XP needed per level

Hey guys, I got a question. I was wondering how many XP-points I need per level to reach the next one. I'm asking this because I want to reach lvl 25 in Spanish and I'm aiming to get 100 XP points a day.

March 18, 2014


Though I'm adding yet another chart, I put mine in a format that's easiest for me to understand at a glance. Maybe you'll find it to be the same:

  • Level 1: 0 → 59 (60 point span)
  • Level 2: 60 → 119 (60 point span)
  • Level 3: 120 → 199 (80 point span)
  • Level 4: 200 → 299 (100 point span)
  • Level 5: 300 → 449 (150 point span)
  • Level 6: 450 → 749 (300 point span)
  • Level 7: 750 → 1,124 (375 point span)
  • Level 8: 1,125 → 1,649 (525 point span)
  • Level 9: 1,650 → 2,249 (600 point span)
  • Level 10: 2,250 → 2,999 (750 point span)
  • Level 11: 3,000 → 3,899 (900 point span)
  • Level 12: 3,900 → 4,899 (1,000 point span)
  • Level 13: 4,900 → 5,999 (1,100 point span)
  • Level 14: 6,000 → 7,499 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 15: 7,500 → 8,999 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 16: 9,000 → 10,499 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 17: 10,500 → 11,999 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 18: 12,000 → 13,499 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 19: 13,500 → 14,999 (1,500 point span)
  • Level 20: 15,000 → 16,999 (2,000 point span)
  • Level 21: 17,000 → 18,999 (2,000 point span)
  • Level 22: 19,000 → 22,499 (3,500 point span)
  • Level 23: 22,500 → 25,999 (3,500 point span)
  • Level 24: 26,000 → 29,999 (4,000 point span)
  • Level 25: 30,000 and up
November 25, 2016

Good job outlining all that. Solid effort. Grab a lingot!

July 18, 2017

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March 3, 2019

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May 22, 2019

For those who may be interested, here is what the sequel would be if we would continue the series based on the tendency of the current mapping:

• Level 25: 30,000 → 34,999 (5,000 point span)

• Level 26: 35,000 → 39,999 (5,000 point span)

• Level 27: 40,000 → 45,999 (6,000 point span)

• Level 28: 46,000 → 52,999 (7,000 point span)

• Level 29: 53,000 → 59,999 (7,000 point span)

• Level 30: 60,000 → 67,999 (8,000 point span)

• Level 31: 68,000 → 76,999 (9,000 point span)

• Level 32: 77,000 → 86,999 (10,000 point span)

• Level 33: 87,000 → 96,999 (10,000 point span)

• Level 34: 97,000 → 107,999 (11,000 point span)

• Level 35: 108,000 → 120,999 (13,000 point span)

• Level 36: 121,000 → 133,999 (13,000 point span)

• Level 37: 134,000 → 147,999 (14,000 point span)

• Level 38: 148,000 → 163,999 (16,000 point span)

• Level 39: 164,000 → 179,999 (16,000 point span)

• Level 40: 180,000 → 196,999 (17,000 point span)

• Level 41: 197,000 → 215,999 (19,000 point span)

• Level 42: 216,000 → 235,999 (20,000 point span)

• Level 43: 236,000 → 256,999 (21,000 point span)

• Level 44: 257,000 → 278,999 (22,000 point span)

• Level 45: 279,000 → 301,999 (23,000 point span)

• Level 46: 302,000 → 326,999 (25,000 point span)

• Level 47: 327,000 → 352,999 (26,000 point span)

• Level 48: 353,000 → 380,999 (28,000 point span)

• Level 49: 381,000 → 409,999 (29,000 point span)

• Level 50: 410,000 and up

(I didn't go further as I don't think anyone have that much XP)

December 23, 2018

When I first saw this post a few weeks ago, I thought it was merely interesting. However, on further reflection, I think there’s some merit in extending the XP levels beyond 25. In the pre-crown era, if you achieved level 25 in a language, then it almost certainly guaranteed that you had completed the tree and done considerable practice. But with the advent of crowns, that’s no longer the case. As an example, to complete all the lessons in the French tree (Tree 8) to crown level 5 will require almost 72,000 XP. Extending the XP levels above 25 would provide a more appropriate measure of achievement in the crown world.

February 14, 2019

Pre-crown Era it took me until Level 13 to complete the Spanish Tree. Post Crown Era I am Level 16 in Danish and not even halfway hahaha.

