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"Bạn bắt đầu học tiếng Việt khi nào?"

Translation:When do you start to learn Vietnamese?

May 15, 2017



I thought 'khi nào' was 'when' in the future tense and 'hồi nào' was 'when for the past. Am I mistaken?


You are right about "hồi nào": it is only used in past tense. In addition, it may mean a little negative, like "When did you learn Vietnamese? You didn't learn that, as I remember."

"Khi nào" is used for any tense. Hence this sentence is not clear about the time - future or past, which also makes sense because the asker asks because he does not know.


Regarding the slightly negative connotation, that's only sometimes? Is there a way to distinguish so you're not misunderstood or is it safer to always use 'khi nào' if not being snarky? Thanks!


I always use "khi nào" and "lúc nào", with the same frequency.


Any difference between the two?


No, they are interchangeable.


If a native speaker asked this question it would only be about a future event.


I heard that putting khi nào at the beginning of the sentence is used for different tense than at the end. But I don't remember which one is which tense.


I listened to this over and over again. I literally couldn't distinguish a single word between "ban" and "khi nao"


I know. This was pronounced so quickly. Not great for a beginner!

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