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"Ai đang làm thiệp vào lúc này?"

Translation:Who is making cards at the moment?

May 13, 2017



Another acceptable answer can be "Who is making cards at this time."


It's not very natural English...


the whole sentence is not something we'd normally say in English at all, so it doesn't really matter which way is more natural! Specialized use: A kindergarten teacher is asking her class, "Who is making cards (now)?" Other than that, I can't imagine a situation where this would be spoken! Among criminals? "Who is making forged cards at the moment?" ??


Nervous man in a back alley: "Hey, um, I lost my ID..."

Shady man: "What are you looking for?"

"Social security card and a driver's license." Now he's very nervous.

Shady man smiles, and turns to another shady man: "Who's making cards at the moment?"

Extremely unlikely, but plausible.

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