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Has Duolingo helped you to learn German?

May 15, 2017


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Yes, definitely. It helped me a lot, especially because it kept me going and it gave me a great set of vocabulary. When you finish the tree you are then set to go and study from other sources. But even now I keep coming back every day and keep my tree golden and from time to time I encounter a word that I haven't seen for a while from any other source. So it's good.


It is helping me regain knowledge. I had four years of high school German and three semesters of college German, but that was longer ago than I care to admit -- <smile> -- and my skills had deteriorated to almost nothing. DL is great for my purposes, however I am finding that I am now looking for other learning platforms to enhance what I am doing with DL - YouTube videos, and other apps.


Yes. It helped me to attend a course at Goethe-Institut on B1.2 without starting from A1. I've been using Duolingo for a +/- year now.


Did you use other resources in addition to Duo or just Duo?


Memrise, clozemaster, yourdailygerman, tinycards, read books, practicing skills (reading, listening and writing), read the DW news, watch DW videos, listen to the radio, practice German from my course textbook, special listening excercise by DW


Danke. Interesting resources. For how long do you think you studied every day. You have done very well, gut gemacht.


Yes I have a long way to go to be fluent but it is definitely a good start


I started less than a month ago and I'm really amazed at how many words I can recognize when I watch a series in German (with English subtitles...for now).

So it looks like it's a great basis of vocabulary - and grammar of course.


Yes, but I think it should not be your only resource.


It helped me with writing and recognizing words.

The only thing it didn't help me much with is the pronunciation with many words. The program says it so fast, or it is wrong, so I have a German friend, other German apps, and I watch German videos, to make sure my pronunciation is correct.


I agree. I look at the Collins dictionary on my laptop it can be a bit confusing but I find that it pronounces it differently and a little slower. Having a friend that is German must be really helpful.

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