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Slow Down or Stop Decaying After Level 25

I've pretty much abandoned my Spanish tree now that I've finished all the lessons. It makes me sad that the levels keep decaying, though. I know I still need to go back and practice now, but I wish there was a point where they either stopped decaying altogether or decayed at a much slower rate. Like after you reach level 25, they could just stay gold.

(I don't know why I only got two topic choices.)

March 19, 2014

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Hi Molly, you came to the English for Russians sections, that is why you see only our discussions. You should go back to your Spanish tree to see the English discussions again. You now can subscribe to any discussion forum and then you'll be able to see it from any interface - Russian, English or German - doesn't matter.


Thanks. I changed my profile to Russian, so I could do the Russian to English lessons, but then I couldn't find the general discussion boards again!

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