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Has Duolingo impacted your life? Share your story!

Duolingo turns 5 this year! To celebrate, we are working on something that highlights you, our most passionate users.

Please take a moment to tell us about how Duolingo has impacted your life, whether it's opened up new educational or career opportunities, brought you closer with loved ones, connected you with new friends – we want to hear it all. Make sure you also tell us what region of the world you live in (especially if you live in or near the Northeast US!) and we will reach out for more information if needed.

Thank you – we can't wait to show you what we have up our sleeves!

May 15, 2017



My favorite part of Duolingo is the people from all over that I have gotten to meet. I have learned so much more than a language. Because I was able to brush up on my French and feel more confident, (confidence being the key), I was able to get a promotion at work. They needed someone to score French assessments and I signed up to try my French and was accepted. I live near Duolingo HQ in beautiful Pittsburgh.



Duolingo brings the world to me

and the word written is shared

languages to be understood

As I stroll in my countryside




y-y-y-your streak...


Jack Elliot I like your blog it is very nice. Have a great day! Merci <^..^>


"merci" to duolingo


your streak! sooo awesome!


I just screenshot your Profile pic and flags as a personal goal.


Duolingo has definitely impacted my life and will help me learn all the languages I have listed. I want to learn every language but that's not happening, so here are some ones that I'll try to learn and are most desirable for me to learn.

Spanish- It's a very useful language to learn, and it's fairly easy to learn. Along with the useful part many people speak it, so many of the countries that I want to travel to use it. Those include Argentina, Peru, and maybe Spain or Mexico.

Italian- It's similar to Spanish, widely spoken, and a top place that I want to travel.

French- I want to learn it for the same reasons, travel and is useful to know.

Ukrainian- My mom's godmother (I think of her as my grandma.) is from the Ukraine and speaks fluent in it and English. She is Ninety-one years young now and has a great story of coming to America. So I want to learn it for her, she as been a great inspiration that I can learn a second language.

German- I am about half German and have had relatives live there in the past, I think it is challenging but fun to learn.

Croatian- I'm about a quarter Croatian and have some relatives that could help me learn it. Also I don't know much about this side of my family so I could travel to Croatia, and learn more about my ancestors. It's also a beautiful country.

Korean, Japanese, Irish, Portuguese, and Swedish- For these languages I would't necessarily want to become fluent in them, but learn the basics about them.

Korean- I take Tae-Kwon-Do, and our Grand Master passed away about two years ago. (I think it was to cancer.) He thought me a lot so I want to learn a little bit of Korean to honor and give back to him.

Japanese- I find the characters interesting and I may travel there someday.

Irish- I'm about a fifth Irish and want to travel there. I have heard it's called the "Emerald Isle" and I want to see what that's about.

Portuguese- This language is similar to Spanish so I already have a kick start on it. My friends family knows Portuguese and English, so they could help me and they would be impressed that I know it.

Swedish- My friend is Swedish and is moving back to Sweden. So I want to learn it in his honor.

Huff... that was a lot to type. So eleven languages in all, 6 fluent and 5 partially fluent. Hope this inspires you on your language journey, and thank you Duolingo and all the other people I mentioned for making it possible for me to learn these languages and inspiring me.


Dear Jolynne, are you member of the community translation group ?


Dear Linda, I am, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use it. Hope you are well and that they get the new conversation stream up and running. I miss being able to talk with you and the others.


@jolynnedougherty, you have a now very time sensitive event invite from me. (It is not related to the translation group.) I don't know if your email has filtered it out though. It should have come through by way of "no-reply@duolingo.com" with the subject heading "Message from a moderator." Please check it as soon as possible. :)


very inspiring, congrats on the promotion.


Joly: would you mine to give me an account about your french learning through duolingo? Thank You


I have a directory of all my comments on Duolingo, about 650 commets, I would guess. I can clearly see the change in my English proficiency from about a year ago (when I joined) to this point, largely a result of communicating with natives through meaningful discussions and friendly chats.

I've made dear friends here, asked a lot of questions, learned tons of things (language-related and otherwise) and have Duolingo to thank for getting me interested in Irish in the first place.

But for a while now, I've been feeling like we care about Duolingo, but Duolingo doesn't care about us. I do hope I'm proven wrong.

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Edit: I live in Iran, just noticed that part of the post.


Hi folks, please remember not to share your age (no matter how old you are) or information indicating you are under 18 if that applies to you. This is for safety reasons. We want to make sure we are setting a good example for internet safety practices in this mixed age environment. Thank you! ^_^


Duo keeps me from online shopping.

Also, for some years now, I've been struggling with staying motivated to do pretty much anything, even things I really find enjoyable. Since childhood I've always been crazy about language learning and I didn't know why I couldn't get myself to sit down and do some German. I discovered Duo some 5 months ago and something about it clicked inside my brain. There's something about it that engages me in a special way I guess.

Since then I've been using other resources along Duo and I study every single day, no problem. It's my much needed hobby. Also, I've noticed myself being more engaged with.. life. My brain is more alert and I feel myself wanting to do more. There's something about having a hobby that's doing wonders with my brain and body.


Hi my name is christian i'm 16 years old I live in Denver. I've really enjoyed using duolingo for the past year and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to learn a new language. Duolingo have definitely impacted my life because at such a short age of my life i'm able to speak four almost five languages a fluent level. I speak English , Spanish , Portuguese American sign language and some Italian I grew up bilingual speaking English and Spanish and I started learing sign when I was about 12 or 13 because my brother uses it to hellp him communicate. I firsy started using duolingo because I was going to take Spanish in my freashmen year of high school so I decided to use it because I didn't think I knew enough spanish. I stopped using it to learn french but I lost interest in the language so i switched languages and chose portuguese and fell deeply in love with the language. duolingo was start of a new me. I am person that is able to speak multiples languges and im very proud of it , I never thought I would end up speaking so many languges because I have speech impediment. Having a speech impediment and balance disability has made it hard for me to do certain thing but I find a way to overcome the obstacle and stay optimistic. Duolingo became something really special for me because it taught me that anyone can learn language regardless of the ability to do things I encourage anyone to learn a foreign languagbecause it opens so many opportunities and people to you.


I learned a lot about understanding people using the things I've learned on Duolingo, not only language-wise but also culture-wise. One instance I was able to understand a Spanish woman while travelling by train. When a member of my class asked what was being said, I was able to give an answer. To me, even the little moments wherein I am able to silently brag about it in my mind are worth having. They boost one's confidence.

As I write this I have used Duolingo for 770 days in a row, that is a lot...

In that time I've become interested in languages and what make them, and I'm talking about human psychology. Can we reproduce this process and learn about human nature while we're at it? What stories hide behind the words?

In that time I've been looking for similarities between languages just like I've been looking for similarities between proteinsequences for my education (Bio-Informatics, I have experience in this field). Fun fact for those who have knowledge of this, the process of making languages looks almost like phylogenetic trees. Sometimes there is a thin line between languages and our DNA. It's what makes us human.

In that time I went to see what etymology lies beyond the words, and I love to hear about History. Where does that word come from, and how does it relate to words spoken today? I had to learn some Latin by reading books like Familia Romana (For those who want to learn basic latin, google this) and Old Norse by reading books like the Tattuinardoela-saga.

In that time I also discovered a deep interest in mythology and songs related to other languages (my list 'Songs I like' on Youtube has grown large because of this). Those songs got stuck in my head sometimes and that had me looking up the translation and meaning of the songs. Also, for lovers of Norse mythology and nordic languages I recommend this Youtube channel called Jacob Isenhower. In my opinion he has a good taste in music, poetry and literature.

In that time I've grown fond of Evildea and Esperanto and I regularly watch his videos, to the point that I am able to understand most of what he says (yet sometimes not 'understand', you'll know what I mean). I love the simplicity of Esperanto, and advise people to at least try Esperanto for it's too underrated in my opinion.

In that time I've watched 'The magnificent century' in Turkish with English subtitles. It's lovely to see history from the islamic perspective (I have a western education) too.

In that time I've put some Duolingo Language Certificates on my LinkedIn. You'll never know if that draws some positive attention.

In that time I subscribed to Xidnaf and Langfocus on Youtube. I'd recommend them to all of you.

And at last, in that time language became a hobby and a purpose.

Thanks for reading my full-length comment, or scrolling to read this sentence (in that case, why don't read my whole comment).

Finally and sincerely,

Greetings from the south-eastern part of the Netherlands!


I never enjoyed learning languages. I always thought I'd just have to live my life using a translator for any place with culture very different than mine. I've only been on Duolingo for a short time and I feel like I can definitely reach B1 or even B2 one day. I want to spend my life helping others and part of that has to do with traveling to Africa. When I help out at orphanages and other places, I'd love to be able to speak with the children! Outside of Duolingo, I am also learning American Sign Language to communicate with people despite of their disabilities.

I can't even put to words how grateful I am for the opportunities Duolingo has provided me. I love how it's free because I don't have the money to pay for something this great for learning. There are so many nice people who are as motivated as me to learn. I've never been this enthusiastic to learn something like this!

Asante sana Duolingo!


I live in UK and I am learning Welsh with duolingo. I look forward to learning every day. This is part of my new routine now. I am learning Welsh but the new routine is also helping me quit smoking.


I started learning a new language from scratch as a hobby and found the love of my life! As a language teacher in NYC, I also like to use Duolingo to motivate my students to learn. Thank you, Duolingo!


Wow! Your list of proficiency is inspiring!!


Duo has impacted me major-league, mainly by helping me realize an impossible dream. A major requirement for my dream job is fluency in Russian, which I decided was far too difficult a language after doing a little bit of research and gave up entirely on my dream (the language issue was just one of many, it was really the last nail in the coffin though). However, after discovering and using Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish a bit, I decided to try it out for Russian. Best decision of my language-learning life. Since then, I have been actively pursuing my slightly outrageous goal, and if/when I become and astronaut, I will definitely credit Duolingo for helping me achieve such a lofty goal. As of now, I am slowly (very painfully slowly) making my way through the Russian tree, using other resources as learning aids (including lingvist.com). I live in northern Virginia, and even if my story does not get featured, I would like to thank Duolingo (both the staff and the community) for literally helping make my dreams come true. :)

P. S. I am currently at a point where I can hold very, very simple conversations in Russian, which I have done with not 1, but 2 astronauts! So, even if I do not eventually attain my overall dream, those conversations were pretty amazing!

P. P. S. It is worth mentioning that Russian is the only language I am learning from scratch on Duo. All I knew was the Cyrillic alphabet when I started using Duo. :)


DuoLingo has unlocked a hidden world in my small town. I can talk to my neighbor in her native German, shop with confidence at a local Mexican Mercado, and sing the Brazilian Portuguese birthday song to the delight of my little bilingual nieces. (I currently reside in the Southeastern U.S.)


Hi, My name is Jose Maria , I am a fifty four year old , spanish man.I like to practice Duolingo everyday. I believe that it helps me to improve my English. Regards

[deactivated user]

    I'm from the Netherlands (Europe). My country is very small, so in high school we have to study up to four or five languages to connect with the rest of the world. Two decades later, I decided to improve my French, German and English using Duolingo. It was a noticable success. For example, now I can read books in French with little effort and I'm really fond of Victor Hugo's works. I decided to continue learning many new languages using Duolingo, and this has had another major impact: I feel my mind has expanded and I've grown more intelligent. I'm convinced learning many new languages boosts one's creativity, as well as one's oversight of complex matters. I feel more clear-headed.


    First, in what I hope is correct English :

    Before I found Duolingo, learning a new language was incredibly hard. Now that I've found Duolingo, it is only somewhat incredibly hard. Duolingo has made learning languages a much easier and fun experience.

    Now with my new found language skills, I can ( try and ) communicate with groups that I would have otherwise, never been able to. Not to mention all the foreign entertainment that I can now enjoy in its original form, without dubs or needing subtitles. Perhaps maybe even things that where never dubbed or subbed in my native language. Thank you very much Duolingo!

    Jetzt in kaputte Deutsch :

    Bevor habe ich Duolingo gefunden. Sprachen waren unheimlich schwer zu lernen. Jetzt dass ich Duolingo habe gefunden. Sprache sind nur ein bisschen unheimlich schwer zu lernen. Jetzt mit Duolingo, Sprachen sind viel mehr einfacher zu lernen und macht mehrere Spaß.

    Jetzt mit meinen neuen Sprachen, ich kann mit mehr Leuten sprechen. Mit Leuten dass ich nie bevor haben können gesprochen. Auch alle die Unterhaltung von Ausland dass ich jetzt ohne Dubs oder Subs können schauen. Auch Unterhaltung dass nie Dubs oder Subs mit meiner Muttersprache gehabt. Danke schön Duolingo!



    [deactivated user]

      Duolingo has had one of the most positive impacts on my life, and it led me through an incredible journey! The community on here is so supportive!!!

      One small example is when my grandpa died. It was a few years ago, and it was hard for me to handle. He went in for heart surgery the day after Christmas, and I was sure that he'd just be in and out. Simple and quick. I thought this mostly because I was scared of the thought of him dying.

      The surgery went smoothly, and I kept telling myself that the recovery would be quick and that he'd be out soon.

      After about two weeks he was still in intensive care, meaning I couldn't see him. My parents were gone every night to be at the hospital.

      About a month after his surgery, he passed away.

      The grief I experienced was unimaginable. The worst part was that we all saw it coming.

      People came to our house and delivered flowers, food, and more. They told me how sorry they were, and that things would get better. I didn't believe them.

      It seemed like they didn't understand what it was like.

      I had tests to study for that month as well, and it was just too much. I needed something to occupy me during those tough times. I found Duolingo and started to work on my Spanish (just like I was studying in school).Every night I went on Duolingo. It was just me and the languages. At that point I did most lessons half-heartedly (only way I can figure out how to describe it!). I just needed something to take my mind off of everything. It was then when I discovered my love for languages through Duolingo.

      I realized that I wanted to talk to more people and hopefully travel the world someday! Duolingo gave me the motivation that I needed. I love learning languages, and it's just fate that led me to this realization.

      There's many more stories I'd love to share about Duo, but I can only type for so long!!! :-P

      I happen to live in the Northeastern part of the US

      Thank you Duo!


      Duolingo has had a gigantic impact on my life. I was always worried about my career especially because it is so hard to find a job now. I am no longer worried about finding a job now.

      Four years ago in september, I started using it to learn Portuguese so that I could talk with my Brazilian friends who did not speak English. I actually succeeded in learning enough Portuguese to speak with them in their native language. And nowadays I can watch and enjoy Brazilian media just fine.

