Missing Lessons?

My wife and I are simultaneously doing the Spanish course. We both got up to Present 1. My course only had 3 lessons in Present 1, none of which include explanations on verb conjugation for each word. Her course has a bunch of preliminary lessons that have all the conjugations for multiple words, along with a little popup box at the bottom of each lesson with conjugation tips. Any idea why we are seeing different content?


May 15, 2017


Two possibilities:

a) From what I've heard, the app does not include course notes. The website, however, does.

b) Duolingo experiments incessantly with different ways of presenting and operating the course. It distributes those course variations to new students randomly and evaluates the different methods for how well they work.

It sounds like your wife has gotten a particularly well-developed set of notes and a particularly thorough set of lessons, which is probably being tested to see if it would make sense to use it more widely. (For what it's worth, I use the website and have notes for Present 1, but don't have the "preliminary lessons" that you're describing.)

May 15, 2017

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May 22, 2019
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