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  5. "My pocket contains an apple."

"My pocket contains an apple."

Translation:Ma poche contient une pomme.

March 2, 2013



Il y a une pomme dans ma poche. Pourquo ça ne marche pas?


Then you say 'There is an apple in my pocket'. Duolingo wants a more close translation


But this sentence makes no sense. Why can't Duolingo make up sentences that are somewhat more useful.


I had a pear in my coat pocket the other day when i went to work, it was the most convenient place to keep it at the time


It does make sense. If ever you have used the verb "to contain", this sentence is useful. When you have learned more nouns, you can use "contain" in sentences that have nothing to do with pockets or apples...

...unless of course Ta poche contient une pomme.


These are contextless grammatically correct phrases. Learning a language and learning a set of useful phrases are very different.

With abstract ideas like this, youre learning to form your own thoughts and sentences by picking and choosing the useful.

By learning useful phrases, people tend to hang on to the phrases rather than the language -- that is, they remember "sil vous plait" because its a commonly recalled phrase, but cant figure out how to express that they left their keys or whatever in their pocket.

Looking up the words we need, we can construct our own sentences. And thats better than getting phrases handed to you - you actually learn this way.


You can have an apple in your pocket...like if you saved an apple on a trail you can be like "Ma poche contient une pomme!!!" lol like your coat pocket, it is possible. And I think Duolingo is trying to teach you more on possessions/gender agreement and verb conjugation (a little bit) not the context of the sentence.

[deactivated user]

    Option 3 - there is a woman in my pocket - Really??? How amusing...


    Finally a sentence I might use!


    Why is the verb contient , (ie. " il contient") used here, instead of contiens (ie. "je contiens") . What have I missunderstood? Is it that as it is not directly referring to me (Ma), but because it is "my pocket". That it is not me, but that it is 'him/it", being , my pocket. So contient is used. Have I thought this out correctly?


    I think that's right. Because the pocket is the subject of the sentence.


    why is "My poche a une pomme" is not correct?


    Because that is not what they said. They ask for 'contain' totally different word. If you were speaking, you could say that, but you're not. You could also probably say 'there is an apple in my pocket'. But they asked for direct translation, not something that means the same.


    "a" is the conjugated version of avoir which means to have. The translation doesn't say "My pocket has an apple" It says it contains so you would have to use the verb: "Contenir"


    Would you even say that in English?


    No. No one would say "My pocket contains an apple" in English. I doubt anyone would say it in French, but I am still a beginner at French. An english speaker would say "I have an apple in my pocket."

    For english speakers it would be better to translate something like "That box contains a letter." Kind of rare, but still plausible and within the vocabulary of this level.


    Why not "mon" poche contient une pomme??


    "Poche" is a feminie French noun (La poche). The possesive adjective for feminie nouns is not "mon" (the masculine form) but "ma". Therefore, the correct form is "ma poche".


    How do you know which words are feminine or masculine


    French doesn't follow a clear cut rule but there is a pattern.

    Check out this informational website: http://www.french-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/le_or_la_in_french.shtml


    Ma poche contient d'une pomme?


    Good lord! How straight forward can you get. They want a literal here, not a rewrite.


    Would "Ma pooch possède une pomme." also make sense?


    Well, I don't know what a "pooch" is, but "possède" to me serves as a verb indicating possession.


    Ha! apparently "pooch" is what auto-correct wants "poche" to be.


    One of the sentences says: "Ma poche contient une fille". Jajajajajaa Duo, are you a human trafficker ?

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