February 27, 2019

Pre-crowns = 0 trees Crowns = 3 trees

March 3, 2019

Typically D&D and video games had an increasing requirement for each level because harder monsters awarded more experience points when defeated, but this is not the case here. An increasing span should be balanced by awarding more points for higher skills.

March 10, 2019

Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for adding this, this is very helpful. Take my lingot. However, there are people with 410,000+ XP. Check this out, I know some aren't legit, but here's the list of players over 100,000 XP.

February 13, 2019

Hi Gwaugle. You're welcome. In the link you shared, this is the cumulated amount of XP over all the languages one may learn on DL. When I meant I didn't think anyone would have more than level 50, it was relative to one specific language. But still, maybe if someone trains for decades on the same language, it might happen XD.

February 13, 2019


April 18, 2019

Thanks! I was just supposed to make a table looking pretty much EXACTLY the same as yours. :O Dankon! :)

May 8, 2017

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August 30, 2017

Thanks! Now I know I am close to leveling up in Russian. Take a lingot!

April 27, 2017

Actually, if you want to know how close you are to leveling up, just check your profile. There is a row saying "XP to next level" or something, which will display a number that is the amount of XP needed to advance.

February 14, 2019

Very nice ,Thank you,
Çok güzel, Teşekkürler.

November 27, 2017

So level 25 is the max level?

March 29, 2018

Yes! Even if you receive messages from Duo saying that next level is 26. Or maybe your app can show you have reached level 26 offline (already reported bug). Keep practicing every day.

March 31, 2018

wow your've reached level 25 in nearly 6 languages!

March 26, 2019

Yes, from what I have seen based on others' experience.

July 16, 2018

I only have up to level 5. Why I wonder

October 7, 2018

But you are Level 25 in Spanish and Level 8 in French. These are XP Levels. Perhaps you are thinking of Crown Levels, which has a maximum of 5.

October 7, 2018

I think I’ve finally figured it out, after poking around the icons for a bit. Thanks for the help.

October 10, 2018

Thank you a bunch

October 31, 2017

Thank you for the list, very helpful.

February 11, 2018

For Duo, having a single "level 25" ceiling common to all languages, irrespective of particular language content, provides a lowest common denominator language "badge" in the Duo game that some attain in any given language, then once they collect it, I guess some forget that tree and move to another language - why not be a multi-badge apparent polyglot, and skip to another language if that is your Duo game? - I'm not knocking it, it looks like it's a game that some players really get into. Just search “level 25” in this forum, lots of congratulations, now I can move on… etc. Your public profile never goes beyond level 25, so why stick to progressing in a language past that? So you can perhaps get A1 CEFR in multiple languages and I completely see how that works for some Duo gamers. But for other Duo gamers intent on getting good in one, or perhaps two, or even three languages, and going way past the effort of reaching level-25, this saturation point is just demotivational.

I guess there are a mix of truly talented multi-language Duo players, some with many languages way (way) past level-25, and a few Duo level-25 prize/badge collectors, that get the level-25 and go on to the next language – But as they all show level-25 as a maximum, you can't tell the difference between in-depth devotees and badge collectors. Duo hasn't addressed this as an incentive within the game. In retaining an arbitrary saturation point at level-25, Duo is incentivising badge-collection in its game play, and ignoring in-depth study past level-25 as an equally valued type of play, despite Duo aspiring to CEFR levels, etc. In using an arbitrary saturation point, level-25, Duo fosters multiple top-badge collection game-play above progression of in-depth skills game-play; IMHO both types of game-play should be equally recognised in the publicly used metrics.

With the different options of earning additional XP (including the additional course content and crowns), why not remove the ceiling on levels at level-25, why not levels 26 and on? (perhaps level 25 and higher numbers in black, like belts on a ninja-owl, indicating that a significant threshold has been reached, but still that indicated progression is possible beyond the threshold). Some martial arts use a black belt as such a threshold indicator of recognition, but they still have higher levels in terms of 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, etc., they still show progress above that threshold level. Perhaps levels of above 25 should have XP spans continuing the current sequence, as proposed here:, or have some other steeper progression, but progression past level 25 should be made possible, for recognition of in-depth game-play past that level.

The publicly indicated metric with a ceiling, "level 25" is an insensitive instrument as an indicator of game progression, it doesn't reflect real differences in progress within the Duo game beyond level-25; in the context of the Duo game, beyond level-25, it is not a valid instrument, it is a poor indicator of advanced game achievement.

