"Masa este goală."

Translation:The table is empty.

May 13, 2017

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Gender - singular - plural

Masculin - gol - goi

Feminin- goală - goale

Neutru - gol - goale

  • Cu mâna goală = a) fără nici un dar, fără nici un ban; b) care nu are (sau neavând) nici o armă asupra sa -- Empty handed = a) without any gift, with no money; B) who does not have (or does not have) any weapon on him

from Wikționar


Not really. The masculine and feminine forms are correct, but the neuter one has different meanings and it's form is:

Gol - Goluri - meaning goals like in sport or "goluri de aer" - air pocket (like the ones planes experience).


In Bulgaria we have a sentence: Гола маса (gola masa), which means the same, naked, empty table. So interesting :)


Wonder if English word GOAL has the same roots as it also describes an empty space!


Not sure, but Slavic languages use the root extensively. Serbian "go" = naked, Czech "holý" = bare...


The hint is missing from the hover over. I have reported it.


I suppose they made it empty ob purpose because the word literally means "empty"


A table cannot be empty. It should be clear or bare.


In English- the table is bare. Empty implies that things could be put in the table. In English things are put on the table. I expect this use of empty is a simplification starting out from the Romanian, but I am guessing that.


My Romanian boyfriend heard the sentence and first thought Duolingo was saying " his mother is naked". He then proceeded to warn me to pronounce "masa" with the good accent on the "a"s because that makes all the difference.

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