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"What is your telephone number?"

Translation:Qual è il tuo numero di telefono?

March 2, 2013



"Quale is abbreviated before the verb form è, but never uses an apostrophe"

Cardo, Francesco; Anna Proudfoot (2007-03-20). Modern Italian Grammar (Modern Grammars)


Agreed. Therefore, "Qual è il tuo numero di telefono?" is correct. The same happens before "era".

"Qual era il tuo numero di telefono?" Probably I should know your telephone number, but I forgot it.

Many Italian people write both with the apostrophe, unfortunately. :(


Ah, then the apostrophe is OK :-)


No apostrophe! Italian people are forgetting our beautiful language, foreign people like you must save Italian! :D


It is a beautiful language.I have wanted learn it since I was 22 and now nearly 70 at last I am trying.


Why not Che Cosa for What, instead of Qual?


Because "che cosa è il tuo numero di telefono?" would be asking someone to describe what a telephone number is, for which a sensible answer would be "an eight-digit number that makes phones call my telephone".


Ahhhh! That makes so much more sense now. :3 thanks formaggiamente!


Italian seems to use qual/which more than in english, including for things like numbers (and I think colors and sizes). In general, I think che cosa is literally "what thing?" and if you're asking "what size/number/color/etc" you use quale. Correct me if I'm wrong

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