about the position but doesn't actually explain. For example, there is mention of "-a" endings but nothing further [I think, after completing the entire DPPA lesson, this means that the DPPA and the corresponding word should both end in "-a"?].

Personally I have a love hate relationship with tables. In the past I've found them very useful (in a textbook), but the words are all too similar and combining different words under the same table (that/other) and I don't think there are enough examples and explanations to truly understand. Perhaps a break down of the part of the word that becomes modified? For example:

For the Identity Pronoun "Same" append "-ași" to the modified form based on gender/number: Masc. (s) = _acel- Masc. (pl) = acei- Fem. (s) = _acee- Fem. (pl) = acele-

I think this way you start to see the roots and parts of the word. The previous example gives the forms of the Distance Pronoun "That", which is "Ace-" which has "-la", "-ia", "-ea", and "-lea" (with an "a" dropped when used for the conjugation of "same") appended to the end respective of the gender/number as I gave just before. Then to use the word "same" you have to use "that" and append "-ași". I hope that makes sense.

I think the other issue comes when putting this into practice. Many of the examples don't even use words from the chart, and I think they are similar enough that when different forms of the practice word comes in it becomes difficult to keep track and understand the word forms. I had a few forms of the practice word that wasn't listed in any of the charts from the tips page and I had no idea if it was M or F or s or pl.

Perhaps splitting up section into multiple sections might help.

I just wanted to provide some feedback on this section and I hope it helps.


Demonstrative Pronouns and Pronominal Adjectives


Can you explain in a bit of detail what confuses you regarding the DPPA lesson? This way I can analyze the confusions and report them to the team :-)


I think it's due to the amount of information included in DPPA, and there being a lot of similar words in DPPA with different purposes/translations. I've found it the most difficult from the tree so far, and think it may be easier for learners if DPPA is broken down into two lessons with more sentence examples to learn from. Saying that, I have started to remember some of the words from DPPA with more ease as they're included in lessons that follow DPPA on the tree.

I saw "hptroll" mention this a couple of months ago in this comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21338719

By the way, if you're one of the creators or contributors to this course, I have to give credit where credit is due as it is the most useful resource I've found for learning Romanian in the 10 or so months I've been learning it.


As non-native speaker, I need to learn about 30 new words in a single session, with short and traditional forms that start to pop out in the lesson immediately and all at once. For one of the exercises, the right pronoun is "Cea", which cannot be found in tips and notes. Can you verify that on every level the student gets enough information to pass the lesson? Probably divide this topic into several ones?

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