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  5. "Tanzania is home"

"Tanzania is home"

Translation:Tanzania ni nyumbani

May 15, 2017



what is difference between "nyumba" and "nyumbani" ?


nyumba is house. nyumbani is home.


Wha?! Really? I thought the -ni suffix indicated a place or destination, like "kuenda shuleni". So in the context of home, it also changes the connotation of the word nyumba, irrespective of motion or place?


Isn't that just quite nice, deriving the word for home from "going to my house"? My destination is my house. When I'm not there, it's my house, but when I'm there, it's home:-)


Does this mean "(a person called) Tanzania is at home", or "(the country of) Tanzania is my home"? The latter sounds more probable, but I thought the 'ni' suffix in 'nyumba' indicated the locative, meaning 'at home'.


So often in this course we're wasting time figuring out what Duolingo will accept, so we can move on.

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