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  5. "The libraries are old."

"The libraries are old."

Translation:Die Bibliotheken sind alt.

May 16, 2017



Bibliotheken sounds like "book taking" is that what it means or something?


No -- a θήκη (thêkê) is a case, chest, container and so a βιβλιοθήκη bibliothêkê is something like a "book repository". From the Greek.


Okay! Have a Lingot


What is the difference between Bibliorteken and Buchereien?


There isn't really one, you can use them both. One of them will be used more depending on where in Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Luxemburg/ you are, but you will always be understood.

Talking about a university library, a national library, ... however, you mostly use Bibliothek. And if you have a home library, that's also a Bibliothek.


In my opinion you use Bibliothek / Bibliotheken for the more important ones with plenty of volumes (Landesbibliothek, Uni, Museum, ...) and Bücherei for the local ones with a very limited stock (Stadtbücherei, Schulbücherei). I would not go so far to use these terms for my own collection of books, especially since I do not lend them for a living. I would call it "Büchersammlung" at best.


I corrected it, I have no idea why I wrote Bibliotheke. Thanks!

With a home library, I mean really a room with only bookcases and maybe a comfortable chair to read in, not so much the collection of books. A lot of my (a bit more wealthy and fancier than I am) friends have a room like that, but noone would call it their Bücherei, it's the Bibliothek. I have a rather large collection of books too, but, as they can be found all over my place, I indeed call them my Büchersammlung. Or my Precious, but that's just me ;)


Sorry, I thought this library dream of mine appears only in old movies about Brittish lords and Ladies. So you're obviously right that room is most definitietly called Bibliothek.

Let me correct my objection immediately


Isn't Library 'Bücherei' in German?


Bücherei and Bibliothek are both used. See the previous comments.

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