      I made a language list consisting of the other languages I wanted to learn: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese( a list I would change plenty later on but these languages have been a constant)

      Then in november 2014 I started learning Swedish alongside Spanish to talk with my Swedish friends in Swedish. Nowadays I can read history books and academic books in Swedish and speak in Swedish just fine. Duolingo really gave me a good start with Swedish.

      Oh and my Spanish then? Oh that one is going fine. I am getting there.

      Then came Russian. Russian is going slow but steady. I am starting to understand spoken Russian now. As in normal speech not slow beginner friendly Russian.

      I also learnt some Turkish, a little Polish and a little Italian on duolingo. Oh and I beefed up my forgotten German and French!

      Overall Duolingo gave me hope in the future. Hard work and some innovation certainly pays off! Next up Indonesian! Then Tagalog, then Arabic, then Mandarin Chinese. Beef up Polish and Turkish some more. Dooooone with my language list the way it is now.......and then I will be able to speak,write, read and understand 15 languages on an intermediate level or better. by the time I turn 28. Thanks a lot duolingo!


      I first began Duolingo with my old account when I was on holiday in England/France. Even though my iPod had no internet and I had to replay Animals and Plurals for two weeks, I had so much fun! Then I left it for a while thinking "meh" as the novelty wore off. It wasn't until I used it to learn a bit of Danish for my trip to Copenhagen that I truly began to appreciate it again! I would spend hours on end fascinating myself with how many ways I could say "The man eats an apple" and other such phrases "Manden spiser et aeble", "El hombre come una manzana", "Der Mann isst einen Apfel" and so and so forth. I never completed a single tree with this old account which I haven't used for such a long time. But then after realising that I wasn't focused on my studies, I began this account obviously thinking that I could have the willpower to learn one language at a time obviously that has failed!

      After almost three years of using this fantastic site, I have learned about languages that I would have neverwise heard of! I have gained an appreciation for foreign culture, music and food and best of all found a place where I can talk about languages for HOURS ON END without all the moody/snobby/boring people at my school rolling their eyes or simply calling it "weird"

      Go raibh míle maith agat a Dhuolingo! Tá súil agam go leana tú ar aghaidh inspioráid a thabhairt don muintir an domhain!


      Duolingo has had a huge impact on me so far! I've studied languages and was always interested in becoming polyglott, but before Duolingo I missed something that kept me repeating and learning. I did French in school and Dutch in University, but I forgot so much about it and did not dare to tell anyone that I knew those languages. Whenever someone started to talk in that language, I would answer in English because I was too afraid to acknowledge that I could understand them! I had zero confidence in my language abilites. Part of it came from university where I met quite a lot of bilingual people and it always seemed that everybody else was better than me. (Especially the ones who studied French ... I met some really mean students who gave me the impression that I could never learn or speak French like they did) When I found Duolingo, I started with Portuguese (I tried to learn it once before but ten years ago, so not completely new, but still new enough) but soon added French and Dutch for repetition. Now I've watched a french documentary and spoke Dutch in my holidays and I'm confident enough to tell people that I'm learning Portuguese in my free time. Here on Duolingo I don't feel so weird with my love for languages and the goal to be a polyglott. (Actually quite sad that I've never met someone who understood me at university ... one could assume language students would understand it o.O )


      Duolingo has given me something I can return to day after day for consistency in my life. I look forward to practicing every day and I love seeing how much effort others put in to learn and teach. My streak is small right now but I enjoy working toward increasing it. And I don't have much that I can turn to and say, "Here's evidence that I've worked towards this one goal for X amount of days consistently."

      It's the little things in life that grow into great achievements. Duolingo has been a vehicle for me to make small improvements day in and day out and I have to thank this team for all they do. It's not perfect, but it's been the perfect fit in my life at the moment.

      Thank you for all you do and for all you've enabled us to do.


      I am from Southeast Asia, Indonesia. I have been learning German for almost a year here in Duolingo and it helped me to reach level B1.2 without restarting from A1 in Goethe-Institut. I actually don't know why am I studying German (maybe becaused I'm bored). So I started Duolingo and until today, it has given me a huge impact of my life. It eventually became one of my favorite hobbies too. The thing I really love about Duolingo is the discussion forum. I like asking a lot of (useful) questions there and I think it both helped me and other people. Plus, that's how I have got more than 100 friends.

      [deactivated user]

        Duolingo has helped me quite a bit.When I first joined duolingo a year ago I had no friends and I was terribly bullied(still am bullied but I have friends both offline and online now) ...I felt alone. I thought no one cared. I actually started having some suicidal thoughts.When I saw I could comment on discussions I made a post saying that I was new and asked if there was any tips on learning a language or if there was anything I needed to know about duolingo.I didn't expect anyone to comment nor did I expect anyone to help.Imagine my surprise when one of the users posted on my stream saying 'Welcome to duolingo!Have any questions just ask!' Eventually I felt fine.Duolingo was the first place I felt welcomed.That I felt okay. That I had friends. sighs I wonder what duolingo has in store for the future?looks into space in curiously I´m starting to realize how messed up my mind is.Been realizing that for sometime.Because of duolingo I´m starting to see that that´s okay.My mind ain´t messed up it´s just different.Or am I lying to myself?Maybe it is messed up?I think maybe it´s because of duolingo I feel somewhat sane. I´m starting to learn how to be myself I think?Iḿ from the United States.


        Duolingo has impacted my life by giving mean a new hobby/passion that I absolutely love. Also it's allowed me to make friends with people that I wouldn't necessarily if I never knew their language. It's given me appreciations of different ways of living and the will not to give up. Importantly, it's given me more of an option and idea of what I want to do when I'm older. Before I had no idea what I wanted to do when I am older. Now I'd love to be an interpreter for Spanish and maybe even Chinese (Which I've started learning) as they are both two languages I love and are actually quite well-paying.

        I'm from Birmingham - the second biggest city in the UK/England. What's great is that there is a diversity of people speaking different languages (maybe Chinese, Indian and Pakistani languages).


        Duolingo helped me to refresh and build on my school-girl French (acquired many a year ago!) prior to moving to France in December 2015 and is currently helping me to build maintain vocabulary and learn useful phrases. I now in the South of France.

        It was initially invaluable in improving my French accent as I had learned 'traditional' French in Scotland i.e. by reading and writing rather than by hearing and speaking. The first time I came to France for the summer (in 1983 only 6 years after sitting my French Higher) nobody could understand me at all. Post Duolingo, I'm understandable! Thank you, Duolingo!


        Duolingo is amazing. I have just recently started doing French Lessons on the Duoligo site, and I am so glad that I started! Usually when I begin a new lesson or task, I stop doing it after a few days. But it's different for Duolingo! Not only has this been a great opportunity for me to work on becoming bilingual, but it is also making my hope of traveling to France when I'm an adult more of a reality. These lessons are really fun and helpful - I love gaining XP points and trying to set a new record for myself. Duolingo rocks! (Sorry, I cannot share where I live)


        Duolingo helped me feel productive as a new grad looking for a job, and left me with a new hobby. When I finished school I wasn't sure what to do with myself and wanted to do something to stimulate my brain and decided to pick duolingo back up after over a year (when I had done it previously I wasn't taking it seriously). I had done French throughout elementary school and absolutely hated it. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Since it's the most second language here in Canada, I decided to give it a try. I still find it extremely hard at times, but I've taken an interest in language learning in general and am making my way through Norwegian in hopes of being able to understand scandinavian languages and travel there some day! I can't even tell you how much this website improved my mindset and overall positivity with how rewarding and fun it is to learn a language.


        Here's how duolingo changes my life. I was learning spanish on rosette stone course and I was really struggling with the emmersion of the grammer., well with in a few days duolingo has brought me completely into a new level of understanding. Duolingo is fast, easy to comprehend and down right fun most times. very easy to work with the rosette stone ( hand and hand ) so far. enjoy learning spanish or stop torturing yourselves. It can only get better if you don't quit Duolingo it's free and easy. Stay With It!!!! chris


        Hello, I'm only about 16 years old, living near Seattle, WA. To be honest, my story is kind of boring and I obviously don't live near NE US, but I'll share my story nonetheless. And my English, although I'm native in it, is horrible atm and I don't know why, oh well.

        I first downloaded Duolingo like, years ago really, to learn some Spanish. I had tried many apps before and none would please me enough and most of them weren't free and usually, that's like the largest red flag for me. Funnily enough, I first downloaded it on a Windows Phone! (Oh my gosh, the app selection on there is so miniscule, I don't understand how I survived! Jkjk) I used it weirdly, guessing most of the time. When I first started using the app, which I barely used over a span of like a couple months, I had no clue that you could touch the word and find out it's meaning. I simply thought it was highlighting a new word that I had to underatand by context and I would get frustrated with the app whenever it introduced a new word without showing me a picture or something first. Until soon afterwards, I accidently clicked on a highlighted word and it showed me the translation and I felt so dumb and laughed and was also, wildly, excited. At this point, I was like, still 15 and I had been learning French 1 for Freshman Year.

        I had always wanted to learn another language but the cost of apps always discouraged me and the good sources were always so hard to find, so when I discovered this feature on Duolingo, I WAS JUST, OFF AND GOING, AND I WAS JUST LIKE, CONQUERING SKILLS AND TRYING TO JUST PASS A FEW CHECKPOINTS.

        At the end of my Freshman Year, I decided to try French on the app and I got placed only befofe the second checkpoint and I was frustrated because I thought I learned a lot of French over the year, but apparently not enough. So, throughout the summer of 2016, I conquered the French course. And going into French 2, was so easy and so fun, and honestly, I did deserve to still be in French 2, but I could've probably gotten by in French 3. So, yeah, I'm still in French 2 right now, but almost a year later, with the help of the Duolingo community, YouTube, etc. I am now able to express a lot of my thoughts into French and understand some spoken French. I would describe myself as maybe A2 after Duolingo, and B1 or B2 now, at least, in speaking and reading. I guess Listening Comprehension, I'm still at an A2 level lol. I finished the French course back in October 2016.

        Alongside High School French, I decided to use Duolingo to learn Spanish. I have always wanted to learn Spanish because I have so many friends who know Spanish. My dad has Puerto Rican blood (but he's mostly a white Jew from New York), my mom and I are from the Philippines and, Spanish, just seemed like a necessity to me. Like I just knew I had to learn it sometime, so that's why I used Duolingo for Spanish before French. I don't know why I chose High School French over Spanish, but honestly, I'm happy I did because I probably wouldn't have looked into French if I had chosen Spanish and never used Duo. I finished the Spanish course around January - February 2017. I had always understood spoken Spanish better than French until March-ish, and now I can confidently say I understand French much more than Spanish, but I understand Spanish to an extent nowadays too I guess.

        Duolingo has re-introduced me to my love for learning languages. I used to try and learn Japanese (I don't have an iPhone though, I have an Android), and growing up Filipino and not being fluent in it, languages have just been a huge interest for me hence. Now, because of Duolingo, I think I want to become a Language Teacher for French or Spanish or whatever and I have always wanted to be a YouTuber, so maybe I can make some Language Videos someday. And yeah, basically, I am like a walking Duolingo Advertisement nowadays and I laugh all the time about it because my friends are tired of me hahaha.

        I also am studying other languages atm, you can see the proof in my language levels next to my name. Thank you Duolingo, for helping me learn lots of Spanish and French and other languages! Also, thank you Duolingo community for being the true teachers, without Discussion streams and Tips and Notes, I'd ultimately be lost.

        For anyone who is progressing through Duo, KEEP AT IT. It's hard, but it's fun and it really does help.

        Bon Courage! ¡Buena Suerte! Good luck!

        Thanks for reading if you did read all of that, lol.


        Your story was actually kind of interesting. I even checked youtube to watch your videos only to discover you don't have any. I'm pretty impressed by how many languages you are currently studying because at 16 yo most peolple aren't interested on studying anything. Out of curiosity...how is Catalan going? It's my native language along with spanish, by the way.


        Thank you so much! Yeah, my YouTube is empty atm because my confidence levels are quite low and I don't know what to post. However, I am hoping to post some videos some day. At 16 years old, it's very true to not have many friends interested in languages. I've heard many people even complain and hate languages, which absolutely breaks my heart. I wish I could find it in me to share my love for languages on video, online, and help others and inspire others, etc.

        Also, my Catalan, tbh, is not great. I haven't focused on it for the reason that I'm mostly trying to focus on French, Spanish and Esperanto still. I would like to be B2 in those languages in all areas before moving on, and once I do move on, tbh I want to try and do Portuguese and Italian next.

        I think Catalan is so cool and interesting and for some reason I feel connected to it, but I feel like it's a mix of Spanish and French anyways. The most I can say honestly is Si Us Plau and read lots of Catalan text. Pronunciation seems pretty difficult tho!

        Mersi / Grathias / Gracias for reading my whole entire post btw! I'm glad you somewhat were interested in it and I wish I had something on my YouTube posted! XP I wish you the best on your language journey!


        I really can't compete with the stories on here, but I'd like to say just how wonderful Duolingo is, the lessons, themselves, the features, and above all, the community. Here's to many more years of learning with Duo!


        Duolingo showed me that language learning can be a lot easier than twenty years ago, and the community here helped me find more Finnish resources than I need.


        I always had a liking for spanish since last decade plus or so because i had a few friends from mexico and back then, whatever they spoke sounded like absolute greek and latin for me and i could not understand a single word except hola and adios etc.

        This language has been in my "To do" action item list for a longtime.

        And with duolingo, now iam able to at least give it a shot by trying to learn. Hopefully some day or the other soon, i will be able to converse in spanish fluently.

        Well, the additional bonus is that i started touching the basics of other interesting languages like french, norwegian, portugese etc. After i finish level 25 in spanish, i hope on getting into the next language(one from these three) more seriously.

        Nevertheless, yes duolingo has been very helpful.

        I use to live in northeast US(New york) in the past. but right now, in India :)


        Hi all! I'm getting married this summer. My fiancé is Romanian, and we're gonna live there. Many thanks to this website, I believe that learning Romanian isn't gonna be so difficult, and it's actually fun!


        Congratulations to you and your fiance.


        Duo has really helped give me that extra push to start language learning - textbooks can be intimidating but Duolingo makes it fun to continue through the trees and push myself to learn more. Gamification works wonders!

        Also last October, I was in a really terrible state of mind. I felt worthless and unlovable, partially because my friend got a boyfriend and that kinda made me think that no one would ever feel that way towards me. It is kinda silly haha. But then I thought 'if I use the time I would have spent with a boyfriend to learn a language instead, that could be productive and I would learn something' so I chose German and I ended up falling in love with that instead. Spanish classes in school always felt like a chore and there was definitely the sunk cost fallacy in play, like I was just taking this class to get credit and not because I enjoyed it. But I have come to really love German and I really hope I can find a love for Spanish, because it really is a beautiful language too. I don't know if any of this would have happened without Duolingo to help me. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to learn languages now, even if I didn't fully appreciate it when I was younger, and it really has enhanced my life a lot.


