"Will you eat lunch with us today?"

Translation:Wirst du heute mit uns zu Mittag essen?

March 2, 2013



Why is "heute" before "mit uns"? (and not vice versa)

June 16, 2014


For simple sentences, adverbs in German are usually placed in the first or third position (i.e. right before or right after the verb) depending on emphasis. This is especially true with time based ones (morgen, gestern, heute, etc.).

Since "heute" is an adverb it would be placed right before after "wollen" in this sentence if it was declaritive. But since this is a question, the verb has to go first, followed by the subject, then the adverb, then the rest of the sentence.

Hope this helps!

April 9, 2016


Well, almost two years later, one of which I spent in Germany, but I still didn't know that and I would still consider both options correct. Thank you, sir :-)

April 9, 2016


Although other orders are possible, I think that the TMP rule for the "standard" placement order of adverbs might still be useful here. Under this rule the Time-based adverb (heute) is normally placed before the adverb indicating the Manner (mit uns). Here is a link on word order that I found interesting (refer to IV. The Mid-field for positioning of adverbs) http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/WordOrder/WordOrder.html

January 15, 2017


I found this alternative translation... "Wirst du heute mit uns mittagessen?"

Can you use "mittagessen" as a verb?

March 2, 2013


According to the Duden dictionary, "mittagessen" is Austrian German.


March 2, 2013


Could someone please break down the word order in this sentance? Specifically what rules apply here.

September 11, 2018


Last question... Can you say then "Wirst du heute mit uns Mittag essen?" without ZU?

March 3, 2013


Yes, you can. But I'd strongly prefer to have the 'zu'.

March 3, 2013


In spoken language, I prefer it without "zu".

March 3, 2013


Is it possible to say something like "Wirst/gehst du heute mit uns zum Mittagessen?"?

March 23, 2013


Why can't you use present tense: Essen Sie heute zu Mittag mit uns?

October 31, 2018


WHY is it that their solution on one exercise is not correct when is presented again on a second exercise both in the same unit ?????

January 14, 2019
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