"Noi am înota azi."

Translation:We would swim today.

May 12, 2017



Another bad audio. It says "noi am înotaz" instead of "înota azi".

November 6, 2017


How do you differentiate 'I have swum today' from 'I would swim today'?

May 12, 2017


The past version is "Noi am înotat azi." (notice the extra t)

May 13, 2017


Wtf? I couldn't even understand the audio at normal speed and Romanian is my native language.

I'm glad I already knew Romanian before starting this course, because the audio so, so bad on a lot of sentences. This one sounds like "Noi am înotazi".

March 9, 2018


Bad pronunciation of the word "azi"

October 16, 2018


Azi recording is bad

March 2, 2019


this whole course is a joke. I am a native romanian speaker testing the duolingo tree, and I'm ashamed to say it's....tipic romanesc.

Zero efort, o gramada de audio gresit, variantele acceptate in engleza sunt in mare parte traduceri ad literam, iar traducerile naturale nu sunt acceptate. Adica asa, curs facut de oameni cu engleza de balta. Vocabular zero, doar acelasi topic ad infinitum. Si ce dracu e cu toate "Eu sunt femeie nu barbat". "ea ar cumpara haine","ea" si "ea" si "ea". Cursul asta e cumva facut de o femeie in criza varstei?

pe scurt. Treaba romaneasca. Rusine.

May 3, 2018
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