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changes with the new website

The claim was that there'd be no noticeable changes in the user interface. I don't have it yet, but I have read of at least the following changes:

  • the review panel showing all the sentences after a lesson / strengthening session is gone
  • the ability to switch among base languages by accessing the menu from the flag to the upper left of the current tree (or going here) is gone
  • timed practice will only strengthen a skill if you make it through all 20 questions (apparently innacurate, but the notification of its being strengthened is gone)
  • (addition) can't see listing of people followed or followers
  • (addition) no progress quiz, ads, and many other things pointed out by Aria487

Anything else others have noticed? Anybody able to confirm/deny the veracity of these observations?

I had been sort of looking forward to the new site; the old version does seem a bit slow. But these changes will definitely change the thing into a big step backwards.

May 14, 2017



I'd created a second account a while back for observations, here are some screenshots I took today:

I can't see the ads, I'm not sure why. I have Adblock disabled and a VPN activated, so it's not about Iran's limited access.

Notice the messages under the topper bar, the absence of Progress quiz, and the changed descriptions for earning lingots. Note that you'll get, say, 13 lingots if you reach level 13; the descriptions are vague there.

There's no friend list.

Notice the "Voice Autoplay: On/Off" is no longer there. Also, the email address used for this account is a temporary address (as you can see).

The notifications panel, which has the options related to Immersion and Activity removed. There also has to be a daily reminder. Think I'm going to set up filters for Duolingo.com on my email provider's side.

The new sessions are faster, but this is a picture of the "loading" animation. There also is an unnerving transition animation between questions (which some users aren't comfortable with; see here as an example, and the attention the staff paid to the post. If I'm not wrong, it had 100+ votes at the time) Keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3 for selecting the choices) don't work.

Notice the appearance of a non-functional turtle button for Irish, a language that uses natural voice. There's also some changes in the correct/incorrect panel. I also deliberately didn't put the accent marks to see if there's any added difficulty, there wasn't.

The exercise doesn't have audio, but the audio button is present.

The ending of a Timed Practice session. Notice the lack of "review" button. Also, there's no "Skill strengthened" message. Sometimes a Duolingo ad comes after these messages as far as I've seen. About the "You have to get the 20 right to strengthen", no, that's inaccurate.

I'd say these are pretty noticeable, so far anyways.

p.s. Anyone else thinks I should publish this comment as an standalone post?

(several edits, nothing critical)

Edit, thanks to piguy3 for reminding: The flag on the upper left of the tree beside the tree name still exists, and leads to the "Learning language" panel, but it only has the trees related to your current base language. The only (?) solutions open to us right now are stated here.


yes, please post this! It's very interesting and good to know


I'll consider that then, thanks!


Thanks so much for the comprehensive run-down! Is there still even the option to add friends? I assume the scoreboard isn't going away, at least from the app versions. But it would kind of be weird to have the option on the website, but it only yields visible results in the app.

I don't think I've ever figured out what the Voice Autoplay option is for. I think I've always had to turn the speakers off to get the sentences to not be automatically read (something I did for quite a bit of my Greek tree to force myself to actually read the words). I think Duo sends me a notification every day anyway; if I've done my lessons before the cutoff time, it's just a "congratulations on the amazing streak!" message, which by this point have grown more than a little old. Would have liked more granular control over such things, not less!

Is there still the little flag next to the top of the current tree? What does it bring up on the new site if you click it?


You're welcome! Yes, I only tested it on myself, apparently you can follow people and you'll appear on their profile. You're right, the leaderboard still exists, but there's no friends list on the web.

The "Voice Autoplay" works fine for me on Irish, I mean, when it's turned off, no voice plays automatically.
Personally, I have an alarm on my phone that also reminds me of Duo, and I won't need the emails. Lingots are enough to motivate me for keeping the streak, I do have more than a ton already, but I lingot bomb people on certain occasions, so, it's good!

Oh, good thing you mentioned. The flag you're referring to is still there, and it leads here, so, no changes.


