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Health is a terrible addition


I love Duolingo and have been using it for a while but I just got my son started with it. He is making a lot more errors than me but because of this, his 'health' is dropping to zero so he can't finish the test.

This is really bad, you need to remove this.

Do I have to subscribe and remove this feature, I am certainly not buying 500 ingots (or whatever they are called now) each time.

May 16, 2017



Go to app store score the app down and comment on why in the meantime he can get to the website it's not as easy to use on a phone but they aren't doing health


The workaround is to use the website version. From what I've heard, they intend to blanket the mobile platform with health, and it will be irrevocable by conventional means. From their metrics or something, they have determined that it helps learning. I don't personally think so, but I'm not in neither technical nor executive for Duolingo.


I agree, it makes for a more stressful learning environment where the student is constantly worried about making a mistake.


I agree, they've really made a massive mistake here with the health system.


This is exactly what is happening to my daughter and myself learning Spanish together! She is 7 and lately running out of health frequently. We were trying to compete to keep up our progress together but Health makes this impossible. I really can't go on using this program if it is demoralizing for her.


I agree it's very frustrating. I attempted to leave a review in the App Store (first time I've tried doing that) but it wouldn't seem to send. Here is what I wrote: I was previously a very big fan of Duolingo. Unfortunately what previously was a relaxing education experience has changed entirely with just a couple of new changes they made to the app. The "health bar" is the worst; a staple in video games, this just adds an undesirable level of stress to this app when attempting to learn new material, and from what I've read this can be especially punishing for younger users. It also appears that some of the add-ons also basically cost more now too with the jewels instead of ingots. Basically, from a behavioural psychology perspective the Duolingo folks have devalued the positive reinforcers and included more negative reinforcement (i.e., motivation based on trying to avoid something bad happening rather than being rewarded for your efforts), which I find rather unfortunate.

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