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"Eu vou à biblioteca pelo menos uma vez por semana."

Translation:I go to the library at least once a week.

March 2, 2013



It would be nice if when you hovered over pelo menos it would give you the definition for the words together instead of each one individually.


Pelo menos is "at least"?


Yes. In portuguese at least means pelo menos or ao menos


In English, 'at least' is a strange phrase. Why use 'least' when you mean 'more'?


In this case "pelo menos" isnt the same as "menos" (less, least). But it doesnt necessarily means more than once. The minimal that the person goes to the library is once, it can be more, but not a rule...


Because you're putting a minimum on an amount, guaranteeing that more is taken as standard. Think of it like putting a minimum price on an item you're selling. By doing that, when an offer comes, it is for more. You always meant for more, and when you say it in English, you meant for it to be thought of as more.


I dissagre. "at least x" means "not less than x" which equals "x or more than x". >=


Yes, of course it can be the the stated minimum amount or more - that's what "at least" means, but the point is that when something is "at least" something, it's generally accepted that what it is, is more than the stated minimum amount - hence the "standard" I chose to use.


It doesn't mean more. It means a minimum of.


I will go to the library at least once a week - why is that wrong? It seems that there is only ONE right answer to any question.


Once per week should be the same as once a week; more correct, actually

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