Thanks again! Does that menu still include all 70 trees on Duolingo? I have read that that is what was changed and now that menu only has the trees from the current base language.

You're right: I misstated the matter of Voice Autoplay. It does keep the voice from going. The question I've had is how that differs from turning the speaker off, given that even when "off," the button is still there, and the voice will play if you click on it.


Again, thanks for mentioning it. I only think this was too unbelievable for me to even consider it a possibility. The panel only has one base language!
There are two solutions I've stated here, but it shouldn't be like this. Does the staff even know how popular reverse trees are?

Nowadays I must drag myself to come and get some XP to maintain the streak, it was very different three months ago.


Thanks so much for checking. Yes, it's bewildering. What's the point of even having that menu if it just does exactly the same thing as the flag next to the avatar? I'm going to cross my fingers and hope this was an unintended omission/bug that will be corrected, as some of these other things seem to be.

It's crazy they make changing base language so hard on the web when it's so easy on at least the iOS app but the kinds of people who think about reverse trees are almost certainly disproportionately web users.


@piquy3 in reply to "Thanks so much...":
It's just that maintaining a web version is apparently more expensive, and many many users are on mobile. (Clubs, for example, are hosted on a server other than Duolingo.com) So the web version gets the least attention, but I never expected this. It's very likely the web version will still be there though, because ads seem to be shown more on the web, thus more income.


I'm still on the old site for the moment. People in the forums have said:

  • There's no Progress Quiz.
  • There's no Activity button, so no ability to send messages.
  • There's a much simpler and more limited Notifications section in the Settings.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts don't work (I can't remember which, sorry).


Thank you!

[deactivated user]

    FYI there are ads now. What I'm really mad at is that they broke all my DL userscripts like Skill Strength Viewer. I don't really mind the changes to timed practice because now I'm doing untimed practices, I think I get immersed in the languages more and my fluency (talking to other people, not the inaccurate Duolingo fluency) has improved by a lot since the new website was pushed to me.


    I never had a review panel to review after a lesson OR the ability to change base languages easily through a tab. But I wish I did! Those sound like great features!

    My skills get strengthened by a timed practice even if I only get one right and run out of time. Which I think is silly. I think its only logical to have to make it through the 20 questions to strengthen the skill.

    so basically I don't have the change that I like, and I have the changes that I hate?


    If I understand correctly that you're on the new website, it would sound, then, that the alleged change about strengthening from timed skills is actually not accurate.

    I bet you did have the other two features, but, indeed, they were not broadly known even among quite experienced users. If they've been eliminated, it was probably justified on basis of lack of use, but when you make even very useful things so hard to find, well...


    Ok, so I just DISCOVERED the review discussion tab after a lesson because of this. It was hard to notice for me! because all of the tabs I usually use (continue / practice again) are on the opposite side and my attention is usually drawn there and also the review panel appears as gray on gray, so it really doesn't stand out. It almost gives the impression of something that has had its function removed but is still hanging around but is discolored to show it's out of use. But to be clear, it does work, and I'm so glad it does.

    So now I don't know if I'm on the new site or old. Because I can't change base languages without going into the add new course section.


    I once forgot about it for months and then I think it took me at least three reviews to successfully relocate it!

    It looks like Aria's post establishes that the review panel is actually gone on the new website. For you, this presumably means then that you actually can switch base languages by clicking the flag next to the upper left of your current tree. Note that this isn't about the flag next to your avatar at the upper right (as you look at the screen). To get to languages from Spanish, hit "q" once you're at the menu.

    (This is what I understand to have been changed on the new site)


    Ohhhhh, I see. Thanks!


    can't access the skip function; can't get free test in Report a Problem, only a preset menu & I MISS THE DISCUSS QUESTION access


    Can add to the list that there seems to be no voiced questions & that DL refuses to accept that tartaruga can be tortoise as well as turtle; HELP


    My practice sessions get stuck and keep repeating even though the answers are correct. The system will not allow me to move on and cancels the work I have done


    Sounds like a bug (I think I have encountered something similar, fwiw). Here's the bug report form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

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