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"That is what they are supporting."

Translation:Das ist, was sie fördern.

May 15, 2017



Kann ich "Dies ist, was sie unterstutzen" sagen? ich habe gehört, dass es keinen unterschied zwischen ´this´ und ´that´ auf deutsch gibt. Also, geht das Wort 'Dies' hier oder nicht?


der, die, das can mean either "this" or "that".

dieser, diese, dies(es) generally only mean "this".

So saying that there is no difference between "this" and "that" in German is not completely accurate; it's specifically the der, die, das which do not make a strong distinction and can be used for either.

(There is also jener, jene, jenes which is specifically for "that", but essentially nobody uses those any more. I don't think they're accepted in the course. They're probably about as common in German as "yon" is in English: nobody I know would say "yon book".)


wieso nicht "sie unterstützen das"?


Das ist, was sie unterstützen.

"Sie unterstützen das." -> They support that.


Duo did not accept unterstuetzen ...only foerdern.. Just checking to make sure both work..


accepted unterstuetzen 20/10/17. Had to be in the format: das ist, was sie...


Duolingo accepts:
"Das ist, was sie fördern."
"Das ist, was sie unterstützen."
"Das ist es, was sie fördern."
"Das ist es, was sie unterstützen."

Simplifying the translation to "Sie förden es" or "Sie unterstützen es" is not accepted, and shouldn't be. Duolingo wants faithful translations, not simplifications.


Das ist, das Sie unterstützen.


Das ist, das Sie unterstützen.

Sie (capitalised) means "you", not "they".

..., das has to be ..., was

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