However, without the level-25 cap, I think the metric used by Duo, "level", is a fair reflection of in-game progress. Before the level-25 cap, the metric "level" encourages beginners with small spans of XP between levels, it has progressively larger spans between levels as XP levels increase, to help provide increased challenge as levels progress, and includes XP gained from all game sources, crowns, stories, etc. When course content is added, the metric "level" remains unchanged, whereas something indicating percentage of course completed would be reduced. So, before the level-25 cap, "level" is a robust, graduated, inclusive, metric of in-game progress. In contrast, validated, accredited assessments of real fluency may be poor indicators of in-game progress, and unworkable as day-by-day indicators of in-game effort. For example, my profile shows English (14) - that's as far as I got in the reverse tree from Spanish in the context of the Duo game (I made the old Duo English tree gold, as played from Spanish), and I think level 14 is a fair reflection of my progression in the Duo game, in that context - however, I hope level 14 (English) doesn't reflect my real fluency in English! Ehrm.. ahh.... some of my students may say it does..

However, the continued use of capped level-25 as a public metric, especially in the upskilled crowns system, with its continued and welcome additional game/course content, is becoming increasingly invalid as a metric of in-depth game play, as more and more additional content is provided, providing game-play increasingly past level 25. Removing the level-25 ceiling would not indicate language fluency in the highlighted public metric, that's a different question, but the improved metric "level" would accurately indicate lengthened progress in a language, or languages, in the context of the Duo game; I doubt I’ll ever be fluent, but I want my real level of progress within the game past level-25 to be accurately reflected as my publicly available metric, rather than some view-able, limited, level-25 badge.


Spanish (30), by the uncapped metric "level" tabulated above, with thanks to Yann_Leglise

April 28, 2019

4000xp doesnt seem like too much. ;) like around 400 lessons or way less for revisoin since the whole tree is pretty much like finished. When did you finish the tree on what level?

September 26, 2017

It is very much individual. I still have 6 classes to go through and currently am at 10.000xp.

September 27, 2017

Thank you very much for your complete answer

January 18, 2018

i got a question my friend, i can see u have tons of lvl 25´s, is this app enough to know a lot about a language when u get to lvl 25 or u must use other apps to learn as well?

February 2, 2018

If your goal is to "know a lot about a language", then yes, getting to level 25 will certainly accomplish that. As for true fluency, you would really have to communicate with other people using that language. Duolingo does not test your speed, which is essential to communication ability with a language that is foreign to you.

March 15, 2018

If you are on a computer, you should try Duolingo Stories as they communicate with you/each other. I tried one and they’re really helpful.

March 11, 2019

Duolingo gives to you a level B2 in english, to get the C1 one you must to go to other fonts of knowledge.

February 13, 2019

Looks like level 25 is not good enough to be fluent or sound natural in a language.

April 21, 2019

Agreed! I believe it's not just how much XP you've collected in a given language, but how smart you work to get it.

May 17, 2019

True. I hadn't paid much attention to the "lessons" with each group but now I go over it each time. I had used a few other sources to increase my knowledge. But level 25 is like "I know a few words." I think you'd literally need 100 to begin to actually be fluent.

May 17, 2019

Hey, here's a couple corrections to your comment in case they're helpful to you:

Original with corrected grammar: Duolingo gives you level B2 in English, to get to C1 you must go to other sources of knowledge.

Most natural (in my opinion): Duolingo gets you to level B2 in English, but to get to C1, you have to use other resources.

March 7, 2019

These apps and cds are nice, but my end goal is to be able to speak with real people in the real world where anything goes. I'm not yet anywhere close to where I want to be but do find that different sources have different things to offer. Some such as comprehension of the radio require enough capability to unlock. I see that you finally reached 25. When did you personally start feeling comfortable with your language?

March 10, 2019

This will motivate me a lot, thanks! Here's yet another lingot, adding to that solid 383.

June 26, 2018

Thank you, so helpful

August 12, 2018

Great! Thank you very much, bro!

August 22, 2018

Many thanks! You earned your lingot! Spend it wisely!

August 24, 2018

Good job!! Also gifting you a lingot tytyty

October 6, 2018

This is great!

November 27, 2018

Give this man a lingot :v

December 31, 2018

Thank you so much. Keep the motivation up.

February 13, 2019

Thank you

April 22, 2018

Awesome! Thank you.

May 10, 2018

¡Gracias, mi amigo!

May 22, 2018

thank you

June 3, 2018

This is very helpful and motivating for me. Thanks

July 30, 2018

Thanks man!

August 10, 2018

I have 1,240 XP and yet I'm in level 13. Is this table now outdated, and if so, where can I find a new version?

