"Ud sau uscat?"

Translation:Wet or dry?

May 13, 2017

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Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - ud - uzi

Feminin- udă - ude

Neutru - ud - ude

  • care este îmbibat cu apă sau alt lichid. - Which is soaked with water or other liquid.



Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - uscat - uscați

Feminin- uscată - uscate

Neutru - uscat - uscate


Many thanks PRINZESSIN ! very useful indeed..


You're welcome. I needed to look up all that stuff for myself, so I thought I'd just put in case someone else needs it too.


everything is needed when learning new languages. By the way, what is your mother tongue ? Mine is French but slowly replaced by Spanish after living 26 years between Ecuador and Peru , countries of which I am a resident flor life and after having traveled throughout ALL Latin America for business from Mexico down to Chile constantly for another 26 years before settling definitely here.This means 52 years speaking Spanish and Brasilian Portuguese. I am 78.


Oh wow. I admire your zeal for studying:D Keep going. My mother tongue is German, but I have lived the last thirty years in French /Dutch speaking Belgium. On top of it our family language is English and my work language is mostly Arabic. :) Belgium is a bit of a melting pot for many cultures and languages. this motivates me to steadily learn new languages. A language is communication. It's discovering new cultures.


Vielen Dank Prinzessin und da Sie sagen ,dass Arabisch Ihre Arbeitsprache ist, verstehe ich besser warum Sie als die Prinzessin der Mille et une Nuits erscheinen. As salaam u aleikum. Ich kenne all' die Nahen Osten Laender mit Ausnahme von Iraq,Syrien,Jordanien und Yemen, aber mit Turkei, Iran , Aegypten und Marrocco inbegriffen. Ich habe sie staendig von 1968 bis 1985 fuer Geschaefte besucht. Ma'a -s -salama .


Bravo für Deutsch. Zwei Gründe für meinen Namen haben Sie schon erraten :D Es gibt noch einen dritten, der mich zur Prinzessin macht.


sind Sie mit einem Prinz verheiratet ? Oder eine Schoenheits Koenigin ? aus Iran stammen Sie nicht ,sonst wuerden Sie nicht Arabisch sprechen. Keine Ahnung.


now I understand the origin of uscator :)


Uscat is from Latin exsucare, whence French essuyer, Spanish enjugar, and some others.


Uscat reminds me of Muscat, the capital city of Oman.


Does anyone else hear a consonant before the vowels at the beginning of the word in the audio version? I wrote "bud sau muscat" and it was marked correct with a typo!


What is the difference between uscat and sec? For example un vin alb sec means white dry wine.

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