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"I know where I come from, but he does not know."

Translation:Tôi biết tôi đến từ đâu, nhưng anh ấy không biết.

May 15, 2017



Why is 'mà' not accepted instead of nhung?


Why no 'ở' here? It is necessary in other constructions for 'where'.


Well, the best guess I have is that there is no specific place mentioned. While there is a reference to a place, the speaker never delineates, as the focus turns to the man/boy who does not.

Confusing? God yes. I'm making slow progress.


How important is word order in this sentence? For example, I had all the correct words, but I put đâu in between tôi biết and tôi đến từ, literally what the English translation is. Can someone explain why the above sentence is correct and why my sentence would not be correct? That would be MOST helpful in learning this language. I understand word order in any language is important. I just wish they'd teach it here.


In previous lessons Where was translated and accepted as "ở đâu" ... Now it's marked as incorrect? Why?


Tôi biết nơi tôi đến từ nhưng anh ấy không biết thế cx sai à


bạn là ng việt mà cx dịch thế ak?

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