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"This is cheese, and this is a sandwich with cheese."

Translation:Це сир, а це бутерброд з сиром.

May 13, 2017



I think I'm a bit confused about why I need to use 'а' instead of 'i' or 'ta.'

  • І connects sentences or words. А connects only sentences.

  • І connects sentences that are "alike", А connects sentences that that are "opposite" or not alike

The meaning of а is kind of between "and" and "but" in English. Very often you can translate а as either "but" or "and".

It's all about the agreement between the subjects, verbs and objects of the two sentences you want to connect:

  • Ти любиш макарони, і ти любиш/ненавидиш рис (the subject is the same, so nothing else matters) (ненавидиш = hate)

  • Ти любиш макарони, і вона любить макарони (both love; both love pasta)

  • Ти любиш макарони, а вона ненавидить макарони (both are about pasta, but the action is different)

  • Ти любиш макарони, а вона любить рис (the action is the same, but the object is different)

  • Ти любиш макарони, а вона ненавидить рис (everything is different)


This is very informative!


Це сир і це сендвіч з сиром. І це вірно написано. Виправте вашу помилку.

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