October 20, 2018

Hi kirangarewal, I don't know where you are seeing 1,240XP. Is that your weekly or monthly total on the leaderboard, by chance? Because I am seeing Level 13 · 5420 XP 520/1100 XP · 47% complete · 580 XP to next level I used duome to find that data. If you visit your profile on Duolingo, look to the upper, left-hand side of the page and it will show: Hindi - Level 13 Next level: 580 XPTotal XP: 5420 XP.

Sometimes, there is a sync lag between duome and duolingo so the data might be slightly different for a while, or if Duolingo changes something and the duome creator needs to update how it gathers information. Additionally, the Duolingo course level icons sometimes take a day to update. So, at the moment your Hindi icon above your comment is showing me level 12, even though you've reached level 13. Later today or tomorrow, both will update to match showing level 13.

October 20, 2018

Thank you very much. I was indeed looking at this week's total.

October 20, 2018

thank you

January 25, 2019

Thanks, very useful

February 13, 2019

Thanks! I'm almost at level 25 in German

May 11, 2019

Level 25 was 50,000 for me...

June 25, 2018

It makes no sense that point spam keeps increasing

July 22, 2018

Yes it does; That's how they motivate you, right?

February 17, 2019

XP needed to level up is as follows. It requires a lot more practice to level up when you are on higher levels. The real test of your wish to learn a language starts once you have cleared level 10.

1 - 60 → 60

2 - 60 → 120

3 - 80 → 200

4 - 100 → 300

5 - 150 → 450

6 - 300 → 750

7 - 375 → 1,125

8 - 525 → 1,650

9 - 600 → 2,250

10 - 750 → 3,000

11 - 900 → 3,900

12 - 1,000 → 4,900

13 - 1,100 → 6,000

14 - 1,500 → 7,500

15 - 1,500 → 9,000

16 - 1,500 → 10,500

17 - 1,500 → 12,000

18 - 1,500 → 13,500

19 - 1,500 → 15,000

20 - 2,000 → 17,000

21 - 2,000 → 19,000

22 - 3,500 → 22,500

23 - 3,500 → 26,000

24 - 4,000 → 30,000

November 16, 2016

According to this, there is no level 26. Why is that?

June 18, 2017

25 is the highest level one can have

July 31, 2017

I am at 25 for the last two months and I keep receiving message fro Duolingo to strive to reach level 26. But I am not informed how far is 26 from 25.

January 22, 2018

Hi OmSharma0,

No one in the history of Duolingo, to my knowledge, has ever reached level 26. I'm pretty sure the level is not actually available. Though, I've also seen what you've seen. It could be that after reaching a level, the number is programmed to automatically increase by one.

January 24, 2018

Why not? I don't see the point of stopping the level. I'm at 25 and I have to say, while I'm a "little" more comfortable I have a WAaaaaaays to go.

August 18, 2018

I have seen people with 100000 points in Spanish on level 25. I guess it's just motivation for the really hardcore practitioners.

January 31, 2018

Does this apply only to spanish?

June 27, 2017

It applies to all courses, not just Spanish. The distance between levels is consistent. :)

June 29, 2017

no thats for all the languages

July 31, 2017


July 28, 2018

With the latest versions of duo on the web, you can not see how many points you have in a tree for a language that you have already completed from a different language. What I mean is, I have long since gotten to level 25 in English from Italian and in Italian from English. Now, as I work through English from Spanish and Italian from Spanish it lumps my points into the total for those languages so I can not see where I stand. I just reached level 22 in Italian from Spanish so, by this chart, I know that I have 19,000 xps in that tree... the next time I get to a new level, I will know that I have 22,500... I wish i could see my progress but this is something I guess.

November 15, 2017

How long have you been doing this?

November 20, 2017

1094 days :-) So just about three years :-) Oh.. and I found out that on the Android App I can see the progress I am making... Not on the web or on the iOS app... but on android I can check how many points i am at in all of my languages.

January 10, 2018

If you've done it for 1094 days, how come you've got a 1269 day streak? surely you've been on for at least 1269 days?

July 5, 2018

poche112 wrote his reply 5 months ago. That's why his streak is longer now.

July 5, 2018

I’ve completed the French tree, keeping it constantly strengthened, doing all mobile version bots, and done all the French stories in Duolingo labs. Having done/doing this, I have nothing left to do, and I am only level 22, am I missing something? It is the same with Esperanto, and there I’m only level 15.

February 20, 2018

Levels come from XP, not from where you are at in the tree/course. So, if you review the material, you can keep gaining XP to level up. However, if the course has become too redundant for you, I recommend doing the reverse tree, and then laddering to one of your other courses.

