When speaking/writing, do you need to put in des (some) when mentioning food ect

as the title says, do you need to say des even if you don't mean "some" you just want to say the word standalone for example

J'ai du poulet - I have (some) chicken

what if I just wanted to say J'ai poulet, is that correct?

May 13, 2017


You need an article

May 13, 2017

Picture it like this: there is an indefinite supply of "poulet" in the background, generally what we would simply refer to as "chicken" in english, and you want to have "some of it". I believe this is how the french think, and you will want to foremost adopt their thinking habits when learning the language.

So if you want chicken, and there is an indefinite supply in the background, you'll need "some of" that big supply.

Again, when thinking in french, there is a general supply of chicken hanging in the background, of which you can desire to have some. "Je prends du poulet." I have (of the) chicken Or "J'ai du poulet."

It literally means you are having your share of that general supply/ categorie which is referred to as chicken. You are having, or you had, OF it.

On the other hand, if you wish to refer to the chicken that has been previously mentioned (by the waiter for example), then you say to the waiter: Je vais prends le poulet. I will have the chicken (that you, the waiter previously mentioned)

Btw, des doesn't really mean some, rather it implies the meaning of some. Des is the contraction for de les, of the. Same with du =(de le).

May 14, 2017
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