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"The chicken is in the oven with the potato."

Translation:Puiul este la cuptor împreună cu cartoful.

May 13, 2017



împreunâ = together (probably from Latin: in per una)

în = in / inside

la = at / towards


I believe:

în = in

înăuntru = inside (literally "in inside")

(someone can correct me if I am wrong on that?)

My grandmother, who learned English as a second language (native language Romanian) in her 40s still says "let's go in inside the house." She is actually how I am learning grammar and stuff, since I am just kind of think about it how she says it translated verbatim c:


When was this word introduced?!


Doulingo has a habit of teaching us new words and phrases by purposely throwing us into situations where we would be unable to put the sentence together using our previous knowledge. I actually like this teaching method. Learning through mistakes <3


Why isn't it "la cuptorul"?


I don't know exactly, but it is not the first time the def. art. is omitted. We already saw "pe masa" for "on the table". The definite article might not be used in this kind of sentences


The second "correct" answer has added a word which is not in the English version. The chicken is in the oven together with the potato.


A palavra "împreună" nao foi introduzida anteriormente...


Yeah, seems quite random... I sorta accepted that prepositions tend to cancel out articulation and now bang, cu cartoful. Is there any kind of rule?


Pui este la cuptor/pe frigider. Prepositions are crazy


Yes lets chuck a word in that no one has seen yet to take my last heart and ruin the round.


this is such an unfair sentence as the English version says: THE oven = la cuptorul, as well as the new unknown word has NEVER been introduced! Does anyone work with complaints on this site??


All those people who complain with the introduced words. Come on you want obly words you know and not improve ahahah you look like kids who sznt a good mark


It's not like that. I also was caught by surprise that simple ‘with’ is not ‘with’ but actually ‘together with’. I see the reason behind saying ‘împreună cu’ and not just ‘cu’. I just don't know whether there is a reason for omitting ‘together’ in the English sentence.


We are asked to translate "The chicken is in the oven with the potatoes" but when I type "Puiul este la cuptor cu cartoful" it is incorrect. You have the correct answer shown as "Puiul este la cuptor împreună cu cartoful" which translate to "The chicken is baked in the oven with the potatoes"
Please fix this as it confused me, this word "impreuna" was not introduced yet as I remember.
This is a small complaint of an otherwise great program. Thank you for I am making progress.


Why are you teaching "compliication" when a simple puiul esta la cuptor cu cartoful would be understood by everybody? Is there a difference in the usage of "with" if we are talking people or objects? I would understand "together with" when people are involved but not things.


Agreed, its stupid


"împreună cu cartoful" is pretentious. a simple "cu cartoful" is MORE correct.


Lmao, unde pe e "împreună"? Though for fellow learners, as a spanish speaker, it seems it is related with Impregnado con... Împreună cu...

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