A reverse tree just means it switches the direction of your languages. If you were learning French from English, you would switch over to take the English from French course.

To ladder just means to take another non-native language from French. For example, to do the Spanish from French or German from French etc. It will allow you to keep working on French, while also increasing your skill in yet another target language. Personally, I am still waiting for a Spanish from Japanese or a Japanese from Spanish tree so I can ladder between them. :)

Good luck! :)

February 20, 2018

Wow, laddering sounds like a great idea. It's a pity the Japanese/Spanish combo isn't offered yet.

Do you use outside sources when studying Spanish? Do you practice speaking Spanish with native speakers?

June 29, 2018

Yes, I use laddering and I think it is a great idea!

February 14, 2019

Also, I've found that auto-laddering is created when you start a course. In my example, I only wanted to learn the English for German course but the French for German course popped up as well. This will be useful if you want to do see all the possible combinations of laddering.

February 17, 2019

to simplify what Usagiboy7 said, to achieve level 25, you must do a ton of practice on lessons you have already done. you will keep earning XP no matter how many times you do a lesson.

March 15, 2018

Level 25 is 30,000 points.

See olimo's comment here for how many points between each individual level to the next: ^_^

March 18, 2014

So that means that it would take... 300 days! Interesting!

March 18, 2014

At my current rate of 100 points a day, yup. Though, I used to earn 500 a day. So, I am a little ahead. ^_^

March 19, 2014

Level 23, you're almost there! Keep it up! :D

March 19, 2014


November 9, 2017

the comment was left when he was at 23, he has since accomplished 25.

March 15, 2018

thanks for you question, i can know about it, do you want be friend me Aouke ?

August 30, 2017

Cool! ;)

March 19, 2014

I am in level 23

November 4, 2017

good for you, man! it takes effort to stick with a language for so long.

March 15, 2018

Keep it up!

February 14, 2019

So if the highest level 25 is 30.000 XP, that means you need to get at least 83 XP a day to finish in a year (or 82 XP in a leap year.)

January 21, 2018

Right but you can finish the tree in less than 5000 XP for some languages. That's only a sixth of the total to reach lvl 25. So you need far less to complete the tree. After that it's just strengthening what you already learned, so you can take a more relaxed pace if you want.

April 22, 2018

I guess I'm bored because I just decided to create a couple charts/graphs using the info here... XP Point Span Pie Chart XP Lvl Line Graph

June 17, 2018

Thank you! I needed exactly that imagery.

June 17, 2018

What is the point of making a "maximum" level? It's just a number, why not 26, 27, 28, on up? These little rewards, ingots, levels, are like the little stars teachers used to put on our papers in school. It's pretty automatic, is done within the program.

August 18, 2018

For each level achieved you receive lingots, e.g 3 lingots for the 3rd level, 4 for the 5th, 8 lingots for the 8th level etc

June 20, 2017

Do you want to be my friends isvaraPutri? Follow back thanks :).

August 30, 2017

That's what I'm doing in Korean

November 10, 2017

Thank you!

November 10, 2017

how many xp points from level 7 to 8?

January 26, 2018

375 points (750 → 1,124)

January 28, 2018

38 lessons.

February 20, 2018


February 12, 2018


February 27, 2018

I am hoping to reach level 25 in Spanish by the end of 2018, and on French and German by the end of 2019. I'm not sure how far I want to go with the others, except Klingon. I've decided to drop that. Now, thanks to this thread, I know what I need to do to accomplish that. Thanks.

May 11, 2018

You can do it kathryn.wh!

May 17, 2018

where do we see the number of XP point that we have I am on level 20 Spanish... where would my 15000 to 17000 points be shown... i think it shows about 160 will check

July 8, 2018

Under your username at the top, pull it down to "Your profile" and in the upper right there should be a section with your languages, your points and the points remaining until you hit the next level.

August 12, 2018


November 14, 2018

Does this mean that in French I won't go beyond level 25 even though I have now 32181 points? There is still plenty to learn and practice.

November 8, 2018

Yes, that is so.

February 14, 2019

good !

November 30, 2018

Does learning a language from two different source languages (e.g. English->Spanish and French->Spanish) give you xp for the same language (Spanish)?

January 24, 2019

Yes, indeed.

January 24, 2019

Yes, which is bad.

February 14, 2019

No!!! Who are these people saying yes?! I know from my personal experience that it does not. I tooka bit of Spanish from Russian out of curiosity, after completing Spanish from English tree, and I have two different courses with different xp count and levels for each

April 20, 2019

how do you know how much xp you're getting?

April 20, 2019
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