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Reporting Advertisements

There should really be a "Report this advertisement" button for ads that are inappropriate from the ad network. I just had an advertisement on here that had an animated girl in a maid costume with two buttons saying "Molest" and "Seduce". This is clearly not an ad that should be showing up for anyone, especially on Duolingo, but aren't any methods to tag them for review at the moment. Please consider adding this option soon.

May 13, 2017



As a temporary solution, please take a screenshot of these cases when you see them, and report them here. I was surprised to see the staff respond quickly when I reported a troll, so maybe they actually pay attention here as well, as Mr. von Ahn said:

We also try hard to block any ad content that would be considered objectionable by anybody learning a language (if you do see anything inappropriate, please report it to abuse@duolingo.com with a screenshot).


Thanks for the link! Sent them a screenshot.


I am now very happy that there are no ads on PC. Good thing you reported it!


There are if you are using the new website. Luckily or not, the new website seems to be rolled out to some of the new accounts only.


I'm on PC. They've activated it for a random fraction of their users to test it out I believe.


Ok then... I'm really happy that there are no ads on the website I use.


they totally should

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