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Romanian language skills tree level :)

Hi :) One thing can't go out of my mind. I am very curious, what's the knowledge level of Romanian after finishing whole skill tree? Is it B1 already or non-full B1? I'd like to know opinions of the native speakers :) Of course, even mastering all these skills I still need to work harder and harder, learn more and communicate in Romanian as often as possible. I just want to know does it give me a B1 or almost B1 after all :)

May 14, 2017



Probably depends on what else you're doing. Duo is great at teaching vocab and spelling, not great with grammar, depending on the voices listening comprehension can be fine (altho the Romanian voice does not seem to be too great), but it doesn't even really try to teach you how to speak in a half-decent accent. So if you finish the Romanian course, keep everything golden, and nothing else you should actually be close to B1 in terms of handling text. But to get to B1 in terms of talking to actual Romanian-fluent humans you will probably need to talk to actual Romanian-fluent humans; and for listening comprehension you should at least add some Romanian Youtube channels or something.

Also, note the "keep everything golden" bit. Duo is designed on a 'spaced repetition' model. That means that if you do what I just did (and blow through while ignoring the weak skills) you won't actually retain much until you start doing strengthening.


Thanks :) I am lucky to have a very close Romanian friend and she offered me a lot of help if necessary :) Strenhthening is one of the things I am doing daily here. No rush through the skill tree, I'd rather to master all the skills I had at the moment, then go further (otherwise I would not understand another lessons and learning's getting much harder). :)


Not a native speaker here, but having completed the Romanian tree, I'd say you'd be somewhere between A2 and B1. In order to get a full B1, you need to develop your listening and writing skills somewhere else! :)


Some of the concepts in the Duolingo tree seem quite advanced (B1?) but to actually get to that level requires a lot of work outside Duolingo. Half an hour with a native speaker would be the equivalent of hundreds of points probably. And yes, YouTube videos are great. I have no idea how the algorithm works (differently for different people?) but I've given up on keeping everything gold, because doing so would take 3+ hours a day. I normally revisit a skill when I lose the second strength bar.


Any recommended YT videos or channels?

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