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"The influence"

Translation:Der Einfluss

May 16, 2017



Yes, exactly. So why did Duo instead want Einflussmöglichkeit?


Did you use the wrong gender, e.g. die Einfluss?


Haha actually I did, so I suppose I was somewhat premature in reporting it :P


...but why then doesn't it correct the gender?


Because the correction mechanism is a bit stupid and doesn't understand language or what mistakes students are most likely to make -- e.g. that they would probably get the gender wrong more often than they would misremember the noun.

It seems to go from left to right, and if the gendered article could match any of the correct alternatives, it will expect that alternative, rather than considering that the following noun might be correct and the preceding article wrong.

In short, it doesn't know what you have in mind and so it offers some correction, which is not necessarily the "closest" in terms of how a human would think.

I wish it would take this kind of thing into account, but it doesn't, unfortunately.


just to keep you on your toes ;) it's more realistic if words are thrown at you like that :P real communication isn't as simple as giving and getting the "right" words every time :) sometimes you have to ask for a repeat or clarification :P just roll with it haha


I think Der Einfluß is a reasonable answer after all it was used earlier in this exercise. Die Einflussmöglichkeit may also be strictly correct but is it normal usage? Need to look it up

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