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Access to "new" vocabulary?

I "beat" the French course, but I still go back and practice very often. Recently, on the discussion boards I've seen sentences with words I've never seen in Duolingo.

Examples: "la confiture", "la chenille", "le requin"

But, when I go back to practice foods or animals I still never see these words. I've double checked and they're not in my vocabulary. Is there any way for me to gain access to these words? Are there more things that have been added?

March 2, 2013



I'm pretty new to this site, so I'm probably wrong, but I have noticed that vocabulary from some rounds is added to other rounds so, eg, the phrase "le requin" might not ever be used in the animals round, but might crop up occasionally in another round. So you could repeat the animals round as much as you liked and never get it because it's actually a phrase that was used in eg the preposition round.


I am level 6 in French, but I never had the word "miche" (loaf). My son started duolingo, and go the word on his very first lesson. Presumably there are words I've gotten which he might not get. I'm not sure why this is, and like you I'd like a way to access more vocabulary.

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