"I run in the morning, and I walk in the evening."

Translation:Eu alerg dimineața și umblu seara.

May 16, 2017

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Why "Eu fug dimineața și eu merg seara." is not excepted?


It was marked wrong for me too, while both 'fug' and 'merg' are given as options...


Why can't I use 'merg' instead of 'umblu'? They both mean 'walk', right? But it is marked wrong...


So I just used 'merg' for 'walk', but left out the second 'eu' and now it did get marked correct. Duo is very weird...


Is "fug" a synonym for "alerg"?


Almost. For example, if you would want to say I'm running from the police, you could only say fug de poliție, but not alerg. If you would want to say that you run in the park, you would say alerg în parc, but not fug unless you'd do it because you are being chased by a dog.


Like flee vs run? Checked dero.dict.cc and fugar was refugee, so fleeing makes sense with police too. Also fug de poliție sounds so funny to English ears


I put the exact translation which they gave in Romanian but they said I had used the wrong word. What was wrong with it?


Why is "Eu alerg dimineața și merg seara." correct but "Eu alerg dimineața și eu merg seara." wrong?


A umbla e o expresie rar intalnita care se foloseste mai mult in mediul rural, adica la sate

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