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Learning With Texts (free opensource alternative to Lingq)


Quick overview:

Similar concept to Steve Kaufman subscription based Lingq platform: https://www.lingq.com/

I'm definitely going to try this. There is also an app available, btw.

May 13, 2017



I am using 'Learning With Texts' since a few months. IMHO this is an awesome tool! Especially for me since I need more to be able to read in a foreign language than to be able to speak with other people.


That's great news! Thanks. =)


So what exactly is so really special about this application? Not sure at this moment. Thanks. I checked already the video at https://youtu.be/TkcVJ6SpK2Q


I used this to read and translate some texts from Hebrew to use them in an article about Sinai campaign of 1956. It helped me a lot. You translate a word once, and it is remembered not only in the whole texts but also in all other ones.


Yes I tried it now, it is a quite interesting program. E.g. example texts in French, Chinese, Thai, ... Your texts and words are stored in a MySQL database.


Q. Language: Natural: Learning with Texts: Operation: Install: How to [LWT / EasyPHP / LingQ] https://goo.gl/bHPKmT


Thanks a lot. I struggled a lot until I found your step by step. Tusen takk.


There is another tool called Vocab Tracker(https://www.vocabtracker.com) which can be considered as an online version of LWT -- it has most of the features provided by LWT and LingQ, and it doesn't need you to install anything on your PC.


That's a nice coincidence :-). I recently discovered it, too, but had only very little time to try it, looks very promising.

There's also a fork which seems to be updated more often: https://github.com/andreask7/lwt
Has anyone tried that?


Q. How to install the other variation of 'Learning with Texts' LWT ?



I just tried to install it (=I used the working existing EasyPHP installation, stopped the EasyPHP server, downloaded the .zip file, renamed the existing localweb directory to something else, unzipped it in the old EasyPHP 'data' directory, renamed the unzipped lwt-master directory to localweb, replaced file connect_easyphp.inc.php to connect.inc.php, restarted the EasyPHP server, started URL

(this is important, as that is the start page, other pages might differ) in the browser.

That worked OK on Microsoft Windows.

At first glance the same interface as the original LWT.


Thanks, I installed it yesterday. At first it seemed that my texts had vanished: when I clicked on "read", there was just a blank field where the text should have been. I then clicked on "edit". The text was still there. I just clicked on "change and open", and that did the trick.

You can also import newsfeeds (not possible with the original), but I didn't try that so far.


It's amazing how many great resources are out there. Thanks for sharing!

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