Garbled Sentences

Anyone else having problems with exercises coming up in English and/or Norsk at random? Or switching from the Norsk to the English immediately, so you don't know which is desired in the answer? I think it's with some of the new strengthening exercises. Strengthening Numbers, for example, was almost impossible. I've restarted my computer 2x, but still getting the same mish-mash question/answers. Even the "peeks" are English to English. If I hover over the question, which starts in Norsk but immediately turns into English, I get a bubble with "original text" whichistheoriginalnorsksentencewrittenlikethiswithnospaces. Is it my computer? Or is there a glitch in DuoLingo's system? Tusen Takk!

May 13, 2017


This can happen when Duolingo starts synchronizing your courses with her servers, if ......
- you are logged in two different devices in different courses
- you're logged in with two different tabs
- you are logged in on your phone both in the App and in the web version of Duolingo

It happens more:

May 14, 2017
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That does indeed sound like a glitch - or several, rather.

Please relocate this thread to the Troubleshooting forum by clicking "Edit" and then changing the topic to "Troubleshooting" and hitting save. That way, there's a much better chance that the programmers working on these types of technical issues will see it.

May 13, 2017

Thanks. I've actually given up a couple of days in a row now. Getting this problem on several of the exercises.

May 14, 2017
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