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I didn't pass the 10 skill test yet and after 3 times not passing, it locked me, can't retrieved it.

March 19, 2014



I think there's a limit on how many times you can try to skip ahead by testing out


rewong is correct. You will need to do the lessons individually now. The tests were created so that people who already knew the material would be able to skip it and move on to material that they haven't learned yet.


Which would make sense if you didn't lose points because the computer doesn't understand your own language and marks correct answers as errors!

Incidentally, why do all the humans in the tree icons appear to be members of the Village People?


bmoeharjo, did you figure it out how to solve this problem? i have the same issue and i can't go further.


I wasn't even try to skip out. I just failed the 10 tests 3 times after going one by one and now it is locked and I can't even redo the 10 tests or go to any levels. Anyone experience this before?


@bmoeharjo, have you clicked on an individual lesson? (Not the place with the keyhole). Also, just to be sure, would you please post a screen shot of what you see on your screen and circle the problem area?

Additionally, what browser and operating system are you using? (Or, if you are using an app, please let us know which app.) Thank you! :)


Thank you again. I will check out the link. Yes, I am amazed how helpful people are on this web. Thank God! Have a great night now ;)


I can't do a print screen but it stopped on level 1 and can't go to next level and the 10- Test skills for level 1 do not appear anymore. I will try to redo the last test from level 1 and see if this will let me go to retake the 10 test skills for level 1


Hrm... this might be a matter for the staff that have blue rings. But I'm going to try something before I step aside.

The levels go up when you earn points.. It's not related to how many new skills you learn (Basics 1 is a Skill. Inside of it are Lessons that you need to complete before you can continue into Phrases or Basics 2).

Alt text

Alt text

Meanwhile, you are not required to use the feature pictured below to move forward to the next skill or the next level. Also, the test out option pictured below closes once you've completed lessons or been unable to complete the test after a few tries.

Instead, if all of your lessons have green checkmarks, go back to your language tree (you can find it here at www.duolingo.com) and move to Basics 2.)

Alt text

I hope this helps! If not, it is a question that someone with a blue ring will probably need to assist you with.


It is no problem at all bmoeharjo. You will find a lot of nice people here who want to help you succeed. This is a good community. :)

Since you are new here, you might not have heard of the wiki yet, it is like a giant FAQ http://duolingo.wikia.com/ It is still under construction, but, a lot has already been added. ^_^


Thank you VERY MUCH for your help. I will try as you suggested. I am new to this duolingo, so I really appreciate your help ;)

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