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Reverse tree question?

So I am considering having a go at the reverse tree, but will that wipe my progress on the Spanish tree?

May 12, 2017



When you switch it will look like you lost everything but when you change the base language back everything will be there.


Yeah I was like whut for a minute there. Decided I had enough fun for one day and started reading kids books instead.

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    No, it's a separate course.


    No, it shouldn't wipe out all of your progress, but if you stop strengthening skills altogether you will find that you've lost strength in several of the units. I'm doing the English-Spanish tree right now. My Spanish-English tree was completed and all gold at the time I started the English-Spanish tree, and I just checked and I've lost strength in several of the Spanish-English tree units.


    No, your current progress in Spanish will not be lost. Good luck!

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    BUT if you stop/pause using the EN-ESP tree, you will gain fluency in English and lose it in Spanish!


    I see you've achieved level 25 in a number of languages. Way to go! A question I just thought of is, can you still lose strength at level 25?

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    Yes. If you don't use it,you lose it, but not all of it. My En-Fr, which I have not touched for the last year or so is at 18%. I did Immersion work during that time though and I am not sure whether it was tied in. I don't really pay attention to the levels as they are not indicative of the work I do outside of DL AND they apply only to a select few languages.


    Yes I am bouncing around fluency between 57 and 59 and I still have to strengthen stuff although not nearly as often and I'm at 25



    just do it

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