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  5. "Where are her white shoes?"

"Where are her white shoes?"

Translation:Де її білі туфлі?

May 15, 2017



There is something about my Ukrainian keyboard that Duo does not like. I typed "Де ïï бiлi туфлi?" and got it marked incorrect. They are literally identical! :,(


Черевики - ukrainian, and туфли - Rassian


I've finished the course, and completed the tree to Golden. Now when I do my practice, my options are for a timed or untimed lesson. In these end-game lessons, I'm finding all these phantom words that never showed up in the course while I was taking it through the tree.

In this case, the word Черевики was the only option in all three of my options of multiple choice. I figured it out, it must mean shoes, but why is this word yanked from the course? Why also when I answer the question and see the translation, it's giving me туфлі as the word when it wasn't even in the multiple choice?

Is this a glitch in the program, or a deliberate choice to remove words from the course?


The exercise I had before this one literally asked me to translate "Де її білі туфлі" but here it won't accept туфлі as the answer, what gives?


I entered: де її білі туфлі? and it was scored as wrong. On the third try it was accepted. ❤❤❤.


Де її біле взуття?


Footwear – взуття.

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