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Beer and wine disabled, but students are still encountering them

Anybody else have this problem? I have the 'enable all words' turned off for the privacy settings, as I don't want the students having to say things like, "this beer is great" or whatever...but the students are reporting it's still showing up! Any thoughts on how to fix this?

May 15, 2017



Hi there! Do you happen to have the usernames of the students that saw sentences with "beer" or "wine"? Or, even better, screenshots of this happening? Either would help us a lot in getting to the bottom of this, so if you could shoot us an email at teachers@duolingo.com, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much!


Hello, I have the exact same problem. There are school kids (and my elementary kids as well) seeing pick up lines and constant references to beer and wine! AND I definitely have the settings correct. Is there a fix? This is sort of a deal killer for a Christian school, esp pick up lines for elementary and middle schoolers. The reason I know is because I do the modules first and I can see it.


I know. I am not a teacher, but I was pulled out of middle school to be homeschooled in a Christian environment. And I keep getting it. I didn't know until now that there were settings to stop it, but based on what you said, it isn't working. I really hope Duolingo will solve this problem. I really like Duolingo and I don't want to have to stop using it just because of the words in it.

But I do find it useful to know the words, but not if it is going to keep bringing them up in phrases like; 'I drink beer', 'I like beer', ...can you pass the beer please?' and things like that.

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