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  5. "Wanawake na wanaume"

"Wanawake na wanaume"

Translation:Women and men

May 12, 2017



"Ladies and gentlemen" worked fine here, but what is the common phrase in Swahili for saying this?


"Mwanamke" is woman and "wanawake" is women. Is there a rule as to why "mke" is changed to "wake" in the plural?


There's a good explanation on one of the other discussions about this. mwanamke is a compound word, mwana+mke, human + female. So when the prefix is changed to plural, it's changed in both words within the compound word, wana+wake.


I think it's irregular, but 'mke' on its own means wife, and 'wake' is the plural form.


Kuamka is a verb meaning 'to wake up'. How did it turn into a woman? The real beauty of words is in etymology!

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