        I literally only started using Duolingo 3 days ago but everyday I look forward to learning something new, I am constantly practicing and it has really impacted the way I do other things in my life. I have always wanted to learn a new language and never thought Portuguese would be the one to interest me most but it is really very interesting especially when presented in the way Duolingo lays it out. I have always planned on travelling but slowly convinced myself that it was an outrageous idea and so stopped saving for it and planning for it, but through this site, I have become motivated again to save up, do well in school so I can afford to take time off to travel and have built a routine around this site/app. By incorporating this into my routine I am finding out new ways to learn and it helps me in school as well as I can apply these skills and techniques to my studies. i am very grateful to have found Duolingo as it is much more interesting that the language classes I used to take in high school :D. I am currently living in Australia but hopefully I can one day use my language skills in their respective countries! <3


        Good luck! in learning a native language of mine : )


        I love Duo because A) It helps me keep up with my Spanish class (and I was sorely in need of help, I am not good in classroom environments and I was finding it very hard to concentrate and learn) B) Because I love learning Spanish, I think it is a beautiful and very important to learn language. I am going to be learning Gaelic next because it's almost a dead language and I'd like to keep it alive a little longer... C) It helped me get through a depressing time, I'd get on and do a lesson or so and the learning process and success would instantly lift my mood, and so Duo is really the reason I'm still alive. D) I want to be a missionary to South America, therefore Spanish is very important for me to learn and I'm so glad Duo is here to teach me what I need to know so I can spread the good news to people who need it. And finally E) I love that you can ask questions and get help and support from other people here, I love helping people and I'm glad people are there to help me when I'm struggling. This feature of Duo really helped me with some issues I had with Spanish and like I said learning Spanish is important to me, so I'm very grateful I could get help and I'm glad I can help others.

        (Edit: I live in Texas :) Thank you so much, Duo!!)


        By using Duolingo to learn French, I was able to test into my school's IB French class, and enter as a junior with all of the other students who'd been doing it since freshman year. Since then, my French has gotten even better. In fact, I'll be going to school next year in Montreal, and plan to use my French a lot there. I am certain that the opportunity to study in Montreal would not have presented itself had it not been for the French I learned by using Duolingo.

        In addition, I participate in a competitive speaking activity called forensics. This year, I competed in the category of sales, and wrote an 8 minute long speech that was an effort to sell Duolingo. I made it to the state finals with this speech, and would be happy to communicate with you more about it. Additionally, I live in Michigan and have lots of free time :)

        Finally, I met one of my closest friends through Duolingo, which is something I'll always be grateful for.

        [deactivated user]

          Duolingo has, without a doubt, impacted my life. I live in Canada, and when I was in Grade 4, I was enrolled in Extended French. (Mostly french classes). I didn't like the language then and wanted to leave. I was learning it for 3 years, but my progress was slow and I had no motivation. So I left. I deeply regret that now. I now go to regular classes, but when I discovered Duolingo, I also found out that how beautiful French really is. I wish I could go back, but I blew my chance. I'm now using Duolingo to learn what I had forgotten and learn new stuff. It has also helped me in other ways. When my class traveled to Paris for a graduation trip, it was really hard to understand what was going on. However, due to Duolingo, I was able to communicate with other people and get my way around. A lot of my classmates were also pretty impressed. Now, with Duolingo, I am getting above 90 in my French classes. It has really helped me a lot. I think I am going to fully learn French and become fluent, as it can help me find a better job.

          Thank you Duolingo team for making such a beautiful place to learn new languages. If it weren't for you, I would not be speaking French by now.


          I am a Lead man for an electrical construction company. My current job is in Florida. There are a large number of workers who are native Spanish speakers and some that even need interpreters. I am taking the duolingo Spanish course; I am not finished but my working knowledge of Spanish has allowed me to earn the trust of these workers to where they will approach me and ask further information when they are not sure. In other words: this course has helped me bridge a very important communication gap. I am almost 50 years old but this course is teaching an old dog new skills. PLEASE NOTE: Florida and Texas are always tossed out of construction industry injury analysis due to the acknowledgement that so many of the workers speak Spanish yet little or no English. The Spanish workers smile and nod and if they do not speak up the management can claim ignorance of their lack of knowledge. They get injured at a much higher rate because they do not understand warnings and instructions.


          I moved to a new school and my class was way ahead of me in spanish and in working on duolingo I caught up with them and was able to participate in class and ended up doing very well in that class.


          RyleeWalk, it's tough to move schools and having to catch up. I'm glad you were able to use Duolingo to help you reach that goal! :)


          I'm a student originally from east Tennessee, currently residing in Virginia and moving to Wisconsin in the fall for school. My grandmother (we call her Oma) was born in Osburg, Germany, a small village near Trier. She was about 12 at the end of World War II, so she experienced some parts of Nazi Germany firsthand (though at a distance, being about as far away from Berlin as you could be), even going through Hitler Youth along with everyone her age. She recalls once sitting on her father's shoulders with her whole village watching Hitler's motorcade pass through.

          After the war, when the building above it was rebuilt, my grandmother began working as a waitress at the historic Ratskeller in Trier. That's where she met my grandfather, an American soldier who was stationed nearby. She spoke no English and he very little German, but they fell in love. He returned to the states and wrote her letters. One day, he wrote her and told her he was being deployed and he didn't know when he could write again. Not long after, he showed up in Germany and proposed to her.

          My mother was also born in Germany and lived there for many years. She's fluent in the language but never felt comfortable enough with her grammar to teach me or my sister. I don't know why I waited so long to learn German, but after some mishaps with my college language credits, I decided the time had come to buckle down and actually learn the language.

          Duolingo gave me two great things, one practical and the other relational. First, my self-study through DL enabled me to test into a higher level German class and graduate on time and actually make fairly decent grades in a formal German course.

          Second, through Duolingo I have a connection to my mother and my Oma that I never had before. My mother and I bonded over my German lessons as she helped me with my composition, and I even got her turned on to Duolingo. My Oma was overjoyed when she found out I was learning German, and even though I didn't know enough to carry on a conversation the last time I saw her, she's going to start writing me letters in German and I will hopefully see her and speak with her in her native tongue soon. She has recently been diagnosed with dementia and likely doesn't have many years left, so I'm glad that I was able to connect with her (and my) roots in a meaningful way at this point in my life.

          On top of all of that, I now get the chance to go to Germany at the end of the summer, meet distant family I've never met, and see the place my grandparents met and fell in love. Over the next couple of months, I'm going to pour myself into Duolingo and other resources and try to be as moderately competent as I can when I go.

          I do really love this program. Its goal-oriented setup gives me the encouragement I need to stick with language learning and expand my vocabulary. The fact that there's a free resource that has enabled so many people to connect with their heritage through language is just fantastic.


          Duolingo is amazing! I have always thought it would be cool to learn different languages, and Duolingo has made that not only possible but easy and fun! After beginning German and starting to remember and recognize words and phrases, I realized that my dream of going to Germany and talking to natives and touring with my family and friends was not impossible! Thank you so much Duolingo!


          When I discovered Duolingo in 2013 I was at a very low point in my life. I've struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my life, but at that time it was really bad, and I was suicidal. Before starting Duolingo, I decided on a whim that I would study abroad in France instead of continuing towards finishing my degree (in something that I was no longer interested in, which was adding to the depression). Doing Duolingo every day for the three months leading up to moving to France gave me a sense of purpose; my day was more structured and I could feel myself improving each day towards my goal of speaking French. This tangible self-improvement (along with therapy and medication) helped me through this difficult time and I am thankful for it every day.

          Thanks for all the work you do to improve the site/app! I am on my way back to Chicago after spending the last two years teaching English in France. Feel free to contact me.


          --Carmela from the Northeastern US--

          Duolingo has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I began it for school a little under two years ago, but even after our teacher changed it from homework to extra credit, I kept doing it. Without it, I'm sure my grade in German class for school (where I'm known as the 'classroom genius') would be much lower. Some of my sisters say I'm addicted to Duolingo, as I'm on it almost every day. Duolingo has helped me to get a 100% in German class last year, in 7th grade, and a perfect score on the final. This year, I still have maintained that grade. On Duolingo, I'm also trying out some other languages, mostly Welsh, just for fun, but also because I want to do some sort of language-related job once I am older.

          So, there! That's my Duolingo story!


          I've just started! I'm so glad I did though! it's been my dream to become just like the famous Hermione Granger. Duolingo has inspired me to do better


          I asked my teacher on how to learn German a few years ago, and she said to try Duolingo. I learned on here and on another website, and it's opened up a lot for me. I can listen to German music, I know a lot of the language, and it's helped me a lot in English as well.

          As for other languages, it's helped me a ton for Spanish. I'm in Spanish 2, but my teacher said I should be in Spanish 3 honors, the next year up. It's kept me busy with other languages, and I will try to finish more trees soon.

          Losing my streak of 589 was hard too, but now I'm back over 100 and I learned that an incentive number doesn't affect learning at all.

          I live in the Northeast USA. Why is that important??


          It's turning 6 this year. It was founded on November 30, 2011.


          Catholic priests are required in our diocese to be proficient in Spanish. I have shared Duolingo with several of them which has helped them toward their goals. My daily routine starts with Duo reviews while having my morning coffee. Thanks, Duo, for a great program.


          Yes, Duolingo has changed my life. I started practicing Spanish with it three years ago. The house hasn't been clean since then. Gracias.


          Duolingo has helped me in so many ways. I have changed career because of Duolingo. I was an ESL teacher and I am now a Spanish and Portuguese to English translator. Duolingo was such a good quality ESL teacher that I realized this is probably the future and I don't want to get left behind in a career that is probably on its way out. More than that, it wasn't working for me entirely anyway, so I used that as a reason to find something else. I do have a degree in Spanish and Portuguese, but although my degree did teach me both languages, I never had the confidence to translate. I wasn't sure I could do it. Immersion was a fantastic way to practice for free but with feedback. I have also learned more languages than I ever thought possible. When I finished my degree, I thought Spanish and Portuguese with a touch of Italian were probably the most languages I could learn. How wrong I was. This method being free but of a high quality means that I now have at least a limited understanding of many languages. I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge and discovering that the sky appears to be the limit on how many languages I can learn. I have even used my Catalan professionally a bit, which is great. I have only studied Catalan here, so I was really pleased it translated to the real world. Beyond language learning, I have discovered how well streaks work with my psychology. I use them in many aspects of my life now. For instance, my husband and I wanted to get in better shape, so I decided to go with the idea of a gym streak. It's not daily, but rather that 3 times a week, we need to go to the gym and do something active for at least 10 minutes or we will have broken our streak. I have a white board on my fridge and we tick off the days that we go. This has been highly motivational. We have indeed done this (and often more) since September of last year. We've both lost about 30 lbs as a result. I also love knowing that despite all the mad things that have happened in my life in the last few years, I have been able to maintain my streak. When I began it, I was living in Brighton, UK. During the last 971 days, I have traveled across the lower 48 American states, picked a new place to live and moved country again, yet still kept learning a little bit every day. Duolingo has been a constant during a period of intense change. My life would genuinely be entirely different without Duolingo on a few levels. I am so grateful to have this place. Arizona, USA


          I don't have a huge story, but I would just like to say thank you, because duolingo has provided an incredible amount of help to me, as I am taking Spanish at my school. I love learning a new language, and I was able to have a conversation with people fluent in Spanish!


          When I went to France earlier this year I was able to communicate with people. Such as the waiter at a restaurant, the general public and when I was with my family I was able to speak and understand them.

          Thanks, Duolingo!


          Since moving to the USA from the Philippines, I have always had the confidence that I can talk to anyone I would like to talk to, especially in New York, because back in the Philippines, English is our 2nd language (next to Tagalog). However upon arrival here, I realized that in my workplace I miss a lot of conversations as they are often conversed in Spanish! In the Philippines, if you don't count the dialects spoken in different islands and regions, Spanish can count as the 3rd language. Most Filipinos are probably not aware that they speak broken Spanish as the Tagalog dialect is already highly influenced by the Spanish language. With that knowledge, I often pick up some words and at least know what my co-workers are talking about but I cannot make full sense of it.

          I discovered DuoLingo and I was instantly hooked with its manner of teaching me how to speak and be more fluent in Spanish: to understand my co-workers more, not that I'm a chismosa. Haha! Later on, I was also able to talk to them slowly. My co-workers helped me converse in a less robotic and formal manner too, with hopes that I may someday sound like a native speak like them. It was a life changing experience for me to learn Spanish through DuoLingo because aside from learning a different language, I also gained new friends because of this app.


          Hehe, i don't have a heart warming story - Duolingo is where I show off how amazing I am at languages XD (as you can tell my how many I've learnt :/ )


          have you gone way too far for way too long? were you never supposed to make it half as far?


          Duolingo has really impacted my life because it's made me even better at languages. Practicing everyday makes me even better.

          <h1>Duolingo is the best</h1>


          It hasn't changed my life but it changed how i look at people who speak different languages.


          I'm going to keep this short, but Duolingo has changed my life by rekindling my love for my hispanic heritage and one of my first languages. I learned Spanish and English at the same time when growing up, but Spanish fell to the wayside when I started school. I ended up taking Mandarin and school, nearly forgetting Spanish completely, but I am happy to have reunited with it now. A sincere thank you, Duolingo Team.


          I am a French teacher and I took two years of Russian in college. I ADORE learning languages! I have been working on German for almost a full straight year (unfortunately I missed a couple of days, or I'd have a streak of almost 365 days in a row) and I traveled to Munich for Oktoberfest last fall. It was so exciting to be able to use the language with native speakers! I have continued my study of the language, and am looking forward to traveling to Germany again where I can use even more skills. I am also a teacher of English as a Second Language and I have many students who speak Spanish and Swahili– both of which are languages here on Duolingo! I am hoping to learn Swahili to be able to speak with some of my students in their own language. Learning a new language has helped me to be more sympathetic with my students and how scared they can be to try to speak the language. I hope this helps me to show them that nothing bad will happen if you make a mistake when speaking a new language.


          'I love Duolingo! Since I am taking classes online with Duolingo Italian-English, I felt intelligent "again, that I can do something by myself without paying College "again". Now these days, which college education is so expensive, and I always liked to learn modern languages at the University. I recommend these app very much to all of those, who want to have fun and learn a new idiom for your life enrichment.Doing in the morning is recommended but doing at night is completing your "pay day" .


          After about two years of Duolingo training, I can speak, read, and understand the Spanish language. I still have a ways to go, but love how far I've come. Many Thanks! From Utah, USA.


