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"I will never forget anything again."

Translation:Ich werde nichts wieder vergessen.

March 2, 2013



Is "Ich werde nie wieder alles vergessen" a correct translation for "I will never forget anything again."?


Close, but not quite ;-) 'Ich werde nie wieder etwas vergessen'. But your translation is still better than the one duo proposes.


Yup, with content in the last part of the course there are several things that sound pretty weird, and I am getting a bit confused... I think there are less users that are reviewing the sentences, and you can see pretty well the difference.


what about "Ich werde nie was nochmal vergessen" or does that sound stupid like a badger?


I would translate this one with: 'I will never forget something twice' (and I would say nochmals instead of nochmal) ;)


@matty: a native speaker would never say a thing like that, it really sounds weird :)


Why didn't 'Ich werde irgendetwas nie wieder vergessen' work?


It sounds strange. It means: there is something that I will never forget again. That's not what the English phrase says. A better wording of that meaning would be "Irgendetwas werde ich nie wieder vergessen". To capture the correct meaning, use "Ich werde nie wieder irgendetwas vergessen" which would be a much more natural way of saying it than duo's solution.


How about "ich werde nie irgendetwas wieder vergessen"? Does the word order at least make sense, or would "wieder" come after "nie"?


Does German have no word that means "anything?" That would seem to come in handy here. All the proposed solutions in the comments seem like tortured attempts to work around the lack of the word "anything," and all seem therefore to miss the meaning.

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