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Enforcing microphone use in the classroom.

Duolingo should make it possible for teachers to force microphone use in the Duolingo Classroom. None of my students speak during their Duolingo lessons because they have disabled their microphones. Speaking is essential to learning a language. If Duolingo is serious about Duolingo success in the classroom, it should create such a feature for teachers. Thank you!

May 13, 2017



The only thing I can think of is for you to go into their accounts and turn the microphones back on. Many people turn them off because they glitch constantly, though. If you really want your students to be speaking, you might need to just do that in class.


Yeah, I had to turn my microphone function off because although I DO want to use the microphone feature, it just simply doesn't work!


Did they disable the microphone questions on the computers in your classroom, or on their computers in their homes?

If they're doing homework assignments on Duolingo at home, some of them may be working on computers that don't have microphones...


You can disable the microphone when Duolingo asks you to speak for the first time. Most of my students choose not to use the microphone. Duolingo never asks them to speak again after they reject the microphone the first time.


I think you have an important point. Adding a request, possibly activated by the teacher, to activate the microfone again could help the students use it more.


Our students have Streams and all have access to working microphones.

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