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Bonus Skills

I love the German course! This may have been said many times over, but I would hope that learners would not have to wait so long (or until never) for the final Bonus Skill to open up. I am not quite sure what the restrictions are, but Christmas came and went and the last bonus skill did not open up. Would there be some possibility that the staff members could add in some more bonus skills to break up the course a little bit? It would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, the course is great!

May 13, 2017



I had the same problem. You can try to access the third German bonus still through a direct link. Try clicking or typing in: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Christmas

(If that doesn't work, try it without the "s" in "https").

Viel Gluck!


It worked; thanks!

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