"Eu nu îl trădez pe fratele meu!"

Translation:I do not betray my brother!

May 15, 2017

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How would this be different if it was "I do not betray him to my brother"


Very good question. I'm not that far with Romanian yet, but pretty sure you would have to use the dative case there.


what happens if i say : EU NU TRADEZ FRATELE MEU : will a native Romanian understand me ?


Unfortunatelly not :) For me that sounds like a comma is missing. I would translate your sentence into English as: My brother, I don't betray!


Would "I will not betray my brother!" work?


I don't think so, because that's another time


I don't understand the word îl and it's place?


Just remember to put it like an emphasis for the second indirect object. In English we have to learn prepositions, for example wait me sounds alright in Spanish (literal translation) but actually it is wait for me which sounds weird for Spanish speakers.


"Îl" is not used for emphasis and it's not a preposition. That's the third person pronoun in the accusative case, the unaccented form. The accented form being "El". The unaccented form must always be used i.e. Eu nu trădez pe fratele meu is not a valid sentence.

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