          I began learning Brazilian Portuguese on August 2015, because I had been watching Brazilian programs since 2013. I thought I could understand without help, but realized it was more difficult than expected. A cousin of mine told me about Duolingo. I signed up right away. Now I can watch these programs and understand almost everything. Even joined several Brazilian communities in Facebook where we leave our comments. It is so amazing! Thanks!


          I have just started Duolingo, but I'm already learning a lot! Duolingo is great!


          Hey everyone,

          A very close Portuguese friend of mine started teaching me a few words in his mother tongue last February. After I went through a couple of hard moments, especially dealing with my loneliness in my apartment. So, I decided to learn Portuguese to surprise my friend with my skills when I would see him again. I looked up a simple learning language site on internet and fell on Duolingo. I tried it out, and I really like it, the nice, clean interface, the simplicity of use, and the way Duolingo helps us learn a new language, thanks so much!! And, even though I don't practice regularly enough, I still want to be able to communicate with my friend in Portuguese! To finish off, Duolingo helped me avoid depression as I had a daily activity and something interesting to do and not just stay in front of Youtube watching a video after another ;)

          I read some of the comments below, and as for learning another language, why not (re)try Spanish? I've learned it back in school for six years, but never liked my teacher, so... ;)

          And, last but not least... I'm French (it's true, promised)! :)


          Duolingo has had a huge impact on my life. First of all, I have overlapping disabilities that fluctuate from severe to more manageable. Because of it, I've gone through long periods of difficult isolation. When I discovered Duolingo, I was being taken care of by a friend who moved me into his house. I had become too ill to take care of myself for a while. I was understandably depressed at the time. Duolingo was very uplifting. It gave me a place to connect with people all over the world, engaged my mind in learning, and provided me with a burst of purpose when I sorely needed it.

          Along this amazing journey with Duolingo, there have been several significantly impacting moments beyond just the initial discovery that Duolingo exists. Three such moments stand out sharply:

          One time, I used the Spanish I learned here to find a friend (I met through Duolingo) who had ended up in hospital. I wrote about the experience here in the discussion, Spanish in a Crisis.

          Later in time, yet another medical emergency brought me up close and personal to just how important multi-lingual access is. After a friend texted about some health concerns, we met up on skype. Things took a turn for the worse when they stopped responding. I called an ambulance in order to try to network to emergency services in another part of the world. Due to language barriers, it took an increadibly distressing 20 minutes for us to be taken seriously and for the ambulance to finally arrive. I recorded the experience in a discussion here called The importance of multi-lingual access.

          And finally, I utilized the network of people I've met through Duolingo to help organize an international search for a blood donor match, after a hospital's blood bank ran out of the type needed. The search was a success! We found a match, saving the person's life. I wrote about that here in the discussion Language community helps find blood transfusion for former Duolingo staffer.

          Has Duolingo changed my life? Without a doubt. It may have even saved it. It has definitely saved the lives of others I care about.



          Your loving careful watch over us

          makes Duolingo the special place

          We are blessed with your presence.





          Look at that streak!


          your streak...how


          10/10 ludus denove. La niveloj estas starigita tiel ke unua estas kolekto de niveloj kies celoj postulas iri-tie-do-ĉi enigmon solvanta. Tiam vi ricevos ludi pli ago-orientita niveloj kun piedpremos pafado, saltante, iru-tie-ruino-ĉi-ulo ago. Bonas ĉar dum vi ludas unu el la komisio-knabo misioj kiuj havas vi serĉos ĉi kaj tio, vi atingos rigardas antaŭen al unu el la malvarmeta ago niveloj kiel la francotirador aŭ trajno niveloj. Ĉar kelkaj el la unuaj niveloj de la ludo estas la enuiga speco, multaj homoj eble ne volas ludi sufiĉe longe por atingi iun el tiuj vere malvarmeta niveloj poste en la ludo. Sed fidu min, indas dragita tra kelkaj el la misioj en la komenco niveloj.


          I just want to tell you that I think you are just great, learning so many languages. What a future you could have with that skill set. Blessings!


          And his persistence is amazing!


          way to go! :)


          do you have any work to do ?? or you just duolingoing all the time. haha


          hahahahahah he has a machine tha doulingos for him


          duolingo has helped me improve on my french as well as helping me not get bored while learning french. It has also inspired me to start my blog in french. https://lokiddance.tumblr.com ) i am going to start posting in french ( hopefully correct french) . Thanks duolingo.


          But I don't see French on your blog.


          how tho!!!! so many languages!!! u are amazing!!!!


          Oh thank you, but a lot are low levels, so it's almost cheating. When I'll have 25 everywhere I'll be happy!!


          It's good to be humble! But still good job! And I see you Have Portuguese that's my native language!


          it is currently in english but i will convert it to french when i have the time, i'm currently busy in exams.


          When you'll do the translation, ask people to correct it. It will be a good exercise for us and for you, to replace immersion. :D


          he gots language write (right) there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          It is so inspiring your story! It makes think that this special social community of language learners is not just a community of learning and practice, but more. This gives me the idea to make a community of solidarity, of language exchange and culture, a real global community of separate but in the same time common learners.

          I would like Duolingo start building such a community. It would be useful, practical and above all a good practice to similar. A brainstorming method can arrange the details, the rules and the form of this community. Thanks for sharing your story. Many people here, including me found in Duolingo a corner of exchange thoughts about language, not only in special phrases met, but about the language phenomenon in human race, the structure of a special language, including our native speaking and also to cooperate with people of different origin, culture, religion or beliefs, people who share the common human experience of life. I could dare to say that Duolingo can be a social phenomenon through language learning. I expect from Duolingo to emphasize more its social character, as it really is. It's not just a game.


          Thanks Stergi3! I too see Duolingo as a global phenomenon, not just of individual people learning languages, but of people genuinely connecting from all over the globe. It is one thing for me to read a news piece about a bomb going off somewhere in Turkey. It is another thing to know that a friend from Duolingo had been in that same bus terminal just the previous day. Knowing people forges connections beyond geopolitical boarders. There are so many more places in the world I care about now. Not that I didn't care. I did in an abstract way. But, suddenly those things are happening to people I know personally. It is harder to distance myself from international politics and the roll my own country plays in them now. My country's actions are impacting my friends' lives in other countries. I'm tuning in and paying attention to how the way I vote can touch their lives for better or worse.

          I'm looking forward to when Duolingo provides more tools for connecting beyond the forums.


          I don't think it's a game at all. Were you speaking of Duolingo itself? I love it. I find it to be a fabulous way to teach language. And it is also fun. God bless you as you sail through the many language you are (or have) studied. This is my first visit to this site. Its nice to read about other people doing the same thing. Blessings.


          wow good for you and for us all to have duo friends all over the globe thanks for using duo for such as good actions some times we believed that is only on churches or this kind of places where we can help each other but with the internet we can help and touch more people at ones with good actions like you or just by been there for those ones who need a helping hand or just somebody to talk to


          When I was a kid I knew the basic numbers in spanish; 1 to 10; over the years; I learned a few words; but recently when I started using Duolingo I committed myself to actually learning Spanish besides what I already know in English. I work at a food pantry; most of the poor families there are spanish; so there's plenty of dialogue between the staff and the people. Now I'm recognizing what they're saying in bits and pieces; rather than just being annoyed and trying to ignore it.


          A very powerful and inspiring story.


          Your story is incredible! I'm completely speechless! :O


          Thanks for the story. It was touching, and it's always good to remind ourselves how lucky we are. No matter how things may seem, there's always somebody who could use your help.


          Absolutely incredible stories. Thank you for sharing!


          La pluvo batas malsupren sur mia fenestro. La vento hurlas kaj tondro eksplodoj, ...... kaj tamen .... hodiaŭ estas perfekta tago. Hodiaŭ estas la tago mi fine ricevis mian ekzempleron de Cory en la Domo kaj la ekstera mondo povas iri suĉi ĝin. Mi pafis miajn DS palmoj ŝvitanta kun anticipación, mi sciis tiu tuj estos bona sed mi ne estis preta por tio. A triobla minaco de majstroj rakontado, sanganta rando vidaĵojn kaj stato de la arto audio. La ludo reeks de kvalito kaj ĉielo altaj produktadvaloroj similaĵoj el kiuj verŝajne neniam estis vidita denove sur portebla sistemo. Iri en plu detalo estus difekti la sperto (vi ne vidos AJN el tiuj rakonto turnoj venas!). Tiu ludo devus esti sperta freŝaj. Mia nura vera plendo estas manko de multijugador online sed kun pako tiel kiuj povas serioze plendi? Do venu, ĉu ne tempo vi havas Corey en via domo?


          duolingo has allowed me to speak 100% fluent in german,French,irish, Russian and Spanish now I can befuddle and impress people,:)


          How do you connect with people and tak to them? I have looked for a way to engage with other Duolingo-ers but I can't find out how to do that. People follow each other but can't talk directly. At least I don't know how. Please tell me. I'll give you all my lingots.


          Hi Zsuzsi97194,

          No need to give me your lingots for this tip. Have you checked out Duolingo Events?


          NYC - I started learning Danish here one day out of boredom, then moved onto looking for Danish penpals. That's how I met my SO!


          Duolingo has definitely impacted my life.

          When I was young, my father tried to speak Spanish to me in hopes that I would learn it. Unfortunately, I didn't pick it up. My father would talk about how he wished that I knew Spanish, but I just shrugged it off.

          We barely saw his side of the family, and it's boring to know Spanish if you can't speak it to anyone other than your dad. That's what my 6 year old brain said anyway.

          As time went on, I didn't learn Spanish.

          However, that changed when my abuelo got sick with a brain tumor. Suddenly, I wanted to know Spanish so that I could talk to him since he didn't know English. I searched and searched or a website that would teach me Spanish, I even bought a book.

          My father tried to help, but Spanish never made sense to me when he tried to teach me.

          Soon enough, a friend suggested it since she was learning French on it. Quickly, I signed up and I was starting to learn Spanish.

          My father was very impressed, and I got to talk to him in Spanish. We would talk about all sorts of things. Like, how abuelo was doing.

          Then, my father and I talked to my abuelo on the phone, before he died of the brain tumor.

          With the help of Duolingo, I am now able to have a not-so-simple conversation in Spanish, and it helped me talk to my abuelo for the last time before he died.

          Thank you so much Duolingo, I love you.

          Edit: I'm in Georgia, USA :)


          I just started to learn Swedish , and its great app , swedish seems like a very hard language , but this app make it way more simple :)

          btw I was in GA :) stayed a while in gwinnett country :)


          :) Gwinnett county is a amazing place to be. Did you go to Stone Mountain?


          oh yeah I was many times at Stone Mountain , also Coca Cola museum , Atlanta Hawks games (fan since 2011 :D ) and many more , in september I'll come back :)


          :) Nice! I've been going to Stone Mountain ever since I was a baby.

          I haven't been to the Coca Cola museum yet, and I shall forever be a Atlanta Hawks fan (never been to a game though).

          When I'm older, I want to go to Georgia Tech, but before that I want to go to Japan.


          You seemed to say the Magic Word when you mentioned Stone Mt. It brought back memories of visits there and family who live nearby.And that reminds me of language, the one I'm studying which is Norwegian. It's my second language I long to talk with my sisters in that tongue. My older sister is also brushing upon it here at Duolingo. I also love to learn. I am guessing that many or even all of us are real fans of learning.


          I used Duolingo to learn German. Now I am applying to study in Germany. Duolingo has helped me save a lot of money as I finished the A1 Level only using it.

          Zagazig, Egypt


          Not yet really ¯_(ツ)_/¯ maybe I'll go somewhere one day but that's more because I do something with what I learn, rather than duolingo impoacting me. I'm from the North East btw.


          Duolingo has been a great source of support for me... never in my wildest dreams have I learned so much.I needed structure in my life after my young ones flew the coop. I can actually say that I can do something with myself and not feel sorry that I wasted all these years doing nothing...These languages share so much similarity that I can't let go...Italian is my new drug of choice after Spanish. I wish I knew you when you first go started because 5 years will only be the tip of the iceberg.. because you are giving so much for free us unlucky ones who can't afford to be spending money have a luxury... I'm definitely going to cherish this time (1+ years)


          Helped me. I plan to travel to a German speaking country or to Latin/Central America. Learned welsh because i am partly welsh Norwegian for fun! Italian because i am partly Italian. All others are for fun or to speak a few words with foreign friends. Thanks.


          Live in NY. Been using Duolingo for almost all 5 years. Taking a break now and then over time.

          I started learning french on Duolingo because I like French cinema and didn't want to rely on subtitles anymore. I had to shift gears and learn German because I married a German. I was blown away with how much German I picked up with Duolingo as my primary source, in only a few weeks, Which was important as I needed to travel to Germany to meet the in-laws and they do not know English. Wife who is a German teach also impressed at the rate of my memorization of Vocab.

          I did drop Duolingo recently after the recent updated made it unusable for my learning style. It burned me out mentally.

          I downgraded my android client to an older version and it looks usable again. Will try to pick up my daily routine ASAP.

          Highly recommend Duolingo. I just hope I was in an AB group that had changes that will not be implemented for new users.


          At first, my plan was just to improve my French, as well as test myself in a language that I consider myself to be already proficient with, English. So I just downloaded the Duolingo app, and after a few weeks, I was thinking “Oh. That’s actually fun.”

          In just a few months, I was kind of addicted to it. It was something actually productive to do, something fun I could occupy myself not only before I got to bed, but almost anywhere with (like, while going on a road trip, or endlessly waiting for a bus at the station.). I considered learning other languages from scratch. (A whole lot of them, as it turns out.)

          Then I decided to contribute to a course (Greek), and pretty much everything changed.

          Interacting with learners that started learning the course language from scratch with zero knowledge was quite the challenge, even though I was a native speaker. I soon found myself spending several hours not only researching on the internet, but actually reading grammar books and dictionaries I hadn’t opened for a few years (since my university studies had nothing to do with language itself.) I became much more patient and organized. And knowing that the learners appreciate the work and the effort that not only me, but all the contributors put in improving the course, might be one of the greatest feelings and it’s definitely what keeps us all going, without getting paid for it.

          Plus, I got the chance to know some of the coolest people, each one’s personality completely different from the other.

          So yes, things did take a turn. I did improve my French and my English, but I also started contributing to a great course, started learning Spanish from scratch, got to help some really awesome people, to know even more awesome ones, and to know my native language, Greek, much better. I even consider working as a language tutor in the future! :D

          So, I guess it would only be appropriate for me to thank Duolingo for giving me the means and chance to get to know the world, myself, and my native language better, and appreciate them for all that they are. Σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ, Duolingo! <3


          I started using Duolingo a week ago; and I can already say this: I am truly learning a lot.


