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Proposed Improvement: Response panel should turn yellow, as well as green or red.

I am learning Italian on duolingo, and like it a lot. I assume the app works basically the same way for other languages, so this comment will apply to all.

When I answer a question correctly, the response panel at the bottom of the screen turns green, and says "You are correct." When I make a mistake, it turns red. I never fail to notice this. But when my answer is mostly correct, it turns green, and shows a correction. I often miss these because I see the green, and go on immediately to the next question. In these cases, it should turn yellow, to alert me that my answer can be improved.

I am not a computer programmer, but I think this would be very easy to implement. The grading system has already processed my answer and classified it as "incorrect", "correct", or "correct but needing improvement". Adding a third color for this third category should be simple.

Having said that, I will go ahead and contradict myself by adding a complication: when I type something incorrect in Italian, I want to be corrected. When I make a mistake typing in English, I don't want to hear about it. Duolingo is intended to teach languages, not typing skills. Having to type in Italian is advantageous, because it forces me to pay close attention to spelling; but typing in English is disadvantageous, because it shifts my focus away from the sense of the Italian phrase. Ideally, I should be able to do the Italian to English exercises with a spoken response. Is that possible?

It might be said that I should solve my problem by slowing down and reading the response carefully every time, but I think this is a misunderstanding of the learning process. There are times when I do indeed move very slowly, listening to a phrase and repeating it over and over. The great advantage of computerized learning is that it makes this possible. But there are also times-- especially when reviewing-- when I want to move quickly through a topic that I know pretty well. The goal is to get to the point where my responses are automatic, and I don't mentally translate each word.

May 12, 2017



Ideally, I should be able to do the Italian to English exercises with a spoken response. Is that possible?

How does it tend to go when you call automated telephone systems that "work" via voice response? There's your answer to this I fear :(

I like the idea of a yellow marking, even more so for the review panel at the end of a lesson than during it, since, given I mostly do timed practice, there's not much I can do with it then anyway. But I've heard the review panel got axed in the new website anyway.


Some people use the voice-to-text feature on their iPhone keyboards in the app. That may be a good suggestion for the OP.

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There are spoken responses. When it was introduced, they called it the Chrome Experiment or something like that. It also feature(d) questions where you had to instantly speak the translation (I haven't seen this in while but maybe it depends on the tree).



I will add this to my mental inventory as a first comment I recall from a clearly experienced user implying satisfaction with the existing voice recognition capabilities of Duolingo. The balance of such judgments I have seen expressed, certainly including my own, remains that "we found it so sub-par we turned it off."


I don't think it's the typing as much as the interpretation they are looking for. Although, one should be as careful in one as the other.

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