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Celebrating 600 days and 7 completed trees!

Today, on day 600 of my Duolingo journey, I completed my 7th tree: Norwegian! I enjoyed learning my first Scandinavian language and found it to be fairly challenging but extremely fun! Over the next 100 days I plan to review all my languages and keep the trees golden. On day 700 I will consider adding a new language! Thanks, Duo!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

May 16, 2017



I like your view; reviewing is also a very important part of learning.

My hat off to you, Ma'am.


Thank you, sir!

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I came (to the Discussion section) to seek inspiration because I was getting a bit tired. (After ONLY 50 days, yes I'm a wimp.) Your post is exactly what I need. It motivates me to keep going. Thank you for your admirable work!


One day at a time! Best wishes to you in your language learning!


Hi Steffi :) Totally sucks we can't write on streams anymore. I have to hijack this just to send you a message.


Hi Jim, but you can still write on streams, can't you? Just go to my profile page either from the list of people you follow or from the weekly/monthly/all time stats and wait a moment for the box to appear... Anyway, how are you? Is everything ok? How is your Spanisch? Best, Steffi


Hi Steffi, for me streams do not work. I did get my email notifications sorted out though. Spanish and French are going well, the rest is coming along, just slower. I'm doing good, I let the streak go, but now the interest seems to finally be picking back up. :) I hope all is well with you. :)


Thank you for your message :-) Yes, everything is ok. Seems as if you have already been switched to the new website layout, I guess you do not even see the activity tab any more. In my cellulars browser it is a mixture, when I use the favorite to the homepage I'm on the new layout, when I use the link to the activity tab I get the old layout. I really hope they sort this out soon - and add a different sort of "stream" :( My Spanish is scarcely used at the moment and I'll prolong this break for another few months... TR is still high priority and I attend another EN course at work. I am also lazy with FR, only music and we'll be in France and of next month for a week :-)


I joined have been doing a little French and even less Italian. I joined some groups on the mobile site that help with motivation a little bit. I remember your trip to France, I am sure you will have a great time. My facebook name is the same as this one, if you have facebook.


The other person needs to have email notifications enabled though...


I am speechless...congrats on reaching such an achievement! And best of luck with your further studies.


Thanks so much!!


Seven languages in 600 days is an impressive accomplishment!!! And it is great that you are enjoying it so much...I am curious about what you will choose for number eight?


That is always such a big decision, since I really want to learn them all! Maybe Greek!


Congratulations, awesome achievement! At what level would you say you know the languages?


Thanks! Oh, it depends on the language. Some of them I had studied before, so they came quicker. I think around Level 20 is when I usually start feeling like I am getting somewhere!


WOW! Awesome Job! I love getting the glory of having two achievements in one day!


Wow its great that u like your language duo really is amaziwng for learning purposes


Yes, I love languages, and Duolingo is such a fun way to learn them!


Awesome job Christy! Congratulations!!!!!

What would you say was the most enjoyable and the easiest languages to learn?


Thanks for the congrats! Easiest: Spanish Most enjoyable: tie between French and German But I truly love them all!

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That's amazing!! Congratulations!

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You're welcome. :)


Awesome and very inspiring. Congratulations. :)


Thanks so much!


Congrats Christy. Very impressive. I wish one day i will achieve these many languages without loosing my streak. All the best for your future goals.


Thanks! Good luck to you!!


Well done :)


Conglatulations!!! `Parabéns!!

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Congrats! You've got some impressive levels as well!


What is your average daily XP? Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! I do at least 200 a day, usually 300. Back in the early days I did 500-600 a day.


That's dedication!


My life is busy, so I do a lot of multi-tasking. I use the app while I am on the treadmill or walking the dog....mind/body workout! :)


(chuckle) if you want to find a way to get something done, ask a busy person to do it! Sounds like it's true in your case ...


Yes, you nailed it! That is my life, haha. :)


Gut gemacht. That is awesome.


Holy cow! That's really impressive. I just finished my German tree, and I felt like that was a struggle. Can't imagine doing 7! But, people like you motivate me to keep going! Bravo to you!


Thanks! German was my first tree I completed and still my favorite. Best of luck to you!!


Wow. Don't know much about Norwegian, but your Russian is very impressive to me. Seems like a difficult language.


Yes. Russian has been my most challenging language by far. It's so different in every way. I'm still not very good at it, but I am a lot better than I was a year ago! :)


Congratulations! I look forward to your 700-day post! :)


Thank you, Chris!! :)


Gratulerer! And good luck with keeping all the trees golden while probably tackling another adventure (language). :-)


That's amazing! Great job! Did you test out of many of the skills or work them all from the beginning? Also, I am curious about your English level - was that a completed tree, or a reverse tree? And if it was reverse, which language did you do?


Thanks! I worked through every skill from the beginning....never tried to test out. I tried to do a reverse tree in French, but I didn't really like doing it that way. So I just review with Duolingo and supplement a bit with Memrise, and also I got some French and German books that I am slowly working my way through.


That is really incredible! I am really impressed by your high XP per day, too! What didn't you like about the reverse tree?


To be fair, I didn't give it much of a chance. I found the first few lessons to be very easy, but I know it would have become more changing very quickly. Mostly, I think I didn't like having to switch modes from being a French speaker to being an English speaker when I wanted to work on my other languages.


Ich beneide dich! Jajaja

I have yet to complete my first tree, and I have been a member of Duo for roughly three years now. In my defence, however, this is my second account (sadly, I forgot my password for my first account), and I have reset my trees about three times, which was probably a bad idea in hindsight. :(

Oh, and I see that you have learnt Russian, too. How do you cope with its infamous seven grammatical cases? :)

Even though I envy you for having completed seven trees, I really and truly respect and admire your achievements and success.

P.S Are you planning on learning an eighth language on Duolingo? :)


My plan is to start Japanese on day 700! :) And yes, Russian is a challenge! I am pretty bad at it, but I keep plugging away. Good luck to you in your language endeavors!


Thank you! Good luck with your languages and when you start Japanese! :)


How many can you actually converse in, like really converse, or is it just to complete as many trees as you can and that's it?

I mean, I'm not trying to hate, but I don't see you being able to maintain all those languages to a high level.


Of course I can't converse in all of them, but that is not really my goal. Languages have always interested me greatly, and I love to learn the nuts and bolts of as many languages as I can. Duolingo is a very fun and convenient way to do that. I can carry on a simple conversation in German; I can understand French and Spanish pretty well, and I have fairly good reading comprehension in all of them. Also, I am a musician and a voice teacher, so knowing how to pronounce Italian, French and German comes in handy. But mostly, I just love learning. Thanks for not hating! :)

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