          Dualingo help me learn Spanish. Now I can order at a Mexican Chick-fil-A


          duolingo is great!


          Last year, I was addicted to Duolingo. Now that I am taking Spanish in school, I have such an advantage. It helps when you know foods, already, during my foods Spanish unit. That is one way that Duolingo has made an impact on my life, though there are many more. I couldn't thank you enough, Duolingo!

          Thank you, A happy Spanish learner


          I work as a nurse, and being able to talk with patients in simple, friendly ways has helped build rapport and trust with them, not to mention being fun!
          (St. Louis, MO, USA)


          OMG!!!! Duolingo has impacted my life SOO much!! It got me prepared for my Spanish Class at school!! So, I have easy A's!!!!!!!!!


          Wow, there are so many interesting responses. It is such a blessing to see how Duolingo, as a language learning platform and also as a community, has impacted the lives of so many people in diverse parts of the world. I developed a love for the French language, and thus, decided to pursue it as a course in school. Along the way, my interests grew, and I wanted to broaden my knowledge past the objectives of a syllabus. My quest for a free, creative and fun way of achieving this led me to Duolingo, among other online platforms. Sole book-reading can become tiresome, and effective memorization, of verb forms and vocabulary for example, can become compromised. Duolingo allows for constant practice and reinforcement of knowledge, which in turn aids memorization. Thus, it helps a great deal in my studies. With the added effort (and also with an extension of faith) I managed to place third in my entire island in the examination. I live in the West Indies.

          Duolingo has also enabled me to interact with people from the wider world, and engage in friendly conversation. In this way, I am able to learn of, and gain appreciation for cultures much different from my own. I get to experience not just an exchange of language, but also of culture. Out of this, friendships have bloomed.

          Duolingo has not only helped me a whole lot in learning French, but has also brought me to the realisation that I enjoy learning about new languages and cultures. It has motivated me to continue, despite how difficult it may be sometimes. It is truly a great website.


          I love languages and Duolingo has opened up a new path which enables me to fill in the gaps in the language I learn from my textbooks (that would be German). Also, Duolingo has given me the chance to try out different languages. (Although German is the language I will take for my GCSE's) I plan on maybe being a linguist, (As well as an author) and Duolingo helps me realize the qualities of a language. Thanks for reading my short Bio, and all the best to all of you learning languages!(It's totally worthwhile!)


          duolinguo are doing good to me and duolinguo are helping me leaning more words and now i can talk a little be with my teacher in english , every day e try working in my english with my borther and my sister, because they are american so they can speak more than me, but now duolinguo are helping me so much on this language. thank yoy duolingouo for every thing, I am gonna do more words.Duolingo has had a huge impact on my life. First of all, I have overlapping disabilities that fluctuate from severe to more manageable.


          The Spanish pick up lines changed my life. I used this one- "If being sexy was a crime, you'd spend your life in jail." That's how I met my lovely wife Ajla. We fell madly in love and Duolingo has changed the spirit of my being and I am so grateful. My darling friend Malena thought these pick up lines were too cheesy, but they saved my love life. Before Duolingo, I was eating cold Cup O' Noodles every night for dinner in a dimly lit room while watching Celebrity Apprentice. Now, I spend my nights eating kidneys with my lovely wife and we watch shows that aren't owned by cheetos. Thank you, Duolingo!



          Wow, @not_rue, that's a really touching story. Good that u stopped with the cup o noodles, cuz i think its purrrrrrrrrrrrrrdy bad 4 yo health. Have a good life!



          Dankon Duolingo!


          Duolingo has given such an incredible impact on my life. Ever since I've discovered Duolingo, my language skills have improved drastically. I am now able to understand texts in Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Esperanto (albeit not completely or fluently) thanks to Duolingo. Not only it made me understand those languages, Duolingo has also helped me in learning my own native language, Indonesian, as well as my almost-native-but-not-really-language, English. Learning languages do not only enhance my ability in thinking or memorising or whatsoever, but I also have learnt much more than that. There are hidden soft skills that I have learnt throughout my history of learning languages. I've learnt cultures, histories, looking at a case from different perspectives, different concepts in a language that exist in one language but not the other and vice versa, learn how to think in a certain language, learn how the native speakers see the world within their native language, learn to accept that "things are just the way they are (exceptions within exceptions)" and learn to move on, and so much more that I couldn't think of right now. My school has also acknowledged me for being "the guy who speaks 7 languages," even if this is not true, lol. I have always said that I only speak 2 languages fluently, which are Indonesian and English. But I am also learning 6 other languages, although I am not fluent yet. I have also made some achievements in this prospect thanks to Duolingo. Duolingo has changed my life, completely, for the better. I am honoured to have been once a contributor in English for Indonesian course. I am grateful to Duolingo for having been able to give such huge impact in my life. Thank you. :}


          Duolingo helped me start working on my Italian everyday. Now I can speak Italian fairly well! Thank you for making the initial stages of language learning so easy and fun!


          There are a lot of HUGE and inspiring stories on here so mine won't seem very special. I wanted to take Spanish at my school but then I found out that I want my career to be in the arts. I got a lot of big parts in shows that I've been in at my school. Like Louisa von Trapp in The Sound of Music(Hints my username) and Sally Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas. I was so set on getting into Spanish, though, that I was pretty let down...until I found Duolingo! I started taking Spanish but soon learned that it wasn't my thing. Then, I saw French on there and said to myself, "Hmm. Sounds interesting..." I started the course and I still love it. I didn't realize then that it would help me in my future. But my best friend wants to go to college in France so I introduced her to Duolingo and we are always competing. That's my story.


          i can now talk to my friend who is from puerto-rico and shes says my spanish has improved but still needs work and my family and i speak en espanol en la mesa de dinner


          ever since my teacher talked about learning a language in class I really wanted to learning language. I was not sure how to though, so when I asked my mom she told me about Duolingo and I wanted to try it out. I got my twin sister to learn Portuguese with me so I would have someone to talk to. Learning a language has kept that part of my brain working and I believe will make it easier to learn other languages later in life. By the way I do live in Pennsylvania which I'm not sure is considered Northeast but It is close to New York so I don't know.


          I can actually speak some fluent Spanish. Waiting for Korean!


          Ya Duolingo has really impacted my life! I'm learning how to speak Polish since I have Polish in my blood! It is really amazing and great that I'm learning a language I thought I'd never learn! I LOVE Duolingo since I'm learning one of the greatest languages in the world! Just saying all of you should go and take the Polish course come back and replie to this comment saying how you liked speaking Polish! Thank you Duolingo!


          selamuneleykum... i was learning turlish with my turkish friends and thru diziler, but i also started learnig thru duolingo... i really like it


          My dad who was born in Quebec speaks both French and English. I'm now able to speak to him in both languages.


          Duolingo has been a life changer for me. When I first started learning Spanish in school, I was immediately interested in the language. I discovered Duolingo when I was in 7th grade, and I decided to learn Italian, a language I had 0 knowledge in, to see if this learning platform worked. Spoiler alert, it worked! From that moment I knew that not only was I interested in Spanish, but foreign languages in general. As of September 10th of this year, I will have been on Duolingo for 4 years. I completed 5 trees (Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and French), and I'm currently a sophomore in high school. I know that I want to have a career with foreign languages, and as of right now I'm interested in teaching high school Spanish. Because of this website, I know what I am truly interested in. Thank you to the creators and employees of Duolingo for have this free and amazing platform to learn languages for free.


          I've improved many languages that I'm studying here in Duolingo. It's been very useful for me. I've completed a few trees here. I have had also the opportunity to experiment languages that I wouldn't have otherwise studied like Guarani or Swahili.


          It helped me learn enough Swedish to move to Sweden - I did take some additional classes, but Duolingo gave me a really solid grounding in the language, especially vocabulary. I am forever grateful!


          Dualingo is super useful and super well organized. I had taken Spanish in Elementary School but decided to take a media elective in 7th grade, so I wanted to make sure I didn't loose the language. This app helped me keep up my Spanish, and also take the pleasure of learning a few other languages.


          I am a first generation American on both sides of my family. My mothers side is German and my fathers side is Venezuelan (Spanish). For some reason, they never spoke to me in native languages, so I grew up only speaking English. It was discouraging growing up and feeling isolated since I couldn't understand, and from their prospective, they didn't want me to feel different in America.

          When I entered HS, I took up Spanish since German wasn't offered and ended up flunking because I couldn't keep up the same learning pace. I would study my textbooks and workbooks, but couldn't get the right dialogue down and ended up needing tutoring. Since I was poor, tutoring wasn't an option so I ended up dropping the class. I still was determined to become fluent so I could communicate with my family, as it has always been a life long goal of mine. I would listen and watch Spanish music/TV shows at any chance that I could to keep familiar words fresh however I needed something more concrete.

          Shortly after the boom of apps, a friend of mine introduced me to Duolingo and told me it was a free learning app, designed to introduce and help people of all backgrounds learn languages. I figured I would give it a try, and only recently have I came back and very dedicated to learning not only Spanish, but German eventually too!

          Since learning on Duolingo, I'm noticing I'm able to read sentences or guess words prior to submitting for the answer. I'm capable of carrying on basic conversations with my grandmother, who was in tears that I could now communicate to her without speaking in English. As a healthcare team member, I can now better understand and communicate with my patients and bilingual colleagues. I've even utilized this learning app with my 7yr old son, in which we set aside time to practice Spanish. I can't thank Duolingo enough for their learning applications and platform. It has begun to transform my life in so many different areas. I am forever grateful, and have referred friends, colleagues or anyone in general who strives to learn a new language, to try Duolingo.


          Duolingo helped me refreshed my languages that I've long forgotten. It helped me understand my family members better when they spoke to me in their native language. It also helped when I'm traveling to places. It was weird telling local folks that I can't speak their language in their language so yea, I better start speaking the language. I wished I would have remembered the app before my nan passed away cause yeah, it would definitely helped me communicate with her since I hardly could speak to her. Duolingo made me more comfortable speaking or writing in a different language vs falling back to my main comfort language.


          Duolingo is great to start speaking french:), check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBvu6luu7UA


          Si, yo soy de Espana pero creci en Inglaterra. Yo sabio poco de espanol pero no mucho. Me ha ayudado abrazar mi lado espanol y estoy seguro!!!

          Hope this is understandable. I'm going to meet some of my family in spain soon, very nervous but at least I can talk to them now!! Gracias Duolingo, te amo <3


          Duolingo not only has taught me french, it has taught me patience. I'm so glad that we have this amazing app to help us!!!


          HI everybody!! I get on here whenever I am stuck on an icepack, which turns out to be a couple hours a day. Instead of playing Solitare and being totally depressed, I have been studying language =0), and feel loads better about myself....thank you Duolingo. Something that I have recently encountered is that I sometimes lose my English! I am doing Esperanto, Danish, French, German, and Spanish. I find it easier to do more than one, because when I max out and can't stand another minute, I switch to another language, and it solves the problem. I am at level 9 and 8 with all of them, and the funny thing is that I seem to be in a place( in real life, like a conversation with another person) where I can't think of the word in English, OR any of the other languages either! I know that I must be in a place where it will all fall into place soon, and I will be thinking in these other languages more clearly. I don't know why I didn't start this sooner. I don't speak these languages yet, but am about to start reading the Book of Mormon in French with a friend who served a mission there. Duolingo has given me a boost to know that working on something everyday will take you somewhere, always <3.

          I am in the mountains in Southern California, USA


          Thank you so much for that paragraph it was awesome!


          I'm from Essex in England. On and off I've been trying to teach myself french with books all my life, but not doing very well till now. Duolingo is a great tutor I feel I'm making progress at last. And it is also helping me with my English, as it seems to be more fussy about my English answers than my French. It's amazing that it's free, which is one of the things that makes it possible for me as I'm very low on cash. But the thing that tops it all for me most is that I really enjoy doing it.


          Duolingo has been very helpful for me as I strive to learn more Spanish. I have wanted to become bilingual so that I can effectively communicate with more people and this resource has been beneficial in helping me in my pursuit. Plus the fact that it's free and accessible to anyone makes it even more special. Thanks Duolingo!


          I've really enjoyed my time here on Duolingo. I am from Canada, and both French and English are our official languages; although I took a French class every year in high school, upon graduating I hadn't had much of an opportunity to use my French. Duolingo keeps me fresh and active, and makes me feel closer to my Canadian identity. Additionally, my family is Polish and both my parents speak Polish at home. I have great listening skills, but my self-taught grammar and spelling are horrendous (I'll be the first to admit). Using Duolingo has really improved my skills and has allowed me to get closer to my parents. :) It's a great service and I am really happy to see its progress. Can't wait for Japanese on desktop to come out!


          I went through a period of depression while studying for my law degree and Duolingo really helped me through that time by providing some escapism.

          Duolingo also made me realise I have a real interest in languages, and because of this I've actually started a degree in German, French and Italian at university.


          Well I just started today and all I can say is it helped me a lot! Aside from reading and listening to books and Swedish radio stations, Duolingo helped me to strengthen and supplement the gap. They're (Duolingo and books) working great and as of now I learned over 300 words and phrases in Swedish. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people who worked hard to develop this awesome website and most especially to the one who initiated it! Kudos to you guys! Muchisimas gracias!


          duolingo, I have been on it for 3 days, and I have ranked up a total of over 200 pts.


          Duolingo had been wonderful - helpful and fun! It's very SAD to see that it keeps loosing features that made Duolingo great. IMMERSION and translations were very valuable! I'd rather pay for Duolingo than see it disappear.


          In no way has this website done anything good for my life. It keeps me awake at night, makes me cry when i wake up, and straight up causes me pain. This one time I got locked in a closet with no food until i had completed 20 assignments.......this took me about a week. Before the closet I was a good 180 pounds, and when i finally got out i was only 120 pounds. I have lost my perfect 20/20 vision. My eye sight is now 80/20 from looking at this illuminated screen for so long. I have gotten arthritis in the joints in my hands from typing for so long.


          ITs been a great website and app I use it inmy tablet and schoole computer :D


          wow.....speachless.....amazing story!


          Yes. Our Spanish grade is on the line every time we go on Duolingo.


          I was so happy to learn about Duolingo. Can't really remember where I heard about it, though! Being a new user and dragging my feet into the 21st century I didn't know what I was doing at first. Ha! Ha! (still really don't, but trying!) I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and it helps me not to think about that as well as keeps my mind thinking, learning, and remembering! I recommend it to everybody I can. It has inspired me to return to my local community college this fall to take a Spanish class to even better my understanding of actually using it. Because I also write letters for Girls Love Mail, an organization for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and they needed more Spanish letters. So if anyone wants to join just look up their site and join in such a great cause. I haven't joined any groups yet, or asked for friends, but I'm slowly starting to branch out and try. Oh, and I live in Northern California, USA and do just German and Spanish for now. I really love it. Thank you guys so much!


