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Review all discussions' questions and answers after practice/test

If this has been previously suggested or requested, I'd kindly appreciate the link to the discussion.


After each topic's "test out" or practice, besides the graphs that show up depicting the experience earned, there could be a numbered list of questions (ordered as they were answered) linking to the respective discussions.

I believe this would allow more people to participate in discussions and actually view them after each practice. "Plugghest" previously mentioned the following:

"I feel that the discussions are some of the best parts of Duolingo-learning and I also love to use timed practice (and it's what sets Duolingo apart from other language-learning software that have nothing close to discussions for every sentence)." https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9169885

I totally agree with this and often want to check the discussions, but I never get to access them since I usually prefer timed practice... With what I'm suggesting, everyone could access all the discussions afterwards.

May 14, 2017



On the old version of the website, unfortunately not on the new one, there is a review option that shows all the questions presented with indication of whether you got them right or not. It doesn't have links to the discussions, but you can Google them easily. Your suggestion is an excellent one, perhaps the best I've ever seen, and at least I haven't seen it previously. On the new site, I have read that the discussion links open as new tabs, in principle making it possible to open them as you go along for review afterwards. I have not seen how this works myself, as I am on the old site as yet.

I'm sure the general thought process is that if you want to browse discussions, you should do untimed practice. Obviously this thought process has its holes.


Thanks for the support piguy3. I believe I have only used the new version and it does open a new tab once I click the "view discussion" button. The review option you mentioned in the old version seems interesting indeed, it is something useful in my opinion.

Another thing besides the timed practice issue: I often use ENTER to skip to the next question and in the few times I skip too fast, I never get the chance to open the discussion. I go from "test out" to timed practices and perhaps I'm not alone in this way of completing the exercises (it saves a lot of my own time).

I would like to read the opinions of those who are downvoting my suggestion, is there anything that may negatively affect the student by having a list of the answered questions?


In the old site the review option is so unobtrusive that people have finished half a dozen trees without even realizing it was there. It's a grey button on the bottom left of the XP graph screen I think. Presumably one could have easily added links to the relevant discussions to it.

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