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awkward navigation of discussion forums

Hi there,

I've been browsing through various forum posts, but I've found it a little cumbersome due to the following behaviour.

  1. I scroll down the list of posts for something that takes my interest and I click on it
  2. I read it
  3. I then click 'back' button in my browser, but then the list of posts reloads page and positions it back to the top of the page.

I would have expected/preferred it to go back to the page of posts and preserve the location I had scrolled to on that page.

Instead, it repositions the page back to the top, and I have to scroll down back to where I was before.

The deeper down in the history of a forum topic you go, the more irritating this manual re-scrolling gets.

Any chance this could be rectified, as the existing behaviour discourages new users such as myself from exploring older posts.

May 15, 2017



I agree! Even for me (a somewhat-oldish user) it still annoys me a lot. What I do sometimes, is open the post in a new tab, so that I can always go back to the discussion page where I was at by simply closing out of the new tab.


This is what I also do. It is really irritating to scroll down every time to see older posts. So I always open posts in new tab.


I also use a new tab, but "always go back to the discussion page where I was" is optimistic - I use a tablet, so sometimes when I come back the page refreshes anyway.


That makes me wonder, why does the site force a page refresh upon using the back button? Websites that don't enforce such a refresh work the way we expect by default.

My guess is they might've enforced a refresh to ensure you see a list of all the latest posts? If so, I'd be content to just manually refresh the page at a time of my choosing rather than it being enforced.


It's because tablets have less RAM, so the browser discard pages from memory when it thinks they're not needed and reloads them when you return.

The solution is to either use a different browser, and if that doesn't help, get a better tablet.


This has never been a problem to me. When I'm scrolling down the list of posts and I see something that takes my interest, I DON'T click on it with the mouse left button, but rather with the middle button ( I know plenty of people aren't aware of this "feature", but you can actually click using your scroll wheel on most mouses). This'll open the post in another tab of the browser. After I'm done with it, I simply close the tab and go back to the tab with the list of posts (which has not been re-positioned but is actually where I'd left it). I hope this simple solution can help you. :)


In most browsers you can also hold down the Ctrl key when clicking with the left mouse button. This is helpful if the middle button is broken, doesn't exist, or you're using a touchpad.


Agree completely, it's very frustrating, especially (as you have mentioned) the further down you scroll the longer it takes to get back to your original position.

Hopefully Duo will take this into consideration.


Completely agree! And for ipad users (at least this one), opening a new tab closes duolingo in the original tab : / The posted topic has to be very interesting to me if it's after a scroll or two!


Exact same thing happens to me, it truly is an annoyance.


One way to get around it is to click the link/title of the discussion page with your mouse wheel by pressing down on the mouse wheel. It'll load the page in a separate tab whilst leaving your previous tab in the same location.


I agree. It just takes too long to read older posts.


Open in new tab.


I have a Chromebook and I just click the middle button on my clicker thingy and it opens in another tab so I don't have to do that

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