          I currently work as a therapist, and I had discovered Duolingo when i had first started therapy school. I had begun to use Duo for Spanish and eventually completed my tree while I was still in therapy school. I continued to study with Duo and supplement my Spanish via others sources, most namely, actually talking to native speakers.

          Little did I know that once I graduated I would be able to use what Duo gave me in order to help my patients. Right after I completed therapy school and received my license to practice I had begun working in a pediatric outpatient clinic. I mostly worked with children who were autistic or on the spectrum. Because I was the only therapist in my field at this facility who had a knowledge of Spanish; I was able to provide something of great value to my Hispanic clients.

          I had families on my caseload who didn't speak English and had children who had been receiving treatment, but didn't completely understand what was taking place because no one had been able to explain it to them.

          It was something else to see their faces light up when I walked into the lobby to introduce myself in Spanish and see their faces light up, and to provide them with much needed help.

          Quiero dar las gracias a Duolingo por ayudarme a aprender el español, así que puedo proveer un tratamiento más holístico para mis pacientes. También Duo ha creado una comunidad donde hay mucha gente que quiere ayudarnos

          Por cierto, soy de Oklahoma!


          yes i am pretty much a pre teen and i just love to come home and learn itallian.


          Duolingo always make me feel happy! Duolingo connected me with many new friends and i loved it! and btw, i'm from Indonesia. Glad to share this with you all. Love


          It's been a great place to learn. I just wish my brain would work because I still don't feel like I am taking in this right. That said the resources are great and the tool that is Duolingo is good at getting on into a habit.


          Doulingo has helped me a LOT with my spanish. My mother ( is spanish ) says it's helping me learn. Since most of my family speaks spanish this is helping. Thank u Doulingo!


          Duolingo is amazing! It helped me and my friend Lee Howgate when we were in Tanzania. xD xD. lol


          it has made good at words


          Duolingo has allowed me to start communicating with my neighbors who's mom only speaks Spanish. I also have friends and family who speak spanish and it can be fun to say stuff and have to explain what you said. It also is helping me with my spanish class in school.


          Yes its helped me a lot.Thank you!


          Duolingo has inspired my to start my journey to become a Polyglot. I am now almost fluent in Danish and next year I will be learning Arabic (Sadly, though, not from Duolingo)


          Yes. Duolingo has been very good. I love practicing German. I started German a few months ago, and I am working hard on getting close to 30% fluent! I have taken Spanish classes in school since kindergarten, and just from a few months of German, I feel I know much more German than I do Spanish. Duolingo is a lot f fun and a good way to easily learn a language for free.


          i`m thu minh ta


          we do duolingo in our class to improve our french even more!


          I did an internship in Germany partly thanks to Duolingo. -Puerto Rico

          [deactivated user]

            What does sticky mean?


            I live in WA and I started Duolingo late last year or early this year


            I'm from Brazil I started studying on duolingo 2015 the first language I've decided it was English course beside I knew a little already, but duolingo has improved all my abilities possible in that language.

            Currently I'm focusing in hebrew course cause my future goal is being in israel.

            And I would like to advise all of you, newbie people. some moments in duolingo it may be boring a little hard to understand to figure out you may even think about giving up and that's the point isn't streak nor getting xp points your big challenger it's keeping going ahead more and more.

            I'm not still a such good in english. so any grammar mistake my apologies!


            I've only used duolingo for 11 months and i can speak spanish like nobodys buisness sometimes I talk to my parents in spanish and their like HUH!!!


            I am a twelve year old and I just started using this website for French a day ago. Duolingo is amazing! I have only completed two lessons and I am pretty sure I can write a paragraph or two in French. The lessons are really clear and I am able to follow along. After only two days of using Duolingo, it has allowed me to be able to read a good amount of French! (64 words currently, to be exact!) I am very grateful for Duolingo's amazing instruction and I am always eager to learn more. Thank you for helping me learn French in an amazing way and happy birthday. :) ;)


            we have been doing doulingo for a whole day we are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11111111111111111111111


            I live in WA and I want to practice German so I can understand my aunt and uncle when they come home. I started duolingo last year and I really like it.


            Duolingo has an impact on my life because I can use it not only for myself but also for my students too. I am very happy that it has added ASL too, because it is an important language. I believe it should have all the sign languages for all the languages (thought they have some common signs) because they are different for each one of them. Well, thank you all for making this tool for us! =D keep creating good stuff.


            I am not aware of Duolingo having added an ASL course. That would be amazing! But, I don't think they have added it.


            I meant in tinycards, my pardon. But there is there ASL, at least the alphabet signs.


            Ah! Ok, my misunderstanding. Still, that's news to me. Thanks! I've tried the Memrise ASL courses. And, really I was not happy with them. I later found LifePrint and the corresponding Bill Vicars YouTube channel. They are free and I 100% recommend them. Dr. Vicars is himself hard of hearing and has a Ph.D in Deaf Education. So, it is reliable. (Always good to know the background of people claiming to teach ASL. There is a lot of SEE--Signed Exact English, which is not ASL-- and otherwise just bad instructions out there for ASL.) ASL has regional dialects, of course. Dr. Vicars is located in San Diego, California. I've only encountered 2-3 signs that had much variance from those used by my signing friends from Utah and Oregon. :)


            Wow, that´s great!!! Well the alphabet in general is easy, though I suppose it has more than that. Thank you I will check those out! I think it´s important that we all learnt ASL at least!! I am greek and I can´t find a place to learn sign language in greek... so sad really. Well, I think the base is the same in latinn based languages so that´s a plus! Anyways, thanks again!


            I am hoping someone might know where to find Greek Sign Language lessons. I've created a discussion for it Here. :)


            Duolingo has done one important impact that has helped me the most: that is my confidence has been built up more! I find myself more willing to talk to those who speak Portuguese fluently. Duolingo makes learning fun. I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly, I really enjoy playing the games and talking to computerized fake people in another language. God bless! Estou orando por as pessoas aqui no Duolingo! Jesus te ama! Justin


            Duolingo has had a great impact on my life too as it has let me make new friends interested in languages and language learning. I must say that Immersion was the feature that made the difference and I now miss it as it has become difficult to keep in touch with all these people I met there. I live in Galicia, Spain.


            Are you fluent in five languages?


            My mother language is Galician, and I'm bilingual in Spanish. English is my first foreign language and then I can speak French but not write it very well and understand French and Portuguese but have difficulty both speaking and writing them. Catalan is what I am trying to learn now at Duolingo. So, my degree of fluency varies depending on the language.


            My boyfriend is Vietnamese. When he was a child he did speak it but over time he has lost it. I am learning Vietnamese because much of his family speaks it. My boyfriend has asked to accompany him on his next trip back home to Vietnam. Vietnamese is a bit tough because many of the materials are taught are in the northern dialect. Here in the United States, many Vietnamese people speak in the southern dialect. Duolingo has helped a lot in learning along with a few other sources. I started writing little notes to his parents and so far they have been well received. I have been able to connect more with his family on Facebook and along they way have gotten tips and pointers. My boyfriend has already warned his family that I am learning. I live in Houston, Texas


            I began learning Spanish using duolingo on December 28th 2016, without any prior knowledge of the language. I am happy to say that it has been five months and I have booked a plane ticket to spend the entire month of August in Medellín, Colombia. Duolingo has given me the opportunity to travel to and appreciate the culture of an exciting new country with the ability to understand and communicate in the local language. I am writing as a UConn student living in Brooklyn, New York.


            That's pretty cool man!!


            Gracias, I see your doing well in Portuguese as well! That's actually the next language I want to learn, after pursuing Spanish to fluency. Do you have plans to visit Brazil anytime soon?


            I've just reinstalled it, because i started using memrise but i came back test the waters.


            “¿Donde aprendiste hablar español?” is a question that I am so frequently asked by hispanohablantes at our local weekly Spanish meetup in Portland, Maine.

            Unlike the majority of them who are native speakers, lived abroad, or studied Spanish in college, I have taught myself! I started with a humble goal - simply to increase my vocabulary until I could manage to do some traveling. I logged onto Duolingo just over three years ago and have taken off from there!
            I never imagined where it would take me.

            As a Digital Literacy Teacher and Technology Integrator, I am passionate about instructional technology and my digital reputation. Additionally, I don't give up easily - I am driven! It didn’t take long before I had added to my daily Duolingo routine by exhausting a language learning podcast, having a weekly Skype with a woman in Guatemala, changing my iPhone and all of my devices, TV, Roku Box, movies, and digital radio to Spanish, joining a weekly Spanish meetup, hanging out & exercising with new (now close) Spanish-speaking friends, and most recently traveling to Mexico where I was able to communicate successfully in Spanish, even negotiating a house-swap so that I can return for three weeks this Summer.

            In addition to new friendships and personal experiences, learning to speak Spanish has come in handy at school when new students arrive from other countries without any English skills.

            I am still practicing and learning almost every day and I hope to feel fluent someday soon. Estoy mejorando!


            So I just made it into a private school called Stratford, and they apparently there is a class for Spanish, and I was kind of desperate to get a class. So I looked on the internet and I found Duolingo. I'm not in Stratford yet, but I feel like I'll be really good at Spanish when I'm done. Thanks Duolingo!


            duolingo has chaned my life i am only 6 persent fluent but the 6 persend has made me be abel to speak to people so thank you duolingo member.


            I've been using Duolingo as a psychiatric measurement tool for over a year. I had a problem where I couldn't keep motivated, and eventually determined that my ADHD is inattentive-type if sleep-deprived and hyperactive-type if well-rested. Turns out I hadn't slept much at all (2hr/night at best) in over a year, the tail end of four years of sleeping problems.

            After rounds and rounds of drugs, I settled on Atomoxetine (e.g. Strattera). Treating the ADHD treats the insomnia, so I eliminated the other sleep drugs. I still couldn't self-motivate well, and my psychiatrist suggested I have a dopamine deficiency; the motivation issue appears to be a form of major depressive disorder involving anhedonia and a lack of rewards mechanism—everything is boring.

            As the drug therapy improves, I become capable of planning and executing. I'm able to progress in many ways; and Duolingo gives me a single, solid, measurable indicator of my ability to self-motivate.


            i dont think it has, but it has given me a huge boost in french and allowed me to start swedish too. we used to do plays and work sheets but that did not do much i learned the basics but that is it.


            Duolingo has given me an new outlook on life it has inspired me to visit Mexico which I will be doing this October. I am really looking forward to being able to communicate with the people there much better. I will post once my trip is over to let you know how well I did with my new language and hopefully new friends.


            While not as inspiring as some of the other stories, Duolingo has definitely impacted my life. I have always loved learning, always. For as long as I can remember. And, being a teen on a tight budget, Duolingo allowed me to explore one of my new favorite activities: language learning! I have been learning languages for about three years now (unbelievable), and, though I have taken many hiatuses for reasons I won't go into, Duolingo has definitely helped me. In school, when I am actively learning languages, the rest of my grades go up. After the death of my grandmother in August of 2016, going on Duolingo and studying French, Esperanto, Portuguese, Spanish, etc really helped me cope and gave me something to do other than mope and feel bad. In school, I am now referred to as "the language kid" and am able to help French AND Spanish students with their homework (I take Spanish in school). Using Duolingo also provided me with a knowledge of the Spanish language beyond what I was learning in school at the time, allowing me to skip a year of study, and allowing me to take AP Spanish my senior year in high school. Though not in as major ways as others, Duolingo has definitely impacted my life for the better.

            I also live in Pennsylvania in Northeastern-ish United States haha.


            Even though I do not know you I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I also want to say it is good to hear you to have took language and put it to your advantage in making a positive move on life for yourself. Duolingo I agreed is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn language and your story is just that proof. Keep up the great work I am sure your grandmother would be proud.


            Amazin' lil' app isn't it? Me learning Dutch even if Mum and Dad didn't mind. It has a quite a good reason. My Dad's Dad was born in Dutch. And that's the reason I teach myself Dutch.


            On my other Duolingo account I learned German so I could speak with my grandparents who live in Berlin Germany. (= Danke, Duolingo for giving me my family back.


            I'm learning languages primarily to boost my executive function to help my PTSD and Depersonalization Disorder. The science on this isn't absolute, but I'm convinced of it in my case (could be a placebo of course).

            The idea is that executive function is your ability to make decisions despite distractions. In language, it allows you to choose one word for the right concept out of the chaos. The more I develop my language sense, the more EF increases and-

            The better I can find the one note that is me among the chaos of feelings from CPTSD and DPD, filtering out all the noise.

            You're (hopefully) helping me become saner, Duolingo; And of course, learn languages to converse with people when I can actually go out and do that again.

            Grazie, gracias, merci, takk, and more to come. -BG (MA, USA)


            It has made me learn languages I thought I would never be able to!


            this has really helped me find new friends and communicate to others in spain when i go on holiday


            When I was in high school, I could not understand the French classes I took. But I always wanted to go to France! Now that I am using Duolingo, I can learn French more conveniently and efficiently, since it's fun and like a game to me.


            i installed duo way back 2 months ago. i learned a lot and still learning (which is a long long way to go). the more i learned the courses, it also makes me to appreciate more my mother tongue too (Filipino). i really appreciate the efforts of the developers and moderators to make this app as free as possible. keep it up


            I have long enjoyed languages, their differences and their similarities. When a good friend took a sabbatical in the Netherlands, I started doing the Dutch tree so that I could understand a little bit when I went to visit, and I was amazed at how much I was able to comprehend once I got there. I was also able to amuse (or, possibly, annoy) many Dutch people with my mastery of such sentences as"Drenthe is de einige provincie met hunebedden," and "Deze croquette is zo heet als de oppervlakte van de zon."

            Of course, Dutch is very close to English, so maybe that gave me an advantage. Now I've begun to study Portuguese, and even though I have lots of French and Latin, Portuguese is more of a challenge. Still, though, it's been fascinating to see how spelling shifts while pronunciation remains essentially the same, or at least very similar, as with "leite" being pronounced pretty much like "leche." (Not French or Latin, I know, but still... and I guess the French "lait" is somewhere in the middle...but they always drop off the ends of words...)

            So anyway, what I'm saying is that this simple, fun, free, app has furthered my education and allowed me to delve into any language that I am at all curious about, without having to find, sign up for, and pay for a course at a local college or continuing ed. program. It's not always perfect, but I have tried to help correct the egregious errors as I went along, and overall, it's pretty amazing. Thanks Duo team!

            p.s. I am a native English speaker and I live very near Boston.


            Duolingo has helped me a lot, thank you!


