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Language Survey and Project

[deactivated user]

    I've created a survey to use with a project I am making for school about languages. Here is the link.

    I'd really appreciate it if you took the survey! If you have any extra comments or info that you think would be interesting for my project, please comment below! Thanks!!! :-)

    May 14, 2017



    I'd like to point out that some people have more than one native tongue, so you might want to update that part.

    [deactivated user]

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing this out!


      Like your survey, just one suggestion : you should do native language(s) and fluent language(s). For example my native is Polish, but I'm fluent in English and French as well, so I marked them under native language, but that wouldn't get the most accurate results for your survey. :-D


      Even adding "fluency" would not be so accurate, as some overly-confident may consider themselves to be fluent, when at the eye of the general public it would not appear to be the case. Just a couple of days ago a girl here was claiming to have learned 13 languages (video included) when we could all see that she actually couldn't speak more than 2, the second one being Spanish and overly flawed and staged. All the others were apparently printed, automated translations being read off a paper.


      It seemed to me like she claimed she was learning 13 languages, not that she had successfully completed learning 13 languages. I think she said Duolingo "helped me learn 13 languages", which can mean that she learned some things in/about 13 languages or that she completely learned them, it's ambiguous that way. It was clear that she meant the former, that's why she was happily accepting feedback. Her doing that video was just a part of her learning experience. I didn't watch it, but I think it's misleading to suggest that she said she was fluent, and discouraging to bash her Spanish here.


      Nowhere did she say she was "learning" the languages she mentioned, she did however claim to have recorded a video her speaking the "13 languages she speaks" as well as "how Duolingo helped her learn" them. She even titled her video as "POLYGLOT SPEAKING 13 LANGUAGES" ALL WITH CAPS". You won't be able to see her video anymore as she deleted it after that incident. If you didn't see the whole situation, you're creating your own ambiguity here. She even made a video 2 months ago with the exact same PRINTED texts for English, Spanish and Portuguese (from what I can tell), but only "speaking" 5 languages, while also claiming to be a "polyglot".

      Look, I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, I'm only pointing out that "speaking" (either basically or fluently) is an overly biased qualifier, subjective to the ego of the one who claims to have achieved any extent of this whatsoever.

      [After edition note] I think I received every new comment that was made by other users in her post directly into my e-mail. If you want, I can send you a screenshot of the users who pointed out her claims contrasted by her real abilities that she masked with printed speeches.

      [After edition 2] Here is one example of that:


      K. Sorry, I probably shouldn't be getting involved having not seen the video, I just didn't think her post that I read came off that way and she was at least responding positively to critical feedback in the Duo comments.

      I don't like for aspiring polyglots (key word here being aspiring) to be attacked for trying and failing, but if what you say is true and she wrote those other things, then fair enough.


      I've just completed your survey- good luck on your project! :)


      I took it too. Hope it turns out AWESOME!!!!


      german, ukrainian, french, polish, english, russian, italian, portugese.

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