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  5. "He has a daughter."

"He has a daughter."

Translation:Il a une fille.

March 2, 2013

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I thought it was "ii" but it's "iL" lol


fille=girl as well as daughter then?

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This sentence is about a man ("He"="Il"), who has (="a") a daughter ("fille").

In sentences where "fille" means "daughter" (ex: when there is the verb "avoir" = "to have", or when there is a possessive, like "C'est ma fille" = "She is my daughter"), we also accept "girl" as a possible translation for "fille".

Ex: "Il a une fille." translates to "He has a daughter" (but we accept "He has a girl" too).


in a sense: this is my girl = c'est ma fille. I'm sure there is a word for daughter, but I can't remember it. I find that a lot of the translations on this site should be taken with a grain of salt.


Wouldn't enfant work in place of fille as long as it is feminized?


A bit far fetched, but why not? "il a une enfant" is correct.

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Hi, this solution is not accepted, because "une enfant" (a child) has an extra interpretation that is not inherent in the sentence as an equal translation for "daughter" (indeed, this could be about a 40-year-old daughter who is not a child).

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