            I took it to learn french and brush up on my spanish :) now I have a bunch of french friends and I can laugh at the memes they send me. I can also follow along to church services and official things conducted in french (I'm haitian), and I can finally say that I'm bilingual. Feels good.


            I try to convince myself that instead of cutting, I should try and work on my German and other languages. It actually works most of the time, which is good. Thank you for giving me an outlet that distracts me.


            i have wanted to learn french for awhile,i have a french name and i'm part french and iv'e always loved Paris and the language.once i learned french i felt apart of who i am and my family i was talking to most of my friends in french,my mom thought that i would never be able to talk french but now here i am fluently speaking a lot of words and my mom was impressed i felt proud and happy to my self and now i can say i know a diffrent language(merci)


            I always wanted to learn some new languages, but when you're not in somewhere near america or europe, it usually is quite hard to do so. And- I live in South Korea, so I had few chances to learn Japanese or Chinese, but not Spanish, French, Danish or so. And I always love to listen some musics, and suddenly I found out my favorite band of all time is from Denmark! Though they use English with their songs and interviews, I want to understand what they're saying in their SNS and other stuff so bad. But there's literally no way to learn Danish in Korea! There's no such academy, no books. When you search Danish in Korean bookstore webpage, there's only two results -which is one hell of a big dictionary, and a book written in Japan. So I tried Youtube, but there's no progress for like a couple of months... and then I found this Duolingo out. BAM! Even though it's not available in Korean, but it's sooo damn easy to learn Danish from the top! I'm still not quite good at it, but now I even have some dream to not only travel Denmark, but live there one day. Realizing how big learning some languages from far, far away. It exactly same as learning their future and life! One day, I'll finish this Danish course here and will try with Spanish, which was my first passionate foreign language, and maybe Italian, French, or so...


            I am a recent addition to the healthcare field. Although not too often, I do occasionally have patients that speak Spanish (ONLY). Yes, we have a telephone translator service, but this is cumbersome and inconvenient (at best). I took Spanish in college (a very long time ago) but not much stuck (because I never used what I learned). I found Duolingo on Google Play and Hallelujah, I Love it...!! I am using it so I can (first) better communicate with my Spanish speaking patients and (second) so I can better understand their response. They are two distinct goals. It is far easier to learn how to speak a language than to understand a native speaker. I honestly believe Duolingo will help me achieve both goals.


            es hilift mir, eine sprachie zu lernen, die ich ne dachte , ich Könnte lernen


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            Oh my yes! Today I got to 1,000 straight days of studying German on Duolingo. Am I fluent? No, but I know I could hold my own as a tourist. Thank you so much Duolingo, I love learning German on your platform!


            well done Ms Hynes. Thats good! Like you I got up to some level and now must convert it into conversational fluency..so take some real live lessons as part of a group...and thats starting to make a result.. But for me the best thing is to keep going.I am not in competition except with my own self. ANDY


            1,000 straight days of studying German..omg..


            I've been studying German for about half your 1,000 days. Duo says I'm 59% fluent...I think Duo is generous! I'm trying to connect with Meet Up groups that speak German and have contacted one. I just have to get up the courage to show up for a meeting to see if I can follow the conversation. I love Duolingo and I love learning German. Good luck to you and keep learning.


            This is beautiful, you guys. l have been here a month or two and I have enjoyed every second of it.


            I have gotten some new friends on Duo, and I just love learning languages!


            get, got, have gotten.


            I used to hate learning languages because of all the rules you have to remember. But since I discovered duolingo it has inspired me to open up more. I now love learning languages and find them fascinating. Duolingo makes learning languages fun and encourages persistent practice. Also the knowledge that lots of other people all across the world are learning languages just like me and struggling with things encourages me. I love helping people to learn English now because I have discovered the difference it can make. Thank you duolingo :-) Sorry I do not give personal information so can not say where I am.


            I love duolingo I have always needed to know Spanish and I was looking for a good place to learn it and I found duolingo and I have improved in Spanish greatly I am so grateful for duolingo!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Tbh not really changed my life, but I love learning French and I love the Duo community! :) and I live in the US


            I have not been doing this for very long but this is so helpful, also all the great sentences I learned like the spider eats the bread :)


            I started out several years ago with Portuguese on Duolingo and from there went to books and the Internet. Speaking Portuguese has allowed me to make new friends and connections I wouldn't have been able to without it. I also speak Spanish but I'm aiming to become more fluent. Duo is very useful for learning the rudiments of a language.


            I have always wanted to learn French FOR FREE duolingo has made that dream come true for me.


            Duolingo has helped me so much because I never knew any Spanish. (Except for easy ones likes hola and adios and stuff like that) Now my friends that came from Spanish places, when they talk in Spanish I can understand them better.


            Duolingo has an impact on my life because now, I know Spanish, and it helps me with my French class that I do not do on Duolingo.


            hi duo is one of the great programs online maybe the best i made learning portuguese very easy fast i live in costa rica and learning portuguese is now a requirement in some call centers english is not a second language here is the primary language with portuguez been the second one thanks to duo i have better chance of getting a much better pay job thank you duo


            I've met a lot of users, learned a bit of Spanish, and enjoyed the experience.

            I'd say Duolingo has positively impacted my life.


            It hasn't impacted my life greatly yet but who knows maybe I'll go to a Spanish speaking country eventually and use my knowledge of flirting.. (and she'll probably laugh at me)


            Doulingo has been a big impact on my school and normal life it has helped me with my french and has helped me for about a year


            I started learning Turkish in August of 2016. I am very proficient at it, in my opinion. About a month ago,I started learning German on here. It is very helpful to me because I can learn a lot of languages on here. Since I cant learn other languages from people, all I have to do is go on here and I can learn that language! I am very grateful to have Duolingo to go to when I wantto learn a different language!!!!!


            well my grandparents from each side of the family speak Spanish I knew some Spanish but not completely so my mom put me in duo and now I can communicate with my grandparents better all because of duo!


            I have gotten to know French and Greek better. I have yet to meet people but that's because I am new.


            Well, this isn't much of a story, but since I was five I have always wanted to learn Spanish, and Duolingo is a really fun way to learn a language, I am so happy that this website was created because it really helps me :) :) :)


            It hasnt actually changed my life, but it is a great language learning platform. I wanted to learn languages and its great! Rock on,Duo!!!


            Duo has helped me cope with the struggles of being accepted into a group of friends, because on Duo, you are free to learn whatever language you want, with no one to make fun of what you're interested in. It also helps against my overwhelming boredom. Before Duo, I spent hours watching gamers, neglecting my homework. Now, I educate myself, by learning on Duo.


            Duolingo is the best resource for learning a language available. It is easy to use and it works. Heywood Jablome. Belmar New Jersey.


            Yes! And gracias!!!


            Duolingo is way better than other english programs and It is freeee! I usually speak english with foreigns in my counthy but I knew that I still needed to improve my skills, so thank to Duolingo I have the oportunitty, thank Duolingo's folks.


            well, i didnt know alot of my home language vietnamese but thanks to them i dont get grounded by my mumfor not learning it ! :D


            When I was seven, I moved to Germany for a year. During that time I used Duolingo to help me learn German. I wasn't very active, though. After I moved back to my original home in New Mexico, I really missed Germany and decided to keep learning the language with Duolingo. I am now more then a quarter Fluent!


            My name is Anna. I live in Rome, Georgia, USA. Since I have started using Duolingo I have started learning lots of new languages. I can talk secretly with friends who speak the same languages as me. I have made multiple accounts on websites in different languages and I am able to converse with people from all around the world! I love learning languages! One day, I plan to travel the world, and because I know so many languages, I will be able to do that easier. Duolingo is awesome!




            Duolingo is my resource for learning languages that I would have never thought I would take. It made the experience convenient and fun to learn. The smiling characters at the corner of my screen make me smile and encourage me to continue learning.

            I started learning when I moved to a new school. As most people know, moving is very difficult, especially when everybody has their own friend. I used duolingo to help another new girl who only spoke Spanish. She found it difficult to learn English, so I decided to take Duolingo. I took only 2 lessons before I fell in love with it. So using those two lessons, I knew how to simply speak Spanish. Together we learned languages that we could have learned without Duolingo. Thank you.

            (P.S, l´m learning French, because just recently I preformed the French song ¨La Vie En Rose"for my talent show.)


            Why did Esperanto fail? My Grand Mother and maternal Father were serious students back in the late 1940's and I recall they corresponded [ definitely pre email, so written letter and postage] with several persons in what was then Yugoslavia. Henri


            I don't know why it failed, but it seems to be making a resurgence now. I find it hard to connect to it because it has no land, historical culture, etc. However, I believe it is something important, so I keep up with it!


            I volunteer to tutor a homeless 6th grader. She doesn't learn any foreign language in school like a lot of others do. When she found out I am trilingual she was very excited and wanted to learn herself!

            She chose Spanish, so for the last 15 minutes of our tutoring session each week I teach her Spanish with the help of Duolingo!


            Duolingo has a very big impacted on my life, Duolingo has helped me learn Spanish and German. I just want to give a big thank you!


            I am from Bangladesh, learning German solo for 3 years now, with the help of some textbooks and Duolingo majorly. Even though I've not the level I thought I'd reach by now, it's really awesome that I can pick up words here and there when watching German movies or reading a German newspaper. Thanks, Doulingo and the whole community for making it such a brilliant platform!


            i love duo! although i am only lvl 8 in spanish and lvl 2 in all other aspects i still think duo made me who i am today! Midwest U.S.A..


            J'adore le fait que je peux apprendre une langue en ligne gratuitement.


            I've got to be 54% fluent, I'm older than most people here learning French, which I need to learn having bought a very small maison. Trouble is we don't have wifi there, so when Duolingo stops sending reminders, trying to get back to lessons on my iPad, it wants me to make a profile but it won't let me because my email is used... yes Duolingo by me! I still get emails but can only use the lessons on my very small iPhone which for a 73 year old is very Difficult... Dee


            I began learning Spanish in my country when the Venezuelan Embassy gave free Spanish classes. I learned enough to visit Venezuela twice on vacation. I decided to continue learning about 3 years ago but there were many students from the schools who could be my grandchildren. It was not cool being in class with them so I checked online for a better way. I found Duolingo and decided to try it.. I reached level 25 in Spanish and I am thankful . I am also doing French now. I have encouraged my grandchildren to come on board and it has helped them in school.. I live in the Caribbean.I visit Puerto Rico and have no problem getting around..Thanks Duolingo.


            Met my girlfriend via Duolingo. First contact online was 23/01/15; first meeting in person was 27/05/15. 2 year anniversary coming up in 8 days. I live in London. Further info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8964062


            Duolingo starts my language learning path BEFORE the health bar system, now I decide to delete Duolingo on my phone.


            It helped when I was in south California all I could see was Spanish people most did not know English but I talked and even made a new friend


            When I started on Duolingo, I was a happy person. Had a great relationship with my brother and had a lot of friends. And then I made this account, and that was my downfall. I became addicted, my friends thought that I was weird and didn't want to do anything with me anymore. My brother went to a language college to another country where he was pushed to poverty due to my influences. My dad and mom ran away to Spain where they could live a perfect life without me and I am forced on the streets. That's the way it has impacted my life. thx so much duo.


            Why does Duolingo delete so many credits so quickly? They took away again 12 total clicks in the last 7 hours, and by clicks I mean the max of 5 levels of expertise you can achieve for a given set summed across sets, e.g. Basics 1 or Clothing or Places, or any of the others. So, instead of maintaining the 5 for each of the 25 sets that I earned multiple times, they keep reducing them again and again. Really? Motivation? I doubt it. Got to wonder about such a perverted system! I mean, what finally could possibly be a motive for continuing? Is this a feature that they think will recommend them to anyone?


            Hi Darwin, As well as depending on how long ago you practiced a particular skill, I think it also depends on how well you last did that skill - i.e. if you did every sentence correct first time it should stay at 5 for longer, but if you needed a few attempts it would degrade faster. However, it does seem more irregular recently and I wonder if this is due to the current upheavals in Duolingo generally. My advice is to stick with it for the moment, repeat each downgraded set once to see how easy you find it, and ignore any downgradings you think are excessive and progress to the next skills. I am hoping it is just a temporary blip, or if it is a new fault in the operating algorithm I hope the moderators see your comment and are able to act on it. But don't let it stop you learning Spanish if that is what you want to do - Good luck!


            by duolingo i change my school, i find a beautiful girl i learn 12 launages(i have more account)- duolingo makes me happy.


            Yes, in more than one in fact. On one hand it has helped me get into a language I want to learn, Esperanto. On the other however, it has pissed me off with it's terrible typo detection (on VERY obvious typos).


            Now whether I mean to or not when ever I say thank you I end up saying danke under my breath it also helps because I love learning about holocaust era events


            I am learning Spanish for Ana upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic. Doulingo is super easy to use and is super fun and simple.


            what is up yr sleeve? duolingo is already so great there is nothing to add( except languages of course)


            Duolingo is by far the most enjoyable language course I have tried. I've lost count of how many times I have started one. For the first time I really feel I am getting to grips with French. I am only learning a language for fun though I do intend to use it to make new friends. I live in the UK and though France is only 50miles away, few people I know can speak French...and that isn't good.


            Duolingo helped me with my travels around latin america, originally from Slovenia, lived in guatemala for 9 months and now in Mexico for almost 2 years, before that i had no knowledge of spanish whatsoever. now.. fluent and still doing the exercises. i also keep practicing other languages so i don't forget them, since here i don't so much contact with them :-) the only app that i kept using. thank you, you're the best:-)


            Duolingo is collecting travel stories, if you'd like to add your own https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22676380 ^_^


            Its so good.... but can it last?? So much gets eroded by time...and now Duolingo is "moneytizing" ( what a terrible word that is (profit-taking)) and I wonder if it will go the same way that Facebook has..or even Television (now largely unwatchable because of adverts).


            Duolingo has really changed how I've learnt languages, and definitely for the better. I live in the United Kingdom, and those who are from this country will probably agree that we are getting worse at having a drive to learn languages. Other than those who have moved from other countries to the UK, I can only think of 3 or 4 people I know who would say they are proficient enough in a second language that they would cope if they were in an environment using solely that language. Why you may ask? I did French lessons for 5 years in school. From those I could probably tell you I have a house with 3 bedrooms and I do Martial Arts on a Monday and a Thursday. I also have a half-brother, but I couldn't tell you that I've never met him as of now from the little I learnt. When I got the option to drop it at 14, I did. It wasn't I hated French, it was just that the classes and the teaching method was très ennuyeux! :( I am now 16 years old and ironically today I have hit my 200 day streak on Duolingo. On my 100th day I finished my French tree. It's not fully golden now, but within about 3 or 4 lessons I was learning new vocabulary I'd never seen in 5 years of my French classes! And Duolingo was what brought my motivation to learn languages back. It's been hard at times comprehending unusual grammar rules and figuring out which words are 'false friends' and which I can trust, but each time I do a lesson I feel more and more confident. I'm going to Geneva, Switzerland five weeks tomorrow and this is the first time I've been to a Francophone area since I've been a member of Duolingo. I know I won't be perfect, but Duolingo has boosted my vocabulary and confidence in French and I feel like when I go shopping and interact with others I can actually speak to them in their native tongue rather than doing the stereotypical monolingual thing I've noticed: shouting the words really slowly and emphasised (if you haven't witnessed it, it's extremely rude). And French is just the start. I've experimented with a few more languages, so hopefully when I take a gap year between 2018 and 2019 I can travel and learn things that a monolingual tourist wouldn't. Thank you to the team at Duolingo for creating such a useful tool and also to the amazing community and individuals I've met along the way for making this such a positive experience. "If you can talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." Nelson Mandela


            Well. Not long ago (about 2 years) i began to want to learn German. I try to look for a website to learn German for free. After a while i gave up of trying but then i somehow came across Duolingo. I was so happy that it was free. I began to try to learn Italian und Russian (but i mainly want to learn German)


            It has. I am learning so much from i. Spanish has been an on and off language for me just trying to speak a basic sentence and now I can because of it. And I am learning Greek. Amazing!!


            Duolingo has helped me learn alot of German. It has also made learning easy and fun. It can also help you learn multiple languages!!! Go Duolingo!!!!!!!!!!!!


            I am a lawyer in the Washington, DC suburbs who represents troubled clients from all over the world with the help of a service called language line and the help of court interpreters. I have spoken French all my life, because my mother was from Paris, but I never found time to learn Spanish. When I was pregnant with our son I vowed to learn Spanish during my maternity leave, using books, but when he was born I only found time to relish in motherhood. At age 21, our son discovered Duolingo and introduced me to this magical world. Thanks to Duolingo, and our son, I at long last am able to read documents in Spanish, understand mistakes made by Spanish interpreters in and outside the courtroom, understand bits and pieces of Spanish conversations everywhere I go, understand my Argentinian relatives' posts on Facebook, communicate with my Argentinian relatives when they visit, and I now dream of one day being able to speak with my Spanish speaking clients without an interpreter, in Spanish. I am also brushing up on my French. I am grateful beyond description for Duolingo.


            I was failing in spanish and balling my eyes out half of the time. Then my mom found a website that was duolingo and I've been doing great since then.


            Duolingo has kept me in "contact" with the most beautiful language in the world: Spanish!

            I live in the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S.


            Duolingo has given me the opportunity to learn my own culture and language through my own terms, and time. Both of my parents speak Polish, but they are always working. Therefore, they can't teach me polish. It's a culture that I appreciate, and would wish to learn more. I appreciate the fact there is a site like Duolingo that offers free education. I'm really hoping to learn a lot more languages besides polish on here, but overall, I'm glad out of all the languages on here that they have Polish. It's super hard to find websites that teach Polish that work effectivity and are not too expensive.


            Duolingo has impacted my life in several ways. Not only did I learn to speak spanish, but I've also learned that being able jobs are high in demand in translating foreign language. If you want to learn a new language, duolingo is the way to go. It is quite easy to use because it's available for use on tablets and other electronic devices and you don't have to restart the entire thing if you forget about wg=hat you've learned.


            I agree Duolingo is a good start to learn a language, even so, i belive, the better would be to live among natives..but that sadly is not always possible. Duolingo is great!


            I am trying to find the natives over in Norway but there is so much forest they could really be hiding anywhere-


            :))) yes, you're right..


            well on mobile i am learning Japanese to become a foreign exchange student in hopefully 2-3 years


            I think of Duolingo as a life saver. I had Spanish before school ended and trust me I had a hard time. Next year I might have level 2 Spanish which is basically SUPER HARD and scince I have Duolingo I don't have to worry :D Doulingo has a huge impact on my life and I like it that way. I live in North east US


            I now want to become a french teacher and Duolingo is helping my dream become a reality


            Δεν έχω πάει πολύ για αυτό το λογαριασμό Duolingo, αλλά έχω ήδη λογαριασμό για το σχολείο και κάτι τέτοιο. Ο Duolingo με βοήθησε να μάθω ελληνικά, μου επέτρεψε να μιλήσω με τους φίλους μου από την Ελλάδα και ελπίζω να μάθω την Ουαλία για να συνδεθώ με ακόμα περισσότερους ανθρώπους και να κρατήσω ζωντανές τις μικρές γλώσσες. Βοήθησε την αυτογνωσία μου και με έκανε να είμαι σίγουρος για το ποιος είμαι. Ευτυχισμένος 5ος Γενέθλια Duolingo. Σε ευχαριστώ για όλα,


            P.s. Η ιστορία του πώς γράφω το όνομά μου είναι στο βιογραφικό μου, θα απαντήσω πιο συγκεκριμένα αν εξακολουθείτε να είστε μπερδεμένοι.


            Hello all, Ich bin Vis. ! I am pretty new around here but Duolingo already helped me in kick starting German as i was planning to learn German after my job relocation. I was very happy to know i can learn the basics even before the course and loved it all the way ! thank you Duolingo !


            Duolingo WAS one of the daily routines. Very nice and useful things, and part of my day. I had 387 days streak trying to keep it forever. Unfortunatelly due to Time Zone difference I LOST MY STRAK even though I was practicing every day. Now I am so depressed and I lost motivation and I believe I will try some other language learning apps now that stupid software bug made me lose my streak. If I was offered to buy it back I would pay real money, but nothing happens :( Have a nice time with your learning everybody!


            Yes Duolingo has had a great impact on my life. Because I always wanted to learn other languages easier and now I can. I have signed up yesterday and I loved it from the start. Now I can learn a third language (French) Portuguese and english is what I used to know. And when I am done with French i'll go to German. P.S. I am live in Atlanta,GA with my Brazilian Family!


            i hate duolingo it ruined my life and made me lose my house. ❤❤❤❤ duolingo


            Mi estas franca kaj nun mi estas frustrita ĉar mi ofte faras tajperarojn dum ekzerciĝanta anglalingve pri Esperantlingvaj nocioj . Ne eblas lerni Esperanton franclingve sur Duolingo?

            I'm French an now I'm frustrated because I often make typos while training myself in English about Esperanto language notions. Isn't possible to learn Esperanto in French on Duolingo?


            The Duolingo community is full of warm-hearted and passionate people that encourage you to shine your brightest through the education of language. I've always been crazy in love with learning new languages, especially French, what I consider the most poetically beautiful language. France has such a fascinating culture that I can get closest to through Duolingo. Even though I can't afford to jump on the next plane to France, learning the language makes me feel like I am closer to this goal.

            I'll never give up.

            Thank you, Duolingo!


            Duolingo has made my life change by being able to be able to just start learning a language which is such an amazing experience. (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, not the best speller)


            Duolingo plus AirPods has provided a solid mind-building replacement for Facebook and Twitter while queuing, in a waiting room, or starting a conference call. It feels really good to make the in-between time of life productive. After a few years of casual lessons, I can follow along with radio programs or un-subtitled movies!


            In 2007, I needed a liver transplant. For 30 years I was aware that my immune system was attacking my liver and that it would eventually succeed in killing it - and perhaps me. Because my body was toxic (my liver wasn't working and my kidneys were failing), there was damage to my brain, especially the part that controls short-term memory. I struggled with memory loss. I can't begin to explain how impaired I was. But I had read that the brain needs a challenge to keep it from getting weak, and shortly thereafter I discovered Duolingo and thought learning a new language would be all the challenge a damaged brain could ask for.

            German is the language I chose to learn. It might not have been the sanest decision I've ever made. Who knew German could be so difficult to learn? But I have been at this for about 18 months now. And according to Duo, I am now 59% fluent. I struggle with word order, for sure. And I try never to miss a day of exercising my memory by keeping up with my lessons. I also read the German version of the Huffington Post, and I do quite well understanding what I'm reading, although I often reach for the translator for new words, and sometimes words I SHOULD know, but that nonetheless escape me at the moment.

            I credit Duolingo for keeping my mind healthy these last many months. There isn't anything else I can think of that could ever take the place of Duolingo. I want to thank the moderators who answer our many questions and/or provide links to important information. Sometimes the frustration can be overwhelming, but the explanations for why a thing is the way it is are all that keep my head on straight. You people are wonderful. And so patient. Duo is part of my daily routine now. I hope I can look forward to longer, more complex sentences that will drive me nuts but, nonetheless, help me to understand this language better. Thank you Duolingo. You have no idea how valuable you are and have been to me.


            I live in Vancouver, which is an city of people from all over the world. However, only a few speak Spanish. In my attempt to become engaged with them, I have been using Duolingo.com for several months, daily,. This past Sunday I was able to follow along with the Mass through use of a brochure written in Spanish. I was thrilled.

            I really feel encouraged with your program as it has the bells and whistles. This past week I was disappointed with the circle symbol after completing the "Strengthening" with a grammar but now I am delightfully hearing it again.

            Congratualations on your five years. I will soon try to upgrade my previous knowledge of French. Would it be possible for foreigners to practice English on your site using their language such as Spanish or English?


            Hi SuanneMiki,

            Duolingo offers very many languages. You can find a list of them here: https://www.duolingo.com/courses. On that page, if you look at the top right hand corner, it says "I speak" Click there for a drop down menu. Whatever language someone reports as speaking, the page will display all courses available with that as their base language. :)


            I've had a small but interesting connection with my friend whose a foreign exchange student at my school. I told her I was learning German so I asked her a few questions and stuff to help. I thought it was funny when I learned that "Ich spinne" meant "I'm crazy" and not "I spider."


            I learn best by finding patterns and am terrible at memorization. So I don't like DuoLingo a lot for learning because I really like explanations. But I love it for extra practice and for the comments (when I use a PC; not available when I use my iPad) when I come across a sentence that is surprising. Since my memory stinks, DuoLingo is a really good supplement to my learning from textbooks and classes.

            I also like it a lot for giving me practice on listening to Spanish that I've already learned. I try to figure out what I'm hearing without looking at the writing in the translation sections, so that gives me extra practice in understanding what I hear.

            I'm still pretty terrible and can speak only in slow motion, but I'm getting better.


            I made the following post 3-4 months ago, and a lot has happened since(but that will be at the bottom. Thanks, Duolingo Team!

            I have been here five months, and my experience has grown, along with the story behind it. I have told versions of this story, and it has grown since I last told it. Here is my (full, unedited) Duolingo story:

            I came here on January 18, 2017, because of my grade in French. I wanted to increase it, but if I couldn't, I would still be able to get a 3.83 GPA before high school. I started here, expecting a long, tedious process, but instead, found an interesting way to learn, which I believe has helped me a lot. I went right to work, and found out what I knew, and what I thought I knew. French was my first language (Other than English), and it still is today.

            I found that for 5 minutes a day, I could practice French, and learn quite a lot. But I wasn't getting anywhere. I managed an 88 in French at the end of the first semester, which was a huge improvement. I decided to branch out, and started German. My choice was partially influenced by the culture, but my uncle had also learned it, and he had loved it. And so I tried German, and fell in love with it. Now I had two languages, both of which I knew a little about.

            I decided to learn another language. French and German were (kind of) easy, so I tried Norwegian. I instantly learned how interestingly beautiful and complex it was, and kept working on it. The reason I chose Norwegian was because of my heritage; my great-grandmother moved here from Norway. I was so interested, I forgot to practice French and German for a while.

            Months passed, and I became depressed from lack of interest in my classes. I lived in Norfolk, but moved to Chesapeake this year. I used to go camping once a month, for a solid weekend, and it was my passion. It was as though my real home was the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Norfolk was my second home. Now, I haven't camped in over 6 months, and I truly needed something to fill that hole in my life, even if only temporarily. Duolingo is what kept me going. I still yearn to go to the mountains (Hence a previous username, MountainPolyglot), but I feel this has helped.

            My fourth language I only started two weeks ago. This time, my choice was provoked by the unit we worked on in History: the Cold War. I commenced work on Russian, and simply adored it. The alphabet is tricky, but for anyone who's up for it, I'd suggest it. Unlike other languages that start with the 'Basics 1' unit, this started with 'Alphabet', which helped me a ton.

            While things have been hard, I relied on two things to give me strength: my friends, and Duolingo. Thank you, Duolingo Team, for all you've done for us, the users. And another thank you, for helping me realize that life has a purpose. We just need to find it. As for my current username, I won't reveal the reason behind it for a while. -ForestPolyglot

            Now, I practice French every day, occasionally some German and Norwegian, and Russian when I can. I am taking French III(The final year required for an advanced diploma), but I plan on going at least a year more. Japanese is still in Beta, but I still practice. As I have experience in this area, I think I can say most of you have no idea what it feels like to be the only freshman in a class of sophomores and seniors. Kudos, and buona fortuna! -ForestPolyglot


            Yeah. I finally got to grasp the basics of Japanese language due to Duo, and now I’m happily hooked on Mandarin Chinese.

            Duolingo is great and free, most other Chinese learning apps cost a ton of money for subscriptions...


            i have completed one year in duolingo it has been an awesome experience until now i like the way duolingo is updating every year with new features i started duolingo for learning portuguese one of my friends had suggeat me this app and i am grateful for it i cold speak portuguese fluently after 3 months duolingo has heleped me alot in this i couldnt had acheived my goal without duolingo . now i have also started learning spanish . duolingo is like a proper app for those who really wanna learn a language . thank you


            I started to learn Spanish on Duolingo because I live in a community where there is Spanish spoken and I always enjoyed speaking with people in their own language. Since then I chose a few more languages for various reasons and it has changed my life particularly during this time of "Shelter in Place". My memory has improved, my frustration tolerance has improved, and clearly through my inroads into languages, I am beginning to see the picture. My frustration is not having found an actual speaking forum. I am shy particularly speaking a language that I have not mastered and perhaps fearful of making mistakes, so it has been difficult reaching out and finding locations - even virtual ones.


            Duolingo has impacted my life because I always thought I was a horrible language student and it's not true. Cheer up! and see you soon


            Duolingo is one of the best apps that has influenced my life and changed it completely. I am learning spanish with duolingo and in our school because i was chosen as one of the students to go to spain. I was the only one communicating with all the spanish people there. I was even paid to be a translator for others. I was given a certificate in my school for speaking spanish fluently. I am still doing My spanish but i got influenced by this blessing to learn latin and french (my two worst languages) and i hop this can continue every day. Thank you